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  1. That "YF-30" Super Pack entry has sparked my interest. Has anyone managed to unlock it in game or is it just placeholder stuff from cut material?
  2. So is it always this bad when these things get released? I didn't have any interest in the 25 or 27 so I didn't think much of it. Is there any hope for those of us unable to watch the order pages with bloodshot eyes to get one of these suckers at a reasonable price when the regular orders start?
  3. Heh, most of these are actually commissions/favors for a Macross RPG game I run. So at least in the case of the VR-5 and VF-23 I'm partly to blame for the design philosophies. Luis gets full credit for finding the best way to enact my silly ideas though.
  4. Thanks for the quick answer on that one! Guess I'll just stick with the CV designation then. With over 40 of these suckers that need naming anything to save on some typing will be handy! XD
  5. So while poking about on M3 for info to use on a pet project I came across something I was wondering if anyone here knew the answer to: On the Uraga carriers anything pre-Frontier is listed with a CV number (CV-565 and so forth) while the Frontier ships have a CVS designation (CVS-670 for instance). Clearly not an end of the world thing but I was hoping someone might have some insight to the differences
  6. I haven't even started watching Akito. I probably should :/
  7. Heh, ultimately that's why I threw all this up. It's interesting to hear feedback on where things stand, and it's heartening to see that while there's some minor difference of opinion on a few things the overall sentiment is the same. It'll be interesting to see what comes out from Arcadia next, and I also hope we'll see Artdink make a few more Macross titles with some improvements now that they've gotten their feet wet on PS3 development. Let alone whatever we see for animation come out next (personally I'd love some stuff to the tune of side stories). I'm also definitely glad we're not in
  8. Part of why I was curious to how healthy the fandom was is the two aren't so far removed. Outside of making a new IP you don't get sequels and the like unless there's a healthy fanbase, unless there's people who'll make them money. And I'd be dubious on saying that it'll never happen. I agree it's fairly unlikely at the moment but we've seen higher profile (and surely more expensive to license) anime come over just fine. Heck we got Plus and Macross II over here and Plus wouldn't have been cheap on the music front either. That said, if we start seeing more subtitles on the original JP releas
  9. Thanks for that bit of insight! Admittedly I'm one of the freaks who's enjoyed prettymuch everything Macross has had to offer so far, including 7 (GASP!). Admittedly though while it's great to hear about the garage kits my concern is more on the industrial front. Not because I want to discount the contributions but more trying to get a read on how likely it'll be that we'll see new stuff come out, and maybe one day hopefully, what the odds are of ever seeing more of the series localized for western audiences. because while I'll probably cave on picking up the Plus boxset (a moment of silence f
  10. heh, it was Anime Extreme. Looking back on it I probably shouldn't have even bothered buying anything while there. Even accounting for shipping his prices were way off base compared to something like HLJ, but that's convenience for you! I've been dubious of that claim for a while myself. I'd suspect there'd be a greater cost sure, but given all the music for Macross is produced originally for the series I can't see the license holders charging THAT much. If you're not pricing against your market you're just being silly.
  11. Hehe, sadly I don't live in the GTA or I just might. Either way I appreciate the responses from everyone here for this. It is a shame that by and large mecha is out and moe is in, still there's been a few more series on that front and I can only hope that eventually we'll see more Macross stuff come out (I'd love an animated version of The First for instance). It's a shame that there's not enough demand over on this side of the pond to have licensing companies look at throwing some legit financial weight into getting the other series over here (at the very least Frontier). Oh well...
  12. Then I used it correctly because I had someone trying to assert that Macross was dead as a fandom, even in Japan >_>
  13. So after an encounter I had with a shop owner in Toronto I've had a question sticking in my craw that I'd hope the more knowledgeable folks here could answer for me: namely what IS the state of the Macross fandom in general right now? I mean with things like Frontier a few years back, Macross 30 being released, the re-release of Plus, etc. it SEEMS to be doing good but at the same time now Yamato's folding/being picked up by another company, so I was really hoping to get a level-headed assessment of where things are at. No doubt there had to have been some popularity surge, but I'm curious h
  14. So since I didn't see anyone else post this info and knowing what a pain some of the items could be to find I wanted to share where you can find the Ourobouros Stones and Sierra Stars needed for the Vanquish Course plans in the Archipelago and Desert areas. Ourobouros stones you can get pretty easy in Archipelago from the Bolverkr Ruins. Enter the ruins and take the right hand path all the way to the end and you'll come to a room with a whole bunch of the gold drop points. The majority of these will be the stones. You can exit and re-enter repeatedly for some easy spawns. The Sierra Stars I
  15. Nothing I can add to this except my most enthused thanks. This'll make playing so much easier @_@
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