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  1. Looks like Fortnite in space with a beloved classical anchor character to draw in the classic Trek fans. Probably exactly how they pitched it to Paramount too..
  2. Riobot AFC-01Z & Toynami "Masterpiece Beta". The Aoshima is not a good match color wise but the Toynami is almost spot on.
  3. I just noticed something cool. On the display stand "Tread Arm" adapter that you use for fighter mode there is a recessed area to stow that crotch vernier vent that you have to pop out to plug adapter in to so you don't lose it. Pretty thoughtful...
  4. Another Sentinel Legioss just landed on Mandrake if anyone is still searching.
  5. I opened one of mine and left it in Fighter mode until last night I finally had the time to transform and mess with it a bit. Definitely my favorite Mospeada toy to date. I have the Evolution Toy Legioss', all the CM's variants and had (threw out after it finally had too many breakages and parts fall off) the Toynami Zeta "Masterpiece?". It is amazing to me how off their tolerances are on this toy though. Every single moving piece on it is either way too tight or too loose (mostly too tight). I spent a good 20-30 minutes alone massaging and rocking parts back and forth to free them up before transforming completely. Still haven't braved the rotation at the shoulders. I'm considering using a little heat and pliers but will likely just leave that joint alone. This thing is toy origami man.. I'm really impressed at how solid and durable it feels while still being fiddly and having so many moving parts. Just genius.. I score it a 9 out of 10. If they can dial in the tolerances for future releases I'd up it to a 9.8. I'm fine having the moving parts fall closer to the tight end of the spectrum as opposed to loose but I was certain that the left knee joint and right shoulder where you cant it upwards to free up clearance for the arms to swing forward in Soldier mode were somehow glued into place or something. Took me 15 minutes alone to get those to move at all. If this were just 5% upscaled in addition to getting the joints and landing gear to proper stiffness I'd give it a perfect 10. I'm really hoping the scale of this was to be able to make a properly scaled yet still affordable Tread to go with it. I'm salivating at the possibility... As flawed as the CM's lot were my ETA/Tread combo (with upgrade parts) linked up in fighter mode is one of the centerpieces of my Mospeada display. I would love to replace it with a Riobot combo. With how quickly these sold out and the Zeta already inbound I think Sentinel would be fools to skip a Tread. I really believe the display stand adapter for fighter mode is their way of saying "stay tuned".
  6. As title states, both mint in box, unopened, untouched, straight from Amazon Japan. Willing to trade either Sentinel Riobot Legioss AFC-01H ETA OR VR-052F Ride Armor - Stig Ver. straight up trade for an identical condition (ie brand new) Bandai 1/48 DX VF-1S Hikaru. Bought an extra of each to display each in both modes but decided to keep each extra MIB in case I needed to sell (funds have been tight since Covid). Not interested in selling either one at this time, just a straight up trade. Haven't been around MW much lately but I'm on the SSL and if anyone wants to see my EBay seller feedback check MazinkaizerSKL666.
  7. Free bump for you. If anyone is on the fence about this toy don't be. I personally am a junkie for SD toys and this is one of my favorites. Crazy detailed for it's size, very high quality and looks great next to the Arcadia 1/3000. Jenius has a review for it on his site also.
  8. As hoped my status went from "on hold" in Cincinnati yesterday to "with delivery courier" for delivery today this afternoon. Hope you guys have the same results. Can't wait to add this bad boy to my Mospeada display. It so rarely gets any new additions... With the sale of the Legioss thus far I think the Tread is inevitable. They need to announce it after the Zeta Legioss release to keep us all hooked and buying up all the Legioss variants in anticipation of it's release to link up with them.
  9. No worries, I order from Amazon Japan quite a bit (in fact this is now where I buy just about every new import toy or game I buy). With DHL your package will register as "on hold" in between it's arrival/clearance scan and when it gets scanned to leave their facility OTW to you. Chances are if yours is showing a status of on hold for you it will likely be getting delivered tomorrow. At least that's been my experience 95% of the time. So we all look forward to your video review tomorrow night!!! LOL
  10. I cannot wait to get mine from Amazon Japan. DHL lists delivery as this Friday but they've already cleared customs in Cincinnati! Def glad i bought two. One to convert to Soldier mode and keep other in Fighter.... Looks a little over-engineered for the scale to transform constantly but definitely glad they opted for diecast shoulder joint/hinges. They really need to release that pilot figure and Ride Armor in a multi-pack ala the new Diaclone figures. They're missing a big opportunity for some extra cheese if they don't. Sentinel, if you are listening I'll take 10 sets. I know I'm not alone... Also More pics on the Sentinel blog. https://ameblo.jp/sen-ti-nel-info/entry-12599908006.html
  11. Yeah Havok is going to benefit from some cuffs to cover those wrist ledges. Maybe Bishop’s will work. I like the look of him overall despite his incorrectly colored jacket but why give him forearms the size of Colossus’??? Dude really must dig forearm curls man... I see his small hands, hope he doesn’t smell like cabbage. lol
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