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  1. Thanks, that's going to be very bad for me. Looks like I'm moving to a new City very soon.
  2. Does anybody know what the turn around time from Over-Drive is if you've pre-ordered something there? I've had one of these waiting since September and am getting anxious to know when I'll be receiving mine (considering I paid for it four months ago.)
  3. I want replacement cockpits for my older VF-1's with the new crotch system so they're not so floppy in battroid mode.
  4. Mommar

    HLJ Yamato sale

    Oh God, I need a job now!
  5. I've never been a huge fan of the 22 in general but that fighter mode in Max's blue color is sexy.
  6. Damn, I love the way that thing looks in Gerwalk! Thanks for the pic, wish I could afford one. I'll have to play with it vicariously through your photos.
  7. Damn, thanks for the pics. I really need to find a new job, you've sold me on this one.
  8. Thanks for posting some pics, and from all angles. It really gives you an idea what the thing looks like in fighter mode. I've been considering it but I wasn't sure at that price. Could I be a tad rude and request some pics in Gerwalk as well? That mode is never represented in as many pictures.
  9. Damn, I wish I still had a job. I'd jump all over one of these things. The Monster is one of my absolute favorites too. I'm very impressed with your talent!
  10. You know, it's just a bit too boxy in fighter mode for my tastes but it looks good enough in both Gerwalk and Battroid that it might be fun to have one to play around with.
  11. Other than three semi-grainy pics of the Double Nuts in battroid I've not seen any other pictures/love for that Valk at all.
  12. I was never really interested in this particular valk design until seeing these pics. As a toy it is pretty cool looking.
  13. Forgive my newbie ignorance but is this not the Harmony Gold and Robotech section of the forum? Despite the love people here may have for Macross this is the place to discuss Robotech and as such I believe the term is Veritech and not Valkyrie.
  14. I feel Gerwalk in general does not get enough love and this particular Valk looks totally awesome in that configuration in particular.
  15. 4: 1/60 V2's 1: 1/55 Toynami (at least Gerwalk looks decent.)
  16. 4: 1/60 V2's 1: 1/55 Toynami (at least Gerwalk looks decent.)
  17. I agree, with the difference in shipping (on single regular Valks) Hobby Search has a slightly cheaper price (where I live anyway.) My Low Vis shipped Sunday, though Sunday in Japan is still conceivably Saturday in New Mexico, and was at my house Tuesday morning. That's a fast turnaround. Especially considering the shipment went out over the weekend.
  18. I would love to indulge you but I don't own that many Valks and I don't own any TV Fast packs. I intended to take advantage of the sale at Over Drive but then I got laid-off so my purchase options dropped to zero. All I have are the movie Packs that came with my 1A Hikaru.
  19. I took a few quick snaps for you pondo. Forgive my photos, I have a relatively fancy camera I just bought and have no clue what I'm doing with it yet. The trip to the Balloon Fiesta this past weekend did not get me as comfortable with it as I would have liked. The last two pics are examples of the old and new crotch systems. Everybody keeps talking about it but nobody has really shown the difference up close (that I have seen.) I like it, it holds MUCH better in battloid mode and it's far easier to manage when transforming to/from battloid.
  20. I will try to post some for you as soon as I can. For someone who got laid-off I seem to be very busy at the moment.
  21. Until an hour and a half ago I was waiting for my 1/60 Low Vis.
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