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  1. Act one of the treatment is done and I'm almost finished with the second act
  2. Oh, yeah! My friends and I decided we are taking our Macross Zero cosplays to Tekko 2013! Hopefully we'll bump into some of you guys~
  3. I feel so privileged to even have you offering to help me with this. This is amazing.
  4. Good point. Money is gonna be the biggest issue!
  5. OKAY! Now that I'm back from my WWII reenactment, I can take some time to answer some questions and comments! Glad you liked it! I'll keep that in mind about the Canon. I've done SOME green screening and it WAS a bitch. About the helmets, I'm building them more like a TV series SDF style- or pretty much the helmets from Zero, just without the face mask. The reason behind this is that I only have two helmets right now and I can't make them unique to each character. Instead of doing a full face shield that will conceal the actor's face but have a unique paintjob, I'm doing the opposite. There already was an F-14 Super Tomcat, the term "MegaTomcat" is actually based on a name for a hypothetical successor the B-52 StratoFortress in Dale Brown's novel "Flight of the Old Dog" that was called the B-52R "MegaFortress". VERY impressive. That is exactly the kind of CG I would love to have in the film. I've been working on the treatment during the week, and although work has been slowed down with school, I think I might have a treatment by the end of this week. I'll make adjustments as needed and start the first draft of the script I haven't gotten around to asking them YET, but that museum is usually cool with that kinds of stuff. if worst comes to worst, however, I plan on buying at LEAST a deactivated ejection seat (or building one) and filming in front of a green screen. Guys, seriously, thanks for the interest. I'm taking notes on advice you are giving me and I DREAM of this working.
  6. http://www.wingsofeagles.com/?page_id=535 And I was wrong. They DO have a Tomcat
  7. Thank you for your interest. The film, I'd like to be about 30-45 minutes, but who knows?! It could stretch out to be longer. For camera equipment, I personally own a Canon Rebel T3i DSLR and I have access to a studio with professional lighting and a 10' x 30' greenscreen. I would like a more realistic look, however a slight sort of "surreal" style to the CGI MIGHT be interesting to see. I haven't decided on that yet. I always loved the style of this video. I'm not saying copying the style, but such a scene would look bad ass with F-14s or even VF-1s fighting MiG-29S Fulcrums and SV-prototypes (I'm thinking maybe something that looks a lot like the Russian SU-47 Berkut) As far as cockpits, there IS an aircraft museum about an hour east of here that at LEAST has an F-4 phantom cockpit I may be able to work with. As of now, I'm a college student majoring in Media arts in Jamestown Community College. I've taken two years of trade school for audio visual production. While I haven't produced anything THIS big as of yet, I am rather proud of a short film I produced for college. I've learned SO much since I made this, and I hope to put my new skills to work. I'm thinking it might be a good idea to make a 2-3 minute little dogfight short together before I go ahead and make anything big just to see if it IS possible with what I have. I DON'T PLAN ON MAKING THIS TOMORROW, but I'm planting the seeds every day.
  8. Alright, I'm in the process of writing a fanfilm. It will take place BEFORE Zero, during the unification wars, about 2007...ish. The film centers around a squadron of F-14E MegaTomcat (the American-built designation of the F-14A+ Tomcat Kai in Zero) pilots onboard the carrier Atlas (One of the Prometheus's sister ships). It will document carrier trials of prototype VF-1 Valkyries (Not the VF-0 because they are already presumably beyond the test stage) and the struggles against the Anti-UN forces. The main character is named Lt. Angelo Jager, the lead pilot in VFA-77 (eventually SVF-77) 'Aries' squadron. I'm PLANNING on having the VF-1 test-pilot who comes to the Atlas be Roy Focker before he transfers to the Asuka II. In this, I also hope to describe the transitioning of modern day technology to the overtechnology style equipment used in Zero and later in SDF; eye tracking tech, More advanced HMDs, what upgrades the F-14E/Kai has over the real life F-14s and so on. Lemme know what you guys think. I'm putting together costumes right now which isn't too much of a problem and I have experience with chroma keying and all that jazz, but what I REALLY need is someone who does CGI if possible.
  9. Damn, I've been looking for one of those for a LONG time!
  10. working on shoulder pads for my Roy Focker cosplay!

  11. Helmets WERE an issue for us, but we decided to go with an open face helmet to make them appear as though the pilots just don't have their masks on, similar to the original SDF Macross or this image: http://api.ning.com/files/WTJj0Pj8Ud4-0BO3e8ns3AXek58NpQzwOOpGbNVENrhFFTTp*mQlxTxovmUnaRGzwGEMNvOsdRB9OT2GpFp4-RuwIJTU6275/shin_kudo.jpg?width=184&height=184&crop=1%3A1
  12. Hey, if you guys would like to get a roleplay started, lemme know!
  13. We intend to And yes, we're doing the full on flight suit get up. That's a good question. I'm not sure!
  14. I'd be willing to get in on this.
  15. Cool! If you ever need any art done for it, lemme know and I MIGHT be able to work something out
  16. Well, there's a con coming up in Rochester NY on March 23-25th. My friend and I are going as Shin Kudo and Roy Focker (respectively) from Macross Zero. If any fans of macross are in the area, come by and hang out with us! http://toracon.rit.edu/
  17. Well, I figured it might be a good idea to make an account here.

  18. Hey guys, I figured I should make a thread for those of you who have Macross pilots that you've created in fanworks or fanfictions. Just post pics of em here and what not. The pilot I have here is named Oisin Sealgaire of Aries squadron. I decided to go with the DYRL flight suit for his appearance but I'm also working on a TV version pic. He's the main character of a fanfiction I'm writing now and I was HOPING to use him for Macross Roleplayss, but I can NEVER find any good ones, especially since MacrossRPG.com is seeming rather dead. Name: Oisin P. Sealgaire Age: 19 Height: 6' Weight: 190 lbs Hair: Blonde Eyes: Blue Ethnicity: Irish-American Rank:Ensign (2009), Lieutenant Junior Grade (2012) Squadron: SVF-77 Aries Aircraft: VF-1A Valkyrie
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