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  1. Does the EX-Gear transforming as your pilot seat assist in withstanding the high G-Forces? If it does, are there some sort of technical information about it?
  2. The Messiah and the Kairos use the same engine (Or maybe my source material is wrong), but does that mean the VF-25 can be equipped with a beam gunpod as well?
  3. Can modern valks in battroid mode sustain altitude in an atmosphere? (Maybe it's a different universe but it is weird the Gundams with wings can sustain atmospheric flight but cannot escape the earth's gravity. Modern Valks like the VF-19 and onwards were able to go into space, unaided.) In Macross Zero when Fokker was transforming his valk keeps descending. In Macross when Max and Millias Battle over the ocean has Max transforming into a battroid but only stays on that form for a few seconds (maybe because it is less mobile?)
  4. There is also this multi-role thing... I am a hacker and a singer, I am a mechanic/engineer and I am also a singer
  5. Since it has been said that the performance of the VF-31 is equal to the VF-25, why create a new fighter at all? Cost? Use? Roles? (Of course other than the reason it being a new show :))
  6. Macross derivative? So it would still come back to the SDF-1 and the VF-1 again for the next 36 years...
  7. Over the years, I have seen the backpack thrusters disappearing, with the VF-25 just having six small thrusters that push you forward while in GERWALK since the legs are pointing downward. I do understand that that is what the FAST packs are for, or the Extra engines in the VF-27 and YF-29. But when I look at the VF-31, I would think, what would push this forward while in GERWALK (image credit to Projeckt-Zero-Three)
  8. Speaking of VF-25s, there was a G-Variant for Snipers right? Did the 171 have improved optics when it was given a sniper role? I mean if that is the case, the Optics for the VF-25G seems to be a nice to have than a necessary feature.
  9. So if you are fleet and when to update your line of main valks, which would you choose between the VF-25 vs the VF-31 as the performance is roughly the same?
  10. I assume this is animation error? Or you could just actually add the missile launchers (or fuel tanks) as is.
  11. My favorite Gatchaman look and feel was for the NTT commercials where the Boyband SMAP redid it in live action. Kinda resembles the 1994 OVA
  12. But if they release RT in the UK, and the term Macross has been trademarked by BW, wouldn't that be a problem for Tatsunoko/HG as well?
  13. Given that the power and speed of the modern valks, how can older valks like the VF-1 win in a Vanquish Race? Or are limitations set during the race?
  14. I think the word Zentradi was part of the IP, which was why Shadow Chronicles never used the term. I think Maia Sterling was considered Half-Alien rather as Half-Zentradi as far as I remember. (Please correct me if I am wrong here, or maybe my memories are just fuzzy or something)
  15. How large is a specific expedition fleet. For instance, How many Carriers and large ships that came with the Macross Frontier Fleet. And when they do a long distance fold, do they dock somewhere, or do they do their own fold concurrent with the main colony?
  16. It depends on the viewer though, Delta is the only Macross series that I haven't watched a second time.
  17. Macross never really delved on political wars I guess, unless you count the video games so I guess this is pretty new for the fandom (as warring factions is usually something of Gundam while Macross is more of encountering a new race). Frontier did it, but it was more of a background thing. The Delta Storyline could have handled it better. I guess some of the things that irked me it's like the Walkure aren't just idols, they are super idols. One of them is a top mechanic, the other a hacker. I guess they are understaffed I guess. I mean other than the delta flight. Xaos didn't have anything else it seems.
  18. I think I've asked this before but why do the modern Valks have small to almost no backpack thrusters. I mean I rewatched Macross plus and there you can see the exhaust on the YF-19 on its back. Does that mean the VF-25 or VF-31 rely heavily on the leg thrusters to "hover" in the atmosphere. How about propelling forward in gerwalk. I remember there are like six small holes in the VF-25 when it is in Gerwalk. Is that as powerful as the previous valks?
  19. You mean you wanna be part of a spiritia farm? Haha! Macross Olympia didn't seem to have encountered much problems, I think.
  20. What was the structure of the UN Government, and why aren't they being pictured. I mean in the original Macross Series we see Takashi Hayase as the head of UN Spacy (as far as I know). Do they report to someone higher? And for Delta, it's like the Government heads for each planet were actually doing nothing at all but depend on Kaos or something.
  21. Was there a version of the VF-25 that used the wing hardpoints? I mean before the tornado pack, it would seem that the VF-25 would only have it's gunpod and the beam guns near the intakes (that were never used) Also was there a reason that the VF-11 did not have any wing hardpoints? Was it intentional?
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