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  1. Macross Elysium Chapter 2 is 100% complete! Read it here! http://kylefalconkpd.deviantart.com/gallery/52987946/Macross-Elysium-CHAPTER-TWO
  2. I'm probably going to be Captain Max, this year. I love his uniform.
  3. So, what about characters? Have you come up with any yet?
  4. Huh, awesome. I'll have to use a similar method when I make my VF-X flight suit.
  5. What did you use for the helmet faceplate?
  6. They light up so the pilot can be seen easily in space on in dark seas after ejecting
  7. That would be spoiling it! <3
  8. Thanks! I'm glad you like it!
  9. Toynami 1/100 Hikaru VF-1S. It's terribad. I've since grown up and bought yamato stuff.
  10. The first half of chapter 2 has been up for a bit. Expect the second half to be completed by the end of this month! http://kylefalconkpd.deviantart.com/gallery/52987946/Macross-Elysium-CHAPTER-TWO Also, I'm working on a motion comic version...more to come aboout that in the future!
  11. Thanks man. I made the helmet from a modified motorcycle helmet. The pointy-beak part was made from a space full face visor built up with EVA foam. luscious amounts of spray paint and hand-painted detail brought it together.
  12. Dude, your son has good taste. This is pretty good! Get that kid into some art classes, he's going places!
  13. Oh, it's a normal VF-4, with a few upgrades and sans armament. You can tell the production VF-4 apart from the VF-X-4 by the canards and larger, swept wings. The pic in my profile image was done by me, too. You can see it here: http://kylefalconkpd.deviantart.com/art/Digital-Mission-VF-X-VF-4-Lightning-III-504671179
  14. At Macrossworld con, I cosplayed as Roy from DYRL and my girlfriend, Neoka cosplayed as my VF-1S...Kinda. The skit has a lot of subtle jokes from stuff like "clash of the bionoids" and other things many fans may not get, but hey... It was fun.
  15. Thanks, Spanner. I actually lost the lineart I was working on so I'll have to make new art, but the VF-4X "Saker Siren" has indeed made it's debut in my comic!
  16. Thanks for the kind words, Spanner! I'm working on a VF-4 with similar upgrades for Instructors to fly.
  17. Hey Guys, the first part of Macross Elysium's Chapter 2 "Contact" is up on Deviant art and Tumblr! I hope you enjoy! Deviantart: http://kylefalconkpd.deviantart.com/…/Macross-Elysium-CHAPT… Tumblr: http://the-valkyrie-hangar.tumblr.com/…/macross-elysium-cha… Follow from Chapter One here: http://kylefalconkpd.deviantart.com/…/51587…/Macross-Elysium
  18. I had actually considered that, and I figured this forward assist would work not to really do what the AR-15's does, but to manually rotate the barrels inch by inch to help eject the jammed round(s) in the event of a jam that would be too strong for the electric motor to clear.
  19. That kind of stuff (along with the material on your website) is a godsend for fan artists like myself.
  20. Ah, Seto told me you were looking for a copy of that Masterfile. I'm glad you finally got one! And hey- thanks for the kind words!
  21. Figured I'd post a semi-original mecha for my Macross Elysium comic. The VF-1X/C Valkyrie Plus is a civilian variation of the venerable VF-1X+. It’s primary use is to train flight students at Wright Academy on the Macross-28. The X/C is the last step for flight students who, up until this point, have practiced in only EX-gear and simulators. Beyond this, students at Wright Academy have the option to join the military or use their flight experience to become a civilian pilot. The VF-1X/C, while appearing little different than the VF-1A from 2007, is a completely different aircraft beneath the skin. It’s fitted with Shinnakasu F2079J Thermonuclear Reaction Turbofans that give it a thrust/weight ratio of 3.14/1. The vernier thrusters have been changed to the P&W HMM-7 high-maneuverability vernier thrusters of the VF-19, and the foot/thrust vectoring nozzles have been replaced with the more modern design from the VF-1P. The craft features improved radar and LIDAR systems, and features a training laser to simulate combat when the primary ROV-20 (used only for self defense in emergencies) is not in use. While the X/C lacks a pinpoint barrier, it’s energy conversion armor is more effective than it’s 50 year old counterpart due to the more powerful engines. The lower fins used for stabilization in high speed have been lengthened and reinforced, and are able to fold over the leg when in Battroid mode to better protect the main landing gear. In addition, several unnecessary moving parts, such as the airbrake behind the cockpit have been replaced by armored panels, again similar to the VF-1X and P. For extra-curricular mock dogfight events, all VF-1X/Cs at Wright Academy are able to equip the GU-11E gunpod, a development of the GU-11 55mm pod. The pods used in such mock dogfights typically carry the classic paint rounds that have been used since the early 2000’s for combat training. The E model differs from the GU-11D in that it’s been equipped with a folding foregrip that also is used for a second attachment point when in fighter mode. The benefit of two attachment points is that recoil from the gunpod fire has a lessened effect of pylon deflection that has been a plaguing problem of gunpods since the 30mm GPU-5 on the F-16. The GU-11E also has been equipped with an unjamming system known as a “Forward assist”, that manually cycles the weapon in the case of a jam. Despite it’s use as a training platform, the GU-11E can easily be equipped with military ammunition such as API and HE.
  22. Tho shed a little light on the VF-36 Thor, I think the creator intended to name it out of sequence in a similar situation to the real world F-35 Lightning II being named after it's X-35 equivalent. I'll have to ask and confirm.
  23. Look, an update!

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