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  1. Seems like 2009 will be a busy year for the PSP. From Software announces a batch of PSP ports of Armored Core and Tenchu: http://kotaku.com/5262359/from-software-ps...ncement-baffles Level 5 reveals more infos and scans of their new RPGs this year: - Mecha/Plamo based RPG "Danboru Senki": http://www.psphyper.com/psp/danboru-senki-...cenes-revealed/ - Horror RPG "Ushiro": http://www.psphyper.com/game-profiles/ushiro/ - Studio Ghibli + LV5's "Dream" RPG "Ninokuni": http://www.dshyper.com/news/weekly-famitsu...s-for-ninokuni/
  2. http://www.animetake.com/shin-mazinger-sho...en-episode-7-2/ Mazinger ep 7 is out. Is it me or Tsubasa is performing THUUUNNNDDAAAA BRREAAAAKKK this episode?
  3. I dunno. But that is the point of it. The show is now a war between a sport with official sets and rules vs a street game played for fun with no rules at all.
  4. Yeah, here we go: http://umai.is-fabulo.us/2009/05/17/basquash-07-status/
  5. So far, only COBRA seems promising. Might check out Umineko. Also, apparently, GAINAX teams up with Seiji Mizushima (FMA, Gundam 00) to make a new anime project: http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2009-...izushima-gainax
  6. Neo Gaiking is very good, tbh, one of the best remake series so far. Please don't mind the first slow episodes. Shin Jeeg becomes good at midway, you should finish it. Shin Getter Armageddon (the 90s one) is indeed a mess if you aren't familiar with the Getter series, but the New Getter Robo series is good and very easy to get into, check it out.
  7. Episode 4? Isn't that the beach episode? That ep was funny, but it wasn't as epic as the first episode or last episode. Anyway, aside from Mazinkaiser (which is a must for Super robot fan), you should get Giant Robo: The animation and Tetsujin 28 2004 due to the similar style and execution (all these shows are directed by Yasuhiro Imagawa).
  8. Yay!!! Heh, so now the Photon Beam surpasses even Breast Fire in term of power! DDL here: http://www.animetake.com/shin-mazinger-sho...-hen-episode-6/ ...oh wait, I forget promethuem can torrent now lol
  9. Gattai is a bit slow this time. Btw, what do you think of the series so far, promethuem? I think the series so far can be sum up as "oldschool badass".
  10. ..You are gonna wait a long time for this though, probably forever.
  11. All is forgiven when I get to hear Ozma and Bobby's Totsugeki! Love hearts.
  12. ...Yeah, know this a while go. Goddamn, why does the first SW that gets localized is also the weakest one? Hell, NIS could localize the PS2 Remake of SW 1 or PSP port of the first 2 games. But no, it gotta be Sakura Wars V.
  13. SRWOG DW is decent, not bad, not great. But the story, especially the ending part, is very rushed. I suggest playing the GBA games (all localized by Atlus) to know the full story. Oh well, and the OVA series (3 episodes) is quite good.
  14. I thought that was pretty obvious in the first episode...if you pay more attention to the signs, billboards and stuff
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