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  1. I agree with that as well.. maybe us in the lower end section are used to low end yet quality products from other franchises(TF's, Gundams) the lower end market of macross just isn't great enough...most people like macross because it is their childhood,so people or more willing to pay big bucks. Although Frontier tried to attract new fans, the prices of the high end products kept some of the younger fans away... BTW, I'm offtopic...
  2. not neccessarily,there are people who like partsforming...to a certain extent(like me) this to me is like a perfect valk(that is yet to be owned)
  3. yeah...I agree..I guess i was just comparing them to the more popular and longer living toy lines from bandai... A quick question though, are the ones found on shelves typically the 19's? or the VF-1's? since there is a chance of me being at japan in the near future, and I really want a 1J..
  4. really? well, that is true for japan locally..but outside of japan, these are pretty hard to come by for us in the US(at a good price) I have never seen any VF Hi Metal toy while i was back in Taiwan last summer, but that might just because of copyright/lack of distributors.
  5. for a gundam fan, I would say this is the probably the best valk available out there. The scale fits, and it also saves shelfspace. It is probably the most inexpensive valk out there that is fun to play with..too bad they were pretty low on production and disappeared quickly.
  6. are the bonus parts the cockpit pieces and the side covers?
  7. I actually really want a 1/100 sized...considering my shelf size...and my budget now... Although if there was ever a V2 1J kit..that would be kinda cool..
  8. oh ho ho... now even I kinda want a V2 valk... despite the price..which is completely student unfriendly......
  9. yeah, the cannon fodder scheme really looks a hell lot better. But we need people to buy the Alto Ver. in order for them to make one!!!!
  10. damn...another expensive valk. or were there ever cheap ones? although I think the 17 is less complicated in transformation?
  11. it seems like that line has been gone for a long time...since the focker strike 1S... Really hope they do a new 1J for the origin color with a new head..
  12. thanks for the info.. That makes much more sense to me now... Never noticed that!
  13. somebody wanna explain to me what does the limb removal gimmick do? don't think I've seen it in the OVA..and doesn't make much sense to me....
  14. it is probably a dead line by now... some of the other robots in this line got canceled...even before a colored prototype. It is highly unlikely to see it revive, since people don't seem to like tiny robots at such a high price, even with some diecast.
  15. that would be very hard...,i know for sure I would not buy one, and I don't think it will sell well at all...it might not be worth the mold to make profit, and probably not worth trying out new technologies...and really? Milking such a huge valk would be very hard...
  16. that is a diiferent matter... shoulder joints are to be much durable, since it holds a much bigger piece(part of a finger vs whole arm) the resistance level is different as well... there is just no comparison.
  17. this is not because of the choice of material(ie: metal)..but because the platic is not high in quality.. although yamato is good at their parts count and detail, their qc is just horrible...
  18. damn. Great idea. Although I would probably want one in 1/100..
  19. this would really really be a hardcore macross fan item... Like most SDF-1 items....
  20. that looks like it is around the 1/48 scale.
  21. there is also always the macross zero ghost booster(does that even count?)
  22. sometimes I find super/strike parts to be very overpriced....especially the 1/100 hi metal pack..since they are web exclusives... so I want to ask.... Do the toynami packs attach to either the hi metal or gnu dou VF-1 without(or with little)modification? Or is it possible to take some 1/100 packs from model kits and easily mod it?..the GNU dou seems like a very good toy that needs some super(strike) goodness..(same for Hi metal)
  23. GXPT2000

    VF-1J toys

    most wanted(in want order): hi metal 1/100 1J toynami 1/100 1J with or w/o fast packs or a good price(like ultra cheap) for a yamato 1J..(V2, would like the gray goggles or the super set, don't want shoulder problems, loose is fine wth me) might also take 3 trans 1J revotech if you are willing to sell it for a low low price or just hate it so much you want to throw it away.... not sure bout trade, but maybe will do..(depends) thnx
  24. oh and by the way, that bubmblebee aint from the RTS line, it's from the hunt for the decepticons line.
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