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  1. Thank you all for your input and compliments. I had thought about whether to paint it or not. But now the more I see it "unpainted" on the shelf here in my room, the more I'm intrigued in seeing it with paint. Now if I do decide on it, I wonder where I could get a good example of what it should look like. I know that there are lots of variants out there on the net as well as in books. So if you have suggestions, please let me know. Again thanks for sharing your interests! ]{ish
  2. Hello Macrossfans! I like to take this opportunity to show you my latest custom project that I finished here recently, the Mac II Destroid. This project was something I wanted to do for years but had it on the backburner, with other interest clogging my time. It was until recently I decided to start on it and make it a reality. This was an off and on thing, so I will say it took me about 2 to 3 months to complete. The Mac here is made entirely out of cardboard. I tried to give it a scale compariable to my 7inch Destroids as you can see in some of my pics. I'm not too sure whether I got it right, but I would assume close. The arms and legs can be swiviled to a certain degree. Both the legs and arms as well as the cannons can be removed. As for what I used as reference, one book, The Robotech RPG from Palladium Books. So this is not an "exact" representation but again close. Painting is an option. As I look at it now, with what is is made out of, I see the beauty in it and a complete piece. Please let me know what you think. Thanks! ]{ish
  3. Well here is the "Completed" Custom SDF-1 Macross! I didn't think I ever get done with it! I'm not as good painting as I am building so let me know what you think. ]{ish
  4. Here are a few pics of my painted A.R.M.D platforms. They are not really completed. I just wanted to show how far I've gotten. I'll keep you all posted on the progress. Again thanks for all the compliments! I try my best at what I enjoy doing! ]{ish
  5. Thanks! Sorry I haven't post anything yet. I completed paint on the A.R.M.D platforms. Right now I'm working on the legs. I'll try posting some pics of it later this weekend. ]{ish
  6. Well I finally finished the construction of the A.R.M.D platforms. These look alot better in scale now than those I had earlier. Also I added more detail since they were slightly bigger. Now all I have to do is paint. Can't wait! ]{ish
  7. Thanks! I'm hoping to start back on finishing what's left of the construction and paint. Maybe I'll have it done by the end of the month. ]{ish
  8. Thanks! I just went pretty much by eye using my resin SDF-1 Macross. I broke it down to sections starting with the legs and went from there. By having this starting point I was able to size the rest in the right proportions. I did have to remake a few pieces to get it right. One for example is the A.R.M.D platforms. My first set I thought was in the right proportions but once I completed the rest of the ship, they were smaller than what they suppose to be. So I had to build another set and these came out perfect. Unfortunately this mistake was a set back upon painting and completing the thing before the end of the year as I anticipated. Kish
  9. Man that thing is small! Heck, it would take 5 or 6 of them to make up for my custom version. ]{ish
  10. Oh I can't wait to paint it either! And as long as I don't expose any of my customs to moisture, they are alright. ]{ish
  11. Thank you! I've always been into cardboard since I created my first project, "The Arcadia", from a Captain Harlock movie way back in the days. I know that in the past where as I posted some other customs, I had people then insisting that I should try out styrene. I know that it would be awesome to be able to make my customs out of it, and actually tested it out, but I just feel more comfortable with cardboard. Don't get me wrong! Styrene is a great material to build customs and such. It's just that cardboard is common material I'm use too. During construction on each of my projects, I try to expand my knowledge on just how far I can go with it. Do new things that I haven't tried before. And your right big F, it is way cheaper than styrene. Heck, I do occasionally get some of my material free from where I work. ]{ish
  12. It's about a little over 2 foot in height and about 9 inches across from shoulder to shoulder(excluding the rail guns). ]{ish
  13. No. That is the Yellow Sub version.
  14. I'm seriously thinking about it. And thanks but I already have plenty of cereal boxes. ]{ish
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