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  1. If Bandai made a VF171 with armors & sharon stickers, then probably we could see a VF25S with armors & ranka stickers.
  2. i like that uncolored version, it would go perfectly with any colored valks.
  3. get ready sometime for YF-29 (ugh) Basara.
  4. If all of those are included them im sold, just wished it was Arbalest instead.
  5. i'd rather have MB Arbalest rather than a unknown no anime robot.
  6. Disappointed. I over expected too much thinking it would be like Abyss. Nice acting from Sandra, beautiful effects & cinematography though.
  7. I finally got to finished the anime, and by gawd Stig/Stick was a douchebag for leaving Aisha. I wonder how did the Americanized version goes.
  8. Hehe the DX is a giant. what about those Bandai Hi-Metals? They may be both a beauty but those Metal Builds are too pricey compared to a Macross DX, imo. Tnx for the pic
  9. Any collectors here of this deluxe diecast gundams? As a Macross fan or chogokin lover whats your opinion of this toy line? Im planning to get this bad boy but first Im trying to find a comparison pics of it next to a Macross DX Chogokin which I think will look good next to it (even though their scale would be way off) but I cant seem to find any.
  10. even though its fragile, floppy, fiddy & what not the SV51 is one big sexy fighter. as for whether will it get redone fat chance of that happening specially for a enemy mecha.
  11. http://www.toysdaily.com/discuz/thread-212941-1-1.html
  12. i dont have it yet but based on the pics. changes & improvements: fast pack, much taller,higher crotch, black feet, less white cons: non poseable fingers, no riffle laser effect
  13. if they're going to redo the Macross Plus series, then they should make the YF21 look like that sexy intensely aggressive not the like the old Yamatos clumsy like.
  14. thanks. since its impossible for the likes of me to complete all this renewals, i'll just get this duos instead.
  15. does anyone have a better picture of armored klan klan statue standing side by side with the vf-25g renewal? tnx.
  16. so the 1/60v2 are much more sturdier than 1/48s? also what's the best & ugliest version of 1/60v2 out there?
  17. kinda unbelievable that the MPC Seekers are much bigger & complex but quite cheap compared to yamatos. thanks for the pics.
  18. like you guys i love the YF21 but for some reason i just cant learn to like Yamato's versions. its form lacks the intensity & aggressiveness, imo. this prevented me from buying them. if only yamato could make a some sort of revisions like the above pic then i will buy day one. but for now my YF19 will be lonely.
  19. thanks, any of the seekers will do :thumbs up: do you have jet modes? so these seekers (what scale are they anyway?) are a little smaller compared to 1/60s.
  20. old new guy here & im trying to rekindle my passion for Macross once again so i have a little request. do you guys have a comparison pictures side by side of any Yamato 1/48 or 1/60v2 with MPC Starscream?
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