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    Age Check! :)

    I'm 28, but everyone who knows about my Macross fetish thinks I'm 10.
  2. I should have got it earlier but to be honest I wasn't a big fan of it. Then I saw pics of a Low Vis with a strike pack and Takatoys stickers and I had to get one. Sweet!
  3. I'm from Toronto, Canada. It was the only one he had. I got lucky.
  4. This thing is great! They were becoming harder and harder to find, and when I discovered that a local toy shop had one, I had to buy it. It was a little more expensive but well worth it. Now I'm waiting for fast packs and Takatoys' custom blue roses decals and I'm good to go.
  5. Never mind, I see that Twin Moons carries them.
  6. OK, I want to make a Low Vis exactly like that. Does Takatoys sell a sticker set with all of those stickers? By the way, that looks awesome!
  7. Yeah, we Canadians already had our turkey. No holiday for us today.
  8. Good news to hear that the 1/60 GBP will be sold separately as well. Woo hoo! On another note, if you go to the release section of that Macross Zero site you can catch a glimpse of the GBP on the cover of the third installment of the Macross Zero DVD's...in case anyone is interested.
  9. OK, that Vanna White she ain't auction is hilarious. Let's see if sex really sells.
  10. That looks great! But I think the eyes should look meaner. That shark looks a little too happy. Just my opinion.
  11. That's amazing! What is it made out of? Plastic? Cardboard?
  12. Don't have a Low Viz but I do want one. Anyone selling at a good price please let me know.
  13. Hey Mark 1S, I live in T.O. too! My homey in the T dot. As for lighting for your display case, some of the ones at Ikea do have the option of putting a light in. There are some places that will custm make a cabinet but they cost a fortune. You can try doing a search on Canada411.com. Click on find a business and use a keyword search of glass or cabinets. You'll have to some calling around. But if you want cheap then you can't beat Ikea. There's a new one on Hwy 400 and Hwy. 7.
  14. Just the info I was looking for. I was looking for a glass cabinet too and it just so happens I have a $100 gift certificate from Ikea. Detolf here I come!
  15. I still love the 1/55, and here is what I have: 3 Jetifires; 1 converted to a Super VF-1S Max, the other to a Strike Roy (my pride and joy) 1 VF-1A Brownie 1 Super VF-1S reissue 1 VF-1J Hikaru reissue (to put in my GBP-1S) 1 VF-1A Hikaru reissue (which will be converted to a VF-1S strike with the recast armour I aquired).
  16. Never seen those before. How big are they, and how much will they be selling for?
  17. Got married. Bought a house. Bought a car. Have a mortgage plus lots of bills.
  18. I never got results I liked with a brush, that's why I said not to go with the brush technique. But try it out and see if you like it. As for Tamiya sprays, I used the laquer which I was told is VERY durable. Turned out great!
  19. DO NOT HAND BRUSH! You see brush lines everywhere. I used spray paint quite a bit and it works great. Tamiya is a good brand, just a little on the expensive side though. Just a suggestion, pratice on a scrap piece before you move to your good stuff. Good luck!
  20. I was always a Roy fan, and my name Roy too so guess who I picked.
  21. Does anyone know if these will be carried at TRUJ?
  22. The most I spent was $200 US for an original 1/55 GBP-1S (mint in box). I think it was a pretty good deal actually. And it looks kick ass on the VF-1J!
  23. This thing looks amazing! Very detailed, very poseable, very much wanted by me. The only thing that sux is that it doesn't come with the trailer. But that ain't gonna stop me. Who else is going to pick up one?
  24. Thanks for the pics. I wanted to give them to my friend so when he goes to Japan he'll know what to but me.
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