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  1. My second one from hlj just got delivered!
  2. xrentonx

    Hi-Metal R

    New head mold...hell, I'll try for one
  3. I got all three but I've never noticed Gamlin being any worse quality-wise to the other two.
  4. I'm of the opinion that Arcadia and Bandai are in a stalemate and Bandai hasn't really surpassed Arcadia/Yamato yet. They've both done some things better than the other and some things worse, I think.
  5. The day they stop looking like pretty jet fighters from Earf is the day I stop watching Macross, I think
  6. The other thing I don't like is how it's just a big clunky right angle connecting from right below/behind the LERX/chestplate to the main intakes. I can live with most everything else besides this and those hinges. Edit: Maybe also the way the arms look in B mode.
  7. I just noticed this during my first transformation yesterday. I originally thought the whole backpack was plastic but the bottom-most hinge is metal where the waist rotates. Basically the Battroid has a big metal stick up its ass where the top half rotates
  8. Wonder if it's possible to make those hinges recessed into those intakes...anything to minimize them...
  9. Hahah, I forgot this thread existed. We need a sticky!
  10. Cool! They ended up using Focker colors after all.
  11. Only diecast I noticed was the little pieces right where the shoulders connect and swing out from the main body (just like the Arcadia) and the feet.
  12. Very cool! I've said this before but we should start a thread that acts like a repository for all the fixes and disassembly instructions we've had over the years for easy reference.
  13. Haven't had a chance to transform her today but the Bandai feels lighter than the Arcadia to me. Tons of tampo on this thing but that is no surprise since Bandai is no small company.
  14. Really weird...my right wing has an audible click outwards but the left one doesn't have a click...
  15. Just got mine in from the post office. It's all untabbed and gappy in the box but that's the fault of the factory guys. It's awesome so far! Gonna transform and take a closer look to see how much I like it.
  16. Thanks! These two sets of pictures make me feel a lot better about Battroid mode. I'll check mine out tomorrow
  17. It's the only set of pics where the legs don't look "Frontier lanky" to me. If he did it wrong, he should keep doing it!
  18. I love my CFs and I'm keeping them in the hopes that I'll be able to do a Shapeways fix some day.
  19. Mine should be on the way too. I can't believe I own 8 of this mold! That's two Altos, two Lucas, three CFs and now this.
  20. It's in my PW now. I finally own an MP-10! I only own the 10b so it's gonna be cool to have a trailer.
  21. The red and blue frames I've always liked the design but now I gotta think about this one too. That black and gold is selling me hard
  22. Good news if it was because that looks better! I'll find out in a couple days.
  23. Did you make the legs look shorter somehow?
  24. I shouldn't have clicked those. At first I didn't want one because of the pointy toes and weird backpack but those pics make it look great. I really wish the internet would stop making me want things
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