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  1. $220 ain't bad. $9 dollar price increase from 2012. So 3 bucks a year.
  2. Shipping is easy 30 bucks +. 5% of 400 is 20 bucks. So probably close to 450 with bad shoulders.
  3. Saw one up on jungle for $400 before shipping. Listed as A condition. I think for the added bonus of good shoulders mine is a damn good deal. haha
  4. This is the old inactive link: http://www.hlj.com/product/ymtgk-19/Sci They may reactivate it.
  5. They could make the first one a success and film 2 and 3 back to back if it was. I mean.. you think the Asian market would love it or what?
  6. Star Wars, the merch continues. Lucas has to have a backdoor clause on the merch doesn't he? Making percentages? I think it's funny .. if the people buy loads of toys and stuff for this movie and it does happen to suck.
  7. Batt is growing on me... slowly after 3 years haha It's better than the clown valk imo haha
  8. hah! I am in no rush to sell it. I may even take it back down. That pic makes me want to take it down
  9. It's ok. It's not ok to say that it's a minority opinion that DYRL is better. I'd think most people who know Macross would rank it higher without question.
  10. Looks like rare Valks are back on the menu boys!
  11. Man. I got this guy arguing with me on a youtube channel that Plus is better than DYRL. I tried to explain to him that it's like comparing T1 to the Sarah Conner Chronicles. I know some of the younger folks might have had their first exposeure to plus... but that don't make it right.
  12. Hey guys. Just wanted to share my favorite new Movie Reviewer: Oliver Harper. He does a great Akira review/retrospective.
  13. The proportions on the head are pretty weird.. Giant legs. Giant head. Easy, easy pass for me haha. They are going to fly that mold into the sun I guess.
  14. It's ok . this has turned into the official discussion thread
  15. Spanner - it's pricey. I assume it will take time. I'm not really making any money so I have no reason to drop the price. Goose - No clue on the kit, but maybe the pics will help with reference. They will all bust over time, since the pins are grooved. You could just never transform it, but I think the pressure from the pins will eventually crack the shoulders if you transform it or not. You could try opening yours, taking it apart, and filing down the pins or replacing the pins, but it's a delicate operation, though not too hard. I tried to file down the pins on the original shoulders and it was a pain in the ass, though I must admin my tools were not the best. I'm not sure how many shoulder replacements they made, but it's the only way to have one that you know the shoulders are accurate and safe on.
  16. Watched it 2 more times... I keep missing it! haha Also the bit with luke and R2 looks ripped from Dark Empire pretty hard. I wonder if he will take down an AT AT... and that's why it's all set on that ice world. Also, this is amazing:
  17. Gave into the hype and watched the Trailer. Probably shouldn't have. Don't really like the main bad guys mask. Ain't gonna lie. Looks good. BUT ... this all depends on the new characters and honestly I don't find them that interesting yet. It seems like they are all in the wrong movie. It's dressed up nice, and it looks like Star Wars, but... when we only see Han and Luke for 10-15 min will it just be lens flare and bullshit? Also... why is everything seemingly so shitty after the first films this far in the future? I mean it make sense that in real life things wouldn't go to plan and everybody would be happy but it feels like the first movies weren't for much if it's this emo. I didn't even notice the jump! haha. I noticed Han's delivery though. Really good lines.
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