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  1. Nice! I had a hard time deciding between gigapower and fantoys. I ended up going with gigapower but only have snarl right now.
  2. Just picked up a MIB Yamato 1/48 VF-1J Super Max for a pretty good price. Prob bec it’s all about DX now. I always liked the look of this one. Will go well with my other Yamato 1/48’s.
  3. If that includes shipping, duty, taxes, etc. that is an amazing price. Congrats!
  4. Yes I bought from the local dude…lol. $540 CAD all in. Picking it up on Sunday.
  5. I got a full refund from Nin Nin and they didn’t seem to put up a big fight about it. Will be buying one locally at a lower price.
  6. If I get my money back I’ll prob buy from the guy on Kijiji.
  7. Good to hear you got a refund! I submitted a ticket as well. Hopefully this ends well.
  8. That sux! I’m not close to the 6 month mark from when I placed my order but I think it’s ridiculous that it’s been 2 weeks of “preparation in progress” with no updates. A voucher is not acceptable. Should be a full refund.
  9. Still no movement on my order either. Was really hoping it would ship this week.
  10. I checked my order status from Nin Nin and it says preparation in progress. At least it’s moving forward.
  11. I have to wait another week for Nin Nin to ship?! Lol.
  12. I ordered from Nin Nin. Didn’t hear anything yet.
  13. I ordered from Nin Nin. Didn’t hear anything yet.
  14. Good news! Did you get armour only or the set?
  15. Anyone get notification from Nin Nin Game? I was a little late to the game and preordered in July. Hopefully it will ship soon. All the pics are getting me excited!
  16. I just got notification from DHL that an item has been picked up and should be delivered to me on Sept 9. There’s nothing to cross reference it to the order for my GBP but I haven’t ordered anything else so that must be it. Didn’t think it would be here this soon. Sweet! I ordered from Nin Nin Game. FALSE ALARM. Called DHL and they said it was a mistake. Booo!
  17. So looks like I can still add the 1J + GBP to my cart on nin-nin game. I thought these were sold out everywhere? Do they just keep taking orders then get back to you that they are out of stock?
  18. Finally found a kitz concept sd vf-1s. Fast packs are on the way as well! Also picked up a Yamato 1/60 v2 vf-1j + gbp set for a good price. One of the head antenna is broken and glued back on. If anyone has a spare head please pm me.
  19. So I haven’t bought any Macross stuff in a while but have been looking lately. I came across a sale locally that I couldn’t pass up. A 1/60 Yamato v2 Hikaru Strike. One of the shoulders was broken but I ordered replacement parts from shapeways. All in it set me back $200 CAD...pretty good deal I think. This is my first v2 and it’s really nice. A little tricky to transform though. Might be buying a few more. Lol.
  20. mech9T8

    Lego SDF-1

    Nice but EXPENSIVE!
  21. mech9T8

    Lego SDF-1

    Here’s the link: https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-27412/Wolf01/sdf-1-robotech-version/#details You’ll need to download Studio software to view the 3D file. I also saw a movie version in there.
  22. mech9T8

    Lego SDF-1

    Probably old news but I found a 3D lego model of an SDF-1. Maybe someone on this board made it? Anyways after 4-5 hours of looking through my kids bin of lego for the pieces and another 1-2 hours of assembly (because there were no instructions) it was finished. I will say that there was a lot of thought put into this and it is a very nice piece. It even transforms. A lot of time spent but the result was worth it for me.
  23. I have 1 more 1/55 I want to customize. I got everything except for the heat shield. But depending on how things go here I may be up for more parts.
  24. I may get access to a scanner. If I do I’ll see what kind of model I can get.
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