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  1. that sucks @$$. I pre-ordered mine the same day it went up. something like this always happens when i pre order
  2. Has anybody else got any kind of a heads up that HLJ has got the VF-1Ds. I pre-ordered it forever ago and every day in April i checked to see if it was in stock and nothing. Now we are in May, still no heads up, i just hope i don't miss out again because of an error.
  3. but freaking sweet i was thinking about 500 bucks
  4. How much would you guys be willing to pay for a 1/24 scale ultra detailed VF-1 from Yamato? When i say ultra detail i mean removeable fusilage panels to reveal interior detail like the engines, frame work, and a true perfect transformation. No more swing bar for the legs, but just like the line art shows, legs that swing from hydrolic hard points and then connect to the nose/crotch for batteroid. And no more gimicks like plug in pieces to fill in gaps to the body, that should all be intergrated. oh and lastly, a pilots seat that comes out through the neck.
  5. thanks guys, that answered that. i think i will be getting the grey goggles
  6. what is the deal with the grey goggle VF-1J. is it just some limited version or something
  7. does anybody know where i can find or buy the little yellow antenna that goes on the head of the YF-21. i bought it from HLJ last year as a gift for a friend. when he opened it the antenna wasn't there. HLJ gave me the run around. so i was wondering if any body knows where i can find one?
  8. with pic 22 it was almost like you knew that i was going to need lotion and tissues after seeing this, this kit is amazing
  9. Well I found this item by looking on this forum, now I will be selling it. Need the money. So I figured this would be the best place to talk about it. Item number 300272084214
  10. I just got it today, pictures will soon follow.
  11. I haven't gotten any response from the seller about how long it will take to get to me but I really can't wait to see this thing. In a perfect world I could have two so I could build a super valk ready for combat and a standard valk being serviced and stripped down. Because in my opinion I think they would a least remove the super parts if they had to service it. What do you guys think I should do?
  12. Thats funny, I was banned because I mentioned the 1/48 Yamato toys that were coming out right around the same time that Toynami was releasing there 1/55 Veritechs, and told people to check them out.
  13. Well the absence of metal parts would kind of make me mad.
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