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  1. At last here's the first flight of F9R dev, the second test vehicle, 60% larger than grasshopper. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0UjWqQPWmsY Latest news on the F9R flight to the ISS is that the experimental soft landing at sea with legs equipped went well, see Elon's twitter feed for details https://twitter.com/elonmusk This could be the start of low cost space access and serious space colonisation, which of course is a central theme of Macross.
  2. Official update on the relight test: "Though not a primary mission objective, SpaceX was also able to initiate two engine relights on the first stage. For the first restart burn, we lit three engines to do a supersonic retro propulsion, which we believe may be the first attempt by any rocket stage. The first restart burn was completed well and enabled the stage to survive reentering the atmosphere in a controlled fashion. SpaceX then lit the center engine for a single engine burn. That relight also went well, however we exceeded the roll control authority of the attitude control thrusters. This particular stage was not equipped with landing gear which could have helped stabilize the stage like fins would on an aircraft. The stage ended up spinning to a degree that was greater than we could control with the gas thrusters on board and ultimately we hit the water relatively hard. However, SpaceX recovered portions of the stage and now, along with the Grasshopper tests, we believe we have all the pieces to achieve a full recovery of the boost stage."
  3. At last here's rocket cam of the next generation Falcon 9 1st stage relighting at 64km / 4200mph, at 2:40 minutes in. A quick view before the exhaust fogs the camera. This new Falcon 9 has relightable engines (for testing) but not yet legs. See this thread for details of grasshopper 2 and a photo of a folding leg http://www.neowin.net/forum/topic/1150976-spacex-reusable-launcher-grasshopper-thread-2/
  4. Oh yeah! Elon is making the Macross dream of space colonisation reality.
  5. paramat

    Lego Anyone?

    This is excellent, and even more interesting because it's an original VF design.
  6. Good work yet again. The Zzard is very interesting and has a mind blowing transformation.
  7. Big day! Elon Musk on twitter: "Rocket booster relit twice (supersonic retro & landing), but spun up due to aero torque, so fuel centrifuged & we flamed out" "Between this flight & Grasshopper tests, I think we now have all the pieces of the puzzle to bring the rocket back home." Elon is the most important person on this planet, and it looks like it will be private companies that colonise space and mine the solar system, where governments have of course failed to realise the importance. Just divert half of military costs, the tech is similar and the military industrial complex can become the space industrial complex and save humanity in the process. Best video is not the official one, at the end this video shows puffs of thrusters that may be the prototype reusable 1st stage orientating for a controlled re-entry. Skip to 1:13 for the close focus shot.
  8. The answer to the topic title is no it isn't The size is one thing you don't alter for something to remain Macross. I've looked through your blog and very much like the model and the video, i appreciate someone modelling a parked folded fighter mode too. I feel a cockpit naturally has an ergonomic form derived from the pilot, like the cabin of a car does ... so because your rescaling is so extreme i find your pilot figure looks funny and ridiculous. The design can certainly look good at a larger size but only with a reproportioned cockpit. However a fighter would naturally want the nose as slim as possible for downward visibility reasons. My own 3D model is unfinished and in LEGO at 47ft. and has a rotating rising seat, the only way i can do that is by having the nosewheel strut not canon ... super-thin and compact and moving the nosewheel out of the way in battroid as shown in the illustration posted in this forum. Here is as it should be, such that a female japanese pilot looks proportioned ...
  9. ^ What he said. Try this at 47 feet ... I wuv it.
  10. 325m test, looks like sci-fi especially on the way down.
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