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  1. Thanks, Jason. I'm working on something right now actually!
  2. I think Macross Delta was pretty good...But that's just me.
  3. I'm game. I'm down in Mountainview whenever you guys want to get it going.
  4. Thanks guys! I hope you're liking the look of the VF-24 Oracle! It will soon be making its debut.
  5. Chapter 5, coming soon!
  6. Introducing my fan art of the best girl in Macross Delta! <3
  7. Here's some new art! A bit...Different this time around. Behold, the VF-24F Oracle, soon to debut in Macross Elysium!
  8. Might be cool to put on similar decals to what predator or firebee drones have.
  9. Holy snap, Nel! Looking good!
  10. Personally, I think there's plenty of negativity going around about this show as it is. It's good to hear people being positive every now and then, IMO.
  11. I'm glad you're enjoying it thus far! Chapter 4 is out on my Deviantart if you want to take a look! http://kylefalconkpd.deviantart.com/
  12. Thanks, Xigfrid. I'm still working on which style I want to focus on, honestly.
  13. So, for the past few years, I've been progressively improving in my art skills. I thought I would show off some of my art here! Lemme know what you think! If you guys like what you see and want to see more, check out my deviantart and if you want to support me on Patreon, you'd have my eternal thanks. http://kylefalconkpd.deviantart.com/ https://www.patreon.com/user?u=956470&ty=h
  14. Actually, the rogue planet they're on would have about 1/6th the gravity of Earth and a scarce atmosphere, though the smoke is pretty much a stretch for sure. Still, I hope you liked it! Huh, weird- I don't know why that would be like that...I'll take a look and see if my mobile browser does that. EDIT: I think I may have found the issue. When I was uploading these to deviantart, it seems some of them ended up with "Cover" rather than "Page #" in the title. They're fixed now. Try it now and lemme know! Thanks for the heads up.
  15. Thanks, Jason. I've got a lot of ideas for where this can go. Next time we chat, I might share a few with you.
  16. Chapter 4 is finally here! http://kylefalconkpd.deviantart.com/gallery/57297697/Macross-Elysium-CHAPTER-4
  17. Macross Elysium Chapter 4 is up and ready for viewing! Check it out here: http://kylefalconkpd.deviantart.com/gallery/57297697/Macross-Elysium-CHAPTER-4
  18. Chapter 4 will be out on December 30th, boys and girls!
  19. >Implying shows are made specifically for a demographic that isn't going to make as much money The way I see it is if you can put out a show that appeals to both sexes, then you'll have a larger viewer base. The added bonus of this is that you'll have young adult women cosplaying your product which is like a free endorsement. That is when you have truly won.
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