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  1. Okay, so this is still a WIP, but it's starting to look like a legit Macross helmet... However, I gave it a few DYRL design cues to go along with the Zero aesthetics because...That's how I roll? More to come as I work on it!
  2. (Actually SFW, I forgot about the auto-censor. CHEERS) THE ALTERNATE ENDING TO MACROSS: FRONTIER >Alto is sitting atop the hill in City 25 >Folding his paper airplane and reflecting on crap like a bitch, unable to choose which girl he likes >He throws the paper airplane >A blue paper plane flies by and causes the other one to burst into flames out of pure spite >Max Jenius, now in his early 60s walks up with both Ranka and Sheryl in his arms >Alto's like WTF >Max just smirks and walks away >Becomes the new Protagonist >Doesn't take crap from anyone >kicks Ozma's ass >Michel becomes his bitch wingman >Paints Alto's VF-25F Blue >Michel has to paint his cannon fodder tan now because he's a pleb TO BE CONTINUED ... ...RIGHT frakkING NOW (the ride never ends) >Alto is forced to having to wear his Goth Lolita costume whenever he even thinks about approaching Max's bridge >Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, Max runs that crap on the quarter now >Wilder is in the bitch seat, left to command only when Max is out kicking ass in his BLUE VF-25F >Nevershotdown.jpg >Kills every single Vajra before they even get the chance to realize that they aren't evil >Who gives a crap anyway? THE END
  3. We need M&Ms with a TWIST: Max's VF-1S from DYRL and a conceptual red bodied VF-1S with white and black skull squadron trim as opposed to the normal scheme of white with yellow+black trim. We HAVE art of what Milia looks like in a DYRL? flight suit from the PSP games, so why not?
  4. Well, I want a prequel where the pilots fly F-203 Dragons, but you don't see that happening. GAWD.
  5. I do have one question about the cockpit. Most aircraft cockpits have enough clearance between the control panel and the knees for the ejection system to pull the legs in when the seat goes rather than have them get smashed into the panel. The VF-1 cockpit looks REALLY small in comparison, and it makes me wonder if they made it so you would indeed be able to clear the panel in the event of ejection. Kind of a weird question, but hey, I'm a technology nut and stuff like that interests me >.<
  6. 1/60 F-14A+ Tomcat Kai in Shin Kudo colors anyone? ANYONE? >u>
  7. >1/60 Perfect Transformation VB-10 Shadow
  8. I wonder if they would do an F-203/FA-20 Dragon II?
  9. Probably one of the most entertaining podcasts I've listened to. I personally like long podcasts, so while I'm doing homework or something, I can have that in the background. Keep it up!
  10. In cutscenes of Macross 30, we just see him wearing his standard Macross Plus flight suit while sitting the EX-gear ejection seat set up...thing.
  11. All they would have to do for this is change the color of the fuselage slightly and mold the nosecone in a different color. The sticker sheet wouldn't even have to change Then again, what the hell do I know? I don't even own the VF-4 so I admittedly can't say much.
  12. So, even more material of a transforming Skull VF-4.
  13. Achievement unlocked: Found licensing loophole
  14. So, I may have found a way that Arcadia could reissue this thing in FB2012 colors. The PS2 game "SDF Macross" features a fully transformable VF-4 Lightning that is usable by the player. What they could do is simply call the FB2012 Skull Squadron VF-4 the "SDF Macross game version" or something and sell it as a game based valkyrie in similar fashion to their VF-X VF-4 release. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C3gOiNitE7c <- Here's gameplay of the VF-4.
  15. I would be tickled to death if they did that XD
  16. Not my best work I suppose, but I'm relatively happy with it. Enjoy this image of Hikaru holding a toy VF-1S! (picture didn't attach the first time for some reason ^^; )
  17. Hey thanks. I don't know why but I did throw the yamato hardpoints on the wings >u>
  18. Feeling a little down/bored earlier, so I decided to start drawing something. I haven't colored it yet, but I think this should be a good idea of what I'm going for. PILOT H. ICHIJO AT YOUR SERVICE!
  19. I used to think censorship was wrong. Then I realized that MacrossWorld's forum search omits anything with 'HG' in it. *slowly claps*

  20. Right now I'm working on the shoulder pads. I'm thinking about going all out and having them light up with yellow EL lights. I'm going to have transparent yellow plastic over top of that to diffuse the light. Should be worth it for the convention raves
  21. Any chance you might make a Battle 7 model?
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