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  1. I think a problem with Mac7 was there were too many episodes... I guess there were too many filler episodes and too many times that Basara kept singing the same song over and over, however awesome his songs are. I mean it really started slow, and the story got going in the middle. This is what I liked a lot about frontier, there was no monotony in the singing.
  2. Well we do dub our shows in our local language, although I still do prefer the ones with english subbed. It helps with my Japanese that has become obscure when I started working for non-japanese IT firms. Hahaha! It was surprising that on iFlix (which is the Asian version of Netflix), that when I started watching Tenjo Tenge it was dubbed in Tagalog. Hahahaha. We do get our stuff from Crunchy Roll as well as Animax.
  3. Oh come on! These Robotech Socks will bring Big West to its knees! Hehehehe! I'm not from the US, but how big is Anime to the ordinary person over there? I think until now, it is still a Niche Market. I think the only thing the general public knows is like Dragonball or Pokemon. But I'm not sure. The Manga and Anime industry in Japan though is big and even big time singers and composers are lending their songs or are making songs for anime movie or TV series.
  4. Kanchou (艦長) First Character Kan is Ship and Chou for Leader/Head, literally the Head of the Ship, it is not related to any military Rank I guess. I guess it would be some sort of title of the one who leads the ship regardless or Rank. I think Max is the Fleet Admiral of Macross 7, if we take into consideration that Perry of Macross Frontier is an Admiral as well. Also Global is a Brigadier General (?) during the Original Series.
  5. If the engines of the VF-19F and VF-19S have more powerful engines, what makes the YF-19 superior to both of the? As far as I remember the VF-19E/F was supposed to match the original YF-19 performance, am I right?
  6. Yoshi? I guess the only other way that we could get a fresh take on the series is Macross the First, unfortunately the releases take a really long time. Is it on hiatus?
  7. What are commercial Valkyries used for? Are they toned down and demilitarized versions of the older Valkyries? I mean there are Destroids used for work but for Valks, I really don't find a practical non military use for it. Like right now, let's assume that someone buys an old F-4 Phantom for personal use. What would he use it for?
  8. Sometimes it makes me wonder how big are those micro missiles that you can fit 100 plus in a YF-29. Or 280 in an armored VF-25. How destructive is the power of these missiles and what is their range. And why does the Chronos carry only 36?
  9. SV-51 wasn't created by General Galaxy, General Galaxy was founded in 2017 The YF-21/VF-22S has a single head turret As for FZ-109, the F Variant has head turrets (and if you look at the VF-14 initially it had turrets, from the Macross 7 extra episode, although it's final design is the M3 game)
  10. Elma Hoyly? Wow! How old is she by this time? I wonder how she looks like right now.
  11. If that is the case, how would you rate Zentradi firepower against a Vajra Heavy Soldier? As far as I know while the GU-17A was effective against the mobile soldier, it was ineffective against the Heavy Soldier using their usual pre-MDE weaponry. And how effective was MDE bullets against Vajra Armor?
  12. Are a majority of Zentradi weapons energy based? I mean the guns that the Regult and the Glaug seem to be non-projectile in nature. I mean even the rifle that Alto Picked up during his exam was energy based as well.
  13. This brings me to another question, was the Birdhuman failsafe only placed on earth? How about the other races the protoculture developed. I would have hoped that something like that would have been planted in Winderemere. Was the "best children of the protoculture" asserted by every Winderemean? Or was it just Roid and the Royal Family?
  14. Was was the population of the earth in 2012? I mean if you think of all the emigrant fleets that they have launched, numbering from 1 million for New Macross Classes and 10 million for Island Cluster Classes. Which brings me the following questions: When they tried to implement cloning, did they try to accelerate the aging to accommodate all that people. For me it would be a bad idea since it's like putting a child in an adults body and sending him out in the far unknown. But then again, if they didn't there would be difficulty taking care of a whole lot of kids. Did they do cloning on earth or was it done in the ships of the emigrant fleets? Did they try to manipulate their genes so that there are variances so as there are not too many identical "Roy Fockers"? But is Aegis a 100% identical clone of Roy?
  15. Latest Generation Valkyries have 360 degree view when in Battroid. Were there specs like cameras and sensors that allow them to have this feature?
  16. So which do you think had more success, General Galaxy or Shinsei Industries in the development of VFs?
  17. I wonder what kind of hardware would a VF-24 that only has two engines have the same or even better performance than the YF-29 that has four?
  18. I'm not complaining about that though. You guys do a hell of the job. I always assumed that there were no info because Macross Delta had little info out at the moment.
  19. The Macross Mecha Manual is a wealth of information, it doesn't have any info on Delta though. http://www.macross2.net/m3/macrossf/yf-29.htm
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