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  1. So I haven’t bought any Macross stuff in a while but have been looking lately. I came across a sale locally that I couldn’t pass up. A 1/60 Yamato v2 Hikaru Strike. One of the shoulders was broken but I ordered replacement parts from shapeways. All in it set me back $200 CAD...pretty good deal I think. This is my first v2 and it’s really nice. A little tricky to transform though. Might be buying a few more. Lol.
  2. Thanks for the info. I knew about the first one...not a fan. The second one isn’t bad.
  3. Any movie fast packs?
  4. mech9T8

    Lego SDF-1

    Nice but EXPENSIVE!
  5. mech9T8

    Lego SDF-1

    Here’s the link: https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-27412/Wolf01/sdf-1-robotech-version/#details You’ll need to download Studio software to view the 3D file. I also saw a movie version in there.
  6. mech9T8

    Lego SDF-1

    Probably old news but I found a 3D lego model of an SDF-1. Maybe someone on this board made it? Anyways after 4-5 hours of looking through my kids bin of lego for the pieces and another 1-2 hours of assembly (because there were no instructions) it was finished. I will say that there was a lot of thought put into this and it is a very nice piece. It even transforms. A lot of time spent but the result was worth it for me.
  7. Thanks for sharing that! It’s a start.
  8. So I was able to find a Matchbox SDF-1. I was planning on repainting and customizing a few things. The difficult part now is finding decals. I’m not necessarily looking for the exact originals but would like certain features to match the TV version. Any ideas? Thanks.
  9. No doubt the good ones are expensive. The one I got needs some work but I felt was reasonably priced.
  10. I have 1 more 1/55 I want to customize. I got everything except for the heat shield. But depending on how things go here I may be up for more parts.
  11. Looking for one of these. Preferably no missing or broken pieces but let me know what you got Thanks.
  12. I may get access to a scanner. If I do I’ll see what kind of model I can get.
  13. Are you working on any other parts? Was looking for a first gen heat shield. Got a recast one a long time ago and would like another.
  14. mech9T8

    1/55 decals

    I found some recast 1/55 armour that I bought a long time ago. Thought I might start working on this again. Looking to see if any has or knows if someone still makes decals for these.
  15. Instructions and what pieces are needed please:)
  16. Thanks for your reply. Just looking for VF-1S right now.
  17. Been awhile since I posted here. But I''m getting the macross itch again. Anyone have one of these?
  18. I have a super vf-1j max v1 if you are interested.
  19. Mint in box. Decals were not applied.
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