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  1. So it looks like they are releasing more MP10Rs over the next few days, so more should be available.
  2. I like the rounded thickness of the back plate.
  3. I don't have to own it to know it's a great repaint haha. I couldn't go down the road of MP-10 repaints with all the VF-1's I have laying around.
  4. I love both the Bapes, and I think the green one was the best repaint they've done. considering the YOTH was mass marketed and these Bapes are probably a 10th of the run (If that) that they did of it, it's certainly not causing any mold problems. It sucks the red one is so rare though. No way I'd pay that much to own one considering the KO is just around the corner which should drive prices down like it did with the green one. It's like every prime line. They always make super rare one offs for crazy collectors.
  5. I just don't think it's anything fresh or new. From the character design to the valks it just looks like a mash of things we've seen before. You have some really interesting anime out there these days and I was hoping for something a bit more serious or risky.
  6. I like it. I'm just looking at it as the SOC VF-1 release and hoping it's up to those standards. haha. I feel if people are willing to spend $300 on Arcadia's stuff this is Bandai's attempt to get into that business space without doing 1/60's. Premium features and feel, different scale. I think the devil will be in the details. Accessories. Transformation problems..
  7. No clue. The green release seemed to be in multiple stores, or at least in Japan as well. I think people were also anticipating scalping it so the price was insane off the bat.
  8. I feel like most of the Cons I go to people rarely cosplay Macross. It's just not that popular. Even frontier. I see maybe 1 or 2 Rinka's at a 20,000 people event. Obviously I may miss something but I usually spend 10 hours walking around taking photos ect. SDF stuff is very rare. Idk. I don't see this show breaking the mould in popularity the way say, Attack on Titan or even something like Danmachi where all the girls want to dress like the sexy main character. The main girl seems a bit mousy. I think this show was definitely aimed at a successful run in Japan with the fantasy elements as that is what is popular right now, but who knows if it will translate here. Macross always seems to be vastly different from show to show, but this one seems very similar to Frontier with some tweaks.
  9. Ah ok. Guess you guys saw the BAPE MP-10 red color went on sale yesterday. From what I can tell you could only get one in HK at the bape store there, and you had to stand in line and get a raffle ticket, so it's even more rare than the Green version. I'm seeing them on Japanese sites for 80,000 yen and one on ebay for $1200. No cheaper middle men this time. I saw a few on Taobao for about 300 yesterday but they sold uber quick. Guess you can always wait for the KO haha
  10. Hmm So maybe not til second quarter.
  11. So nobody has been able to answer.. but is clampdown not coming through the japanese shops?
  12. It looks finished. I would imagine they started working on this stuff a long time ago.
  13. This is Bandai we're talking about. haha Just imagine if a live action movie gets made...
  14. Ah, I always thought it was 1/72 since the frontier planes are so much larger than the VF-1's in the anime. Anyway. I think $250 on the low-end.
  15. Their general "DX Chogokin" frontier releases are 1/72 yes? or is technically 1/60? Most of their SOC stuff retails for right around $175-200 and usually ends up being $220 with shipping. Height varies by release of course. Some of those like the Gunbuster release has some transformation like gimmicks, but Idk how complex this will be.
  16. So this thing is twice the size of a 1/48, (that's a 1/55 next to it yes?) probably has diecast, lights. And Bandai charges 140 for their 1/72 line. I'm thinking 300 at least.
  17. I wonder what the price point will be 400-500?
  18. I bet we'll see things similar to the SOC line. Stands. Tons of accessories. Maybe a separate release for the accessories.
  19. Arcadia will be fine. It's just if they keep sinking money into Macross. I think they will snap up anything they can make money on.
  20. The Riveting lines are nice. Very sweet detail. So is this thing going to transform? Is that the word on the street? I'm glad I'm not interested in the new stuff or Frontier so it leaves my pockets wide open. The amount of repaints Bandai they pump out puts Hot Toys to shame. I'd much rather sink my money into this, as I'm assuming this will have SOC type quality and some weight to it.
  21. Might be the angle of the shot but the proportions are goofy. Lower legs too small. Hands too big. For the price They should at least do it right haha.
  22. Ehhhhhh it's not my favorite fighter in the world. Kind of an ugly bird imo.
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