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  1. Thanks guys, your kind words really mean a lot. I'm gonna keep hammering these out on a (hopefully) bi-monthly basis. It's rather hard with a full-time job, but I really want this to happen.
  2. I just scored an MISB Yamato VF-19 Fire Valkyrie from a fellow Macross Worlder. It's an amazing figure.
  3. Thanks! White and black always work out well, IMO.
  4. Gotta say, the TSV-40 is my all around favorite flight suit. I even drew a white variant for an RPG I'm part of. It's a bit stylized in terms of proportions, but it's got the overall look.
  5. Special thanks to Subie81 for an awesome experience for my first purchase from a Macross world member. Would do business with him again!
  6. Huh, the hull number is 99, so it might be more suitable as the CVN-99 Asuka from Macross Zero!
  7. As Kawamori recently said, everything and nothing is canon. In a way, it gives us as fans the ability to be creative with such ideas. Neoka calls it "head-canon".
  8. Can we take this moment to appreciate the fact that there is supposedly both an SDF-1 and an SDFN-1; two identical ships?
  9. The ride truly never ends. Wanna flip a coin and pick one?
  10. Nope, this guy was a Macross fan who could read Japanese allegedly.
  11. The SDF-3: A ship so mysterious in nature that it's mere mentioning to even certain Macross fans is enough to incite assault threats.
  12. There's comic updates on both my Deviantart and tumblr!
  13. Hey guys, I've finished the rest of Chapter One of my fan comic! It's available on both my deviantart and tumblr! http://kylefalconkpd.deviantart.com/gallery/51587732/Macross-Elysium-CHAPTER-ONE http://the-valkyrie-hangar.tumblr.com/
  14. Five minutes to midnight. I have the entirety of Chapter 1 up on my tumblr! Deviantart will come soon enough. Unfortunately, Tumblr only allows for 10 images per post, so I had to break the 14 page upload into two parts. http://the-valkyrie-hangar.tumblr.com/post/106213490388/macross-elysium-chapter-1-cont-continuing-from http://the-valkyrie-hangar.tumblr.com/post/106213743678/macross-elysium-chapter-one-final-read-the Enjoy! EDIT: The continuation is now up on Deviantart as well! http://kylefalconkpd.deviantart.com/gallery/51587732/Macross-Elysium
  15. It's kinda low-rez, but I'm almost done! I'll have this up before midnight tonight!
  16. I'm expecting to have the next part up before Christmas. It'll be a bit longer, too
  17. Alright, so I've got this little Macross project going that I'm actually making huge strides in. It's called "Macross Elysium"; a fan comic made by myself that features original characters and an original setting. The prologue itself has already been uploaded onto deviantart and tumblr. You can find the links here: http://kylefalconkpd.deviantart.com/art/Macross-Elysium-Chapter-One-Page-1-489723260 https://www.facebook.com/MacrossElysium/ In this thread, I'll be posting updates, character art, and even the occasional mecha designs! Stay tuned! EDIT: I'm going to link each chapter here for those interested: Chapter 1: http://kylefalconkpd.deviantart.com/gallery/51587732/Macross-Elysium-CHAPTER-ONE Chapter 2: http://kylefalconkpd.deviantart.com/gallery/52987946/Macross-Elysium-CHAPTER-TWO Chapter 3: http://kylefalconkpd.deviantart.com/gallery/55039743/Devious-Folder Chapter 4: http://kylefalconkpd.deviantart.com/gallery/57297697/Macross-Elysium-CHAPTER-4 Chapter 5: http://kylefalconkpd.deviantart.com/gallery/58498902/Devious-Folder Chapter 6: http://kylefalconkpd.deviantart.com/gallery/59892071/Devious-Folder Chapter 7: http://kylefalconkpd.deviantart.com/…/Macross-Elysium-CHAPT…
  18. Part two of my comic is in the works as we speak. I hope to have it up by Christmas! I've decided to start my own thread for my comic (so I don't spam this one too much!) here: http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?showtopic=41966
  19. Best Podcast ever. I feel like I was there, in the moment.
  20. Looks awesome! I never took a pic with my helmet on because I was wearing the wig the whole time and the helmet would mess it up :/ Maybe I'll kit up again sometime and put it on.
  21. It's actually Tenjin's garage kit he released last wonderfest ^^
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