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  1. the weight is going to kill??? in space there's no gravity so no matter how heavy it wouldnt affect its agility does it?? well unless if it flies near some asteriod or planet... or perhaps even sdf own artificial gravity field.. hmm...wat am i saying... nvm pls enlighten me
  2. wooo what an confusing arrays of reply. yeah the book is not translated... getting me more confuse to real nature of it but really thanks to all who have gave comments. There's been lots of evidence pointing to an authetic version. the one and only reason for it possibly being a bootleg i guess would be the post card. hmmm a later printing? meaning besides 1984, 1987, there;s a later printing and there's where this version of PM came from? first time i heard of it. Regardless wat. Thanks guys!!
  3. yeah the postcard is attached to it. But given the print and paper quality + poster, I'll go with Beltane70 explanation AND even if its a bootleg, whoever did it have some bootlegging talent. DUn think anyone here can say for sure if its real or fake
  4. yeah provided its real. well even if its bootleg its still a good deal. but wats bugging me is its nature. bootleg or wat???
  5. Okies guys! I have took pics of the book. With english text and california address on a seemingly original perfect memory book from the 1980s??? For those curious and those learned. Please take a look and give some comments as to whether this is a authentic or a bootleg. Thanks!!
  6. hmmmm i do see lotsa Katoots members here as well huh
  7. well cant really judge. cos the cover is glossy, so the whole cover is sort of shiny. guess its metallic silver then.
  8. u refering to the book cover? or the cover page of the book? well anyway both are thick. only dubious part left will be the last page. will upload it when i get a digi cam. dun have it now . thanks bobe!
  9. Here's the item book i bidded and won With all due respect for the owner, i'm not saying he con me or anything. And even as a bootleg if it is one, the printing is great. But can some reaffirm me if this book is bootleg or not?? Well first it looks very new. From the cover, which i think is in lighter blue and slight metallic silver? from what i understand of bootlegs they do not come with poster and they have the number 10 on the cover. mine has a number 8 and comes with cover the only reason why i question its authenticity is because at the last page there's a peroferated postcard saying: YES [] i want more info blah blah blah.... and its totally in nglish and addressed to california??? dun get it.
  10. nice work. love the colour scheme
  11. simply a m a z i n g Where are u from? Singapore? HK? 20 Grands in US dollars or wat? the currency does make a lot of difference to 20 Grand
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