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  1. I can take some if you are interested.
  2. Item is mint in box. Looking for $120 plus shipping.
  3. I have some sticker sheets for 1/48.. I'll scan and send them to you. Let me know if you are interested.
  4. I have a super 1J Hik and super 1J Max (both V1). They are in excellent condition. How much were you looking to spend?
  5. I have a set MIB. Asking price is $120 + shipping.
  6. mech9T8

    Yamato 1/60 ver 1

    Sorry, wrong section. Should have gone in for sale section.
  7. mech9T8

    Yamato 1/60 ver 1

    So what do these go for these days? I searched for pricing but couldn't find much. I have the following I would like to sell: - Super VF-1J Hik (stickers applied, have box) - Super VF-1J Max (stickers not applied, have box) - GBP-1S (stickers not applied, have box) All are in excellent condition.
  8. I have 1J hik and max but they are version 1.
  9. I have a set, MIB. If you are interested let me know.
  10. Let me know if anyone is selling.
  11. Did anyone ever make these? My Jetfire is getting kinda yellow and will need to be re-painted soon.
  12. Where did you get the decals?
  13. Is this project still going? My recast JM is naked.
  14. I don't have Hikaru VF-1J so I'm banking on the fact that they'll be released together.
  15. Very nice. When they go on sale I'll pick some up.
  16. Don't know if anyone really cares but I'm working on a 1/55 Hikaru strike, a recast joke machine (but I'll need decals) and trying to save some money to get Jung to paint my 1/48 fast packs to match my low vis.
  17. My mistake, I took a second look at the thread and it should be a reality sometime this year. Yay!
  18. I saw a thread about a possible 1/48 GBP-1S. I hope that is a reality very soon.
  19. I was bidding on these but didn't win. Good price though. Check it out: Link
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