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  1. I guess Yamato/Star Blazers had many deaths as well.... It was shown star blazers here too... I had a crush on Nova when I was a kid (hahahahaha) I guess the gray blue and red sections of a ship are common color codes that time.... Daedalus and Prometheus Sport the same color
  2. Well they were unique in a sense that they were giant aliens for proxy warfare I don't think I've seen any animation with opponents 5 times their size... I might be wrong though I guess a problem with RSC is I feel that the characters are one dimensional or something. I just saw it once on Star Movies (Cable)
  3. Just watched it! Nice.... We always made fun of Aphrodite A when she fires her "missiles"
  4. It would depend on the target audience I guess.... In Japan animation (or manga) is created for a specific target audience (shounen, seinen, shoujo etc.). And handle real world events as real as possible. I mean, I have still yet to find western cartoons where a character (protagonist) has been killed off. They just get shipped off to HFIL . Or don't die (G.I. Joe anyone?) I mean when Roy Died in one episode, and then Kakizaki in the next, I would often wonder how kids would handle scenes like that during the 80's. Kids nowadays are more aware Another thing that made me like macross? GERWALK. I mean there are transforming machines that go from vehicle to robot and back, but it is one of the first to incorporate 3 modes
  5. But can they Actually use the word "Macross" or the term "SDF"? Although I think HG secured the use of the term "Macross" (as far as I know") I've heard that in the Shadow Chronicles, the term Zentradi was not used due to the copyright. So I guess they would just term the zentradi as aliens. How about terms such as Valkyrie? Or Destroid? At least the have the Term Veritech and Guardian (for Fighter and GERWALK modes). I think the only thing that would be retained here are the character names and the story outline, all the rest are to be changed.
  6. Does the VF-171 Nightmare Plus have a Gun Pod/Or Even A Beam Cannon? I mean the VF-171EX has a beam cannon connected to the arm that serves as the "Gun" during Battroid Mode. I was trying to re-watch the Series and not even once have I seen the Nightmare Plus have an Armament in Battroid Mode. I guess they are truly cannon fodder
  7. What a confusing episode.... They crammed everything up.... Maybe everything will make sense in the second
  8. It's useful at the work place where everything is a bit formal. I mean I used to end my sentences in "desu/deshita" or "masu/mashita" but when you go outside tend to be a little bit different. Well it's also useful for bargaining (mou yasuku narimasen ka... hehe). I haven't met anyone yet who speaks like Kenshin Himura though. That would freak me out
  9. You know what is cooler? Check the live action they made for the same scenes (done by Japan Boyband SMAP) Here is the Animation: And here is the Live action:
  10. Well other than the Macross Series (Don't throw tomatoes at me if I said I liked Macross 7 too) hehehehe, I liked Choudenji Machine Voltes V. It has a very big following here in the Philippines dubbed in English and Filipino more times than I could count. I even have the toy (well my dad gave it to me when I was 5 and is now a wreck haha). Other than that I like Gatchaman, not Battle of the Planets (we didn't have that here), not G-Force (I watched it but nothing compares to the original, I mean Ace Goodheart?) or any future incarcerations made by Saban
  11. Mazinger Z was Banned in the Philippines (along with other Robot Anime) by then President Marcos because it causes children to watch TV instead of studying (WTF!) Anyway, I got the chance to watch it in Japan (and Great Mazinger as well). It was nice to see Mazinger Z, Great Mazinger, even Aphrodite and Venus A finish off Ankoku Daishogun's (General Dark) forces. How is the new series, is it faithful to the original (1972 - I wasn't even born yet hehehe)
  12. What the Hell? Zac Efron as Sousuke Sagara? He looks to soft as a soldier, even a teenage one (yeeesh) Does he sing while he pilots his Arm Slave?
  13. The movie hasn't been shown here yet, I think it would be scheduled on the 16th. Just finished the holy week over here so not much cinema activity. It's produced by Stephen Chow (of Shaolin Soccer and Kung-fu Hustle) right? An avid dragonball fan. I wonder how did he react to the finished product?
  14. Makati City (Commercial Business District), Philippines
  15. The dubbing, I actually didn't complain much.... I was a kid that time. The weird thing though are the names. Hikaru becomes Rick, Misa remains Misa, and Minmay becomes Maria. All others retained their names (as far as I remember). I mean even my college sister was hooked that time and at her age (she's 45 and has two kids who are into the Yu-gi-oh franchise) she still remembers it when she sees me watching Macross (again )
  16. When I was a Kid, I thought it was another copy of the Transformers since I was a Transformers fan, but as I watched it (It was aired 6:00 PM in the philippines every sunday at RPN) I began to like it very much to the point when I was assigned in Japan (worked as a Systems Analyst) I rented VHS tapes of it and Bought the DVD when I was there. It was also there I rented videos of Macross Plus and Macross 7 (I was there 1996~97) and (2000~2003) There was no Robotech in the Philippines (or maybe I just ignored it and got lucky ). We had a Dubbed Macross in English (the names of the characters were a bit different but were faithful to the original story)
  17. Or Kasumi Tendo.... Well that proves her versatility from being the soft spoken girl to the sultry villain
  18. I think these are some of the Videos that were described in the first post Mari Ijima singing Tenshi no Enogu: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DvQHBtsjMpg Mari Ijima singing Ai Oboeteimasuka: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nG8rKUmo7r4
  19. Actually when the VF-25S Appeared Luca muttered "Ozma-Shousa" when he was trying to get Klan's damaged power armor, Then Ozma says "Bakamono, Taichou to yobe, Skull-3" which translates to "Stupid, Call me Squadron/Team Leader, Skull-3" implying that even though Luca is flying a different plane in a different group, he still belongs to the skull squadron In Macross, Hikaru was always called Taichou by Max and Kakizaki even though at the time he was a "shou-i" (2nd Lieutenant) or "chu-i" (1st Lieutenant). In Paradise Lost (Macross Ep #20) Hikaru tells Max to stop calling him Taichou when Max was assigned to a different squadron. By Episode #24 (Goodbye Girl), Max calls Hikaru as "Ichijo-chuii"
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