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  1. Although I agree that the sound booster is tempting (and the fact that Yamato might end up producing the whole sound force and that might be interesting to have), I'll go with the P, I just can´t stand the shinny red on the KAI
  2. That's great! color turn out really nice. Will you be doing other Q-Raus customs? I would love to see you doing Emilias Queadluun-Quilqua, that would be just unique.
  3. 3D-Brainx

    DX VF-25G

    I think the same, Luca might be hard to get since his character was not that popular and Bandai might even produce less units that Michaels. But hell will break down when they decide to make Breras renewal, that would really be fun to watch. I imagine something like Bandai throwing 10 boxes at a time into a cage and everyone jumping inside and steeping on each other heads just to get one. If we went through all this to get a 25G and some of us couldn't get it anyway, the run for the 27 will be insane.
  4. NURMS? Really? It would have been my last guess. You are the first guy I see using nurms in 3dsmax with such a great result, great work! I used nurms in Rhino but I when tried to apply the same logic in max I got awful results, so I just gave up on them. Any hints to were I can take a deeper look at nurms in max? Can't wait to see that new VF-1 head!
  5. That coming along nicely! Hell, its awesome! I saw on an earlier pic that you use 3dsmax, are you using turbosmooth to subdivide?
  6. According to this: http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/interest/2012-08-08/macross-fb-7-hybrid-rock-anime-project-outlined Ozma meets a new kind of life-form that "shares visual memories of a certain other colonization fleet"..., so following to what we saw in FB2012, the M 7 footage provably won't be anything new. I still hope to see some M 7 characters in 2059 And about minmay...., she should be what? 66?? not sure if I want to see that
  7. Yeah, you are right..., but that doesn't make it nice either When I say 19s I meant all the 19 in Macross 7, not the 19S itself. As I said, I think that blue is the best color scheme for the 19 in Macross 7
  8. Well...., I must say the the whole color scheme on the 19s in Macross 7 y pretty ugly. I can live with the deep blue on the S and F but that red in Basaras 19 kai is just too much, and the P is just another example. But if I where to get a Basara VF I would definitely go with the P rather than the red one. I agree that the salmon stripes should be a bit more red, but besides that, I think is pretty close (which doesn´t mean nice)
  9. It does have the pegs for a gunpod on the arms, you can see them in the battroid pic from the back. I'm wondering if this will come with little Basara and his guitar.
  10. They are long out of stock, but Angolz was selling the new version for $32 about a year ago. http://www.angolz.co...ue-edition.html I manege to get one!
  11. Hey! Thanks for the B-Day cheers! and yes, love the wife! This is the first time she ventures in giving my a valk without me knowing which one was it Nice colors Wasabi-san.
  12. Nice pics >EXO<! Looking good. Can't wait for the final price and the "real" preorders.
  13. Not my entire collection, but this is what my wife got me for my 30th birthday last week. Got to say..., I'm a very happy boy.
  14. I'm speechless, that looks fantastic and freakenly big! Its going to be one big figure! It reminds me of that 1/60 prototype Yamato did for the Konig Monster
  15. This is awesome! Just great!
  16. I'm in for one, but at this point it depends on the price.
  17. Hi! Thanks! I remember that set, but no. I used real photos es reference and just placed the buildings where I needed them. It might look like that set, but is pure coincidence. Here are some images I used: I'm sad to say that my YF-21 is coming out very slowly. But I'll try to post something as soon as I can.
  18. Hi! Thanks for the comments! Yes. it will transform. At least to gerwalk.
  19. 3D-Brainx

    YF-21 WIP

    Hello all! As I promised, I hereby start my wip thread for the YF-21. There is not much done yet, but the general shape is finished (no arms and legs), I0ll start with some details by sections and I'll then focus on legs and arms. Hope this doesn't take as long to finish as my vf-1 Cheers!
  20. Hi! Thanks all for the comments! They are not. Parts are simply linked one to the other, with a proper pivot position. As I never planed an animation I just didn't care much about it. Thanks again guys, I'll have something of the 21 to show in some time.
  21. Hello all! Thanks for the comments! I used 3dsmax 2011 and rendered with vray. PS for some minor post work. Each model has about 1.5 million polys and some 30 4000 pixels textures (incluiding bumps, speculars, masks, etc). It took quite some time to finish this, since I started with the city scene first and I did this only on my free time. The complete project took me almost 2 years, but the valks themselves..., I would say about a month. Yeap. I posted this on DeviantArt as well. Yes! haha. You got me! I reused the texture and forgot to change that. There is also a discrepancy with the cockpit, since they are the DYRL design, but the VFs have the Macross color scheme. Here are a few more images: I do consider this project done, so though I really appreciate the comments on changes and I take note of them for future project, I don't think I'll change these images, it's been too long and I want to move on haha. Right now I'm starting with my next Macross project, the YF-19 and the YF-21 from Macross Plus. Wish me luck. Ill post some progress once I have something with shape.
  22. Hello all, first post here! Just wanted to share with you guys my latest 3d work on macross. Hope you like it.
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