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  1. Decided to get the Arcadia YF-19. Thanks for all the offers! now I just need to find a stand that works with it at a good price…😬
  2. @technoblue was very easy to communicate with and a great seller. Thanks for the deal!
  3. See title, interested in purchasing one of any of those using the YF mold. Less interested in the V1 YF-19, but might do it if the price is right. Also interested in yf-29 isamu.
  4. heres the back of the VF-1, its missing both wings entirely
  5. Does anybody have extra wings laying around I could pick up? Preferably a no paint version of the wings.
  6. Hello, I recently purchased a Yamato V2 no paint version for a good price, but it did not come with any wings or the water slides/ stickers. I have tried looking for replacent parts and 3D files online with no success. Does anybody have 3D files of the wings or have extra wings laying around I could pick up?
  7. Looking to buy a blazer VF-19 hi metal
  8. The Japanese says they are making a "kit" for this scheme... Prepare, modelers? To those that don't want to build a kit...good luck.
  9. I heard that the US is considering adding it, due to the large increase of Internet businesses and customers
  10. Could it be a KO toy? Maybe it was a 1/55 with clear parts... Anyone know what the shoulders innards look on the 1/55?
  11. Hasegawa model. No transformation then.
  12. Sounds like a new mold, as they did not mention anything about scale or price or anything.
  13. It's just a common misconception in Asia all around, where Japan sold items have better QC and are therefore sold at a higher price. No, of course it's false, it is only a way to get customers to pay more money for the same thing.
  14. If you are going to do a diorama, you might wanna go with scales model kits that don't transform, or go toynami 1/100 all the way(for the amount of Vf-1 color schemes they have in this scale, even if it is still not perfectly 1/100, it is going to work as long as you don't mix products.)
  15. Addition to kyekye's description- both we're transformed once. The 1A box was "poorly assembled", so he used double sided tape. Both boxes were stored under no sunlight.
  16. Regardless of that, it is still a great toy. And really, almost all 1/100 scale VF-1 toys are out of scale.
  17. nope. just saying that if you ar buying a useless "block", it is even better to buy tamashii stages.... you can try holding it up with the whole pack of 3 stands, but I doubt some people would have the guts to do that...
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