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  1. Drad

    Hi-Metal R

    I read a ways back. Saw Taps being played for Hi-Metal R, supposedly. Still didn't see anything that officially said Macross Hi-Metal R was done. If it is, bummer.
  2. Drad

    Hi-Metal R

    I haven't kept up. Is Macross Hi-Metal R officially dead? I hope not. Where's my Max and Kakizaki TV VF-1A's? TV Roy VF-1S? Queadluun Rau? Wasn't the Tomahawk ready to go? I'm only buying one DX because of cost/space issues, but I was all in with Hi-Metal R.
  3. Those little Fockers are great.
  4. This is beyond awesome. Thanks, sqidd!
  5. Heh. I can't wait to get my DX. Is it weird that I kinda wanna track down that garbage bootleg Valkyrie and the old Takatoku as well? I have the Yamato 30th Anniversary 1/60 VF-1S TV Roy and the 1/100 Hi-Metal R VF-1S Focker Strike Valkyrie. It'd be fun to have them all standing there together.
  6. Yeah, and it had "Magic Chang" too. I was so blessed!
  7. Same here, brother. Saved my paper route money to buy this guy. \ Actually that's wrong: this piece of glorious garbage was my first Valk, several years earlier. It was terrible in every way possible but it was what I could get my hands on and it was three dollars which was a lot for my young self. My imagination made it much better than it actually was and I loved it until I got the Takatoku which was my first real Valk.
  8. Looks like the going rate seems to be just a bit over $300 at the moment. I wonder how high it's gonna go as time passes.
  9. Certainly would've been nice to get one at that price but I doubt it's going to get better from here. $310 shipped hurts but something tells me it's gonna hurt even more in the future. I'll take my lumps now rather than later.
  10. Looks like I got the last one from Okini-Land (for now, at least). Out of stock. Came out to $310 shipped to Hawai'i via DHL. Listed at $266.
  11. Big thanks to sjoebarry for a smooth transaction! Very friendly and easy to deal with! Enjoy the Beagle MOSPEADA VR-052F Stick Bernard Ride Armor! Thanks for giving a rare piece a good home!
  12. Drad

    Hi-Metal R

    We still need Q-Rau, TV Roy, Max and Kakizaki. Really hope the Tomahawk isn't just vapor. And yeah, I still want some Figuarts Zentran/Meltran characters. Please tell me this line is still alive.
  13. Hi guys. Ebay is a ripoff, so I'd rather sell these pieces here if I can. Paypal. U.S. only, shipping from Hawai'i. All items include UPS 2nd Day Air, since the USPS has been having trouble lately. I'm on the Straight Shooters List. Member here since 2003. Beagle MOSPEADA VR-052F Ride Armor - $400 This was purchased here on Macross World Forums from AE Productions. It's been opened, but I've never removed it since receiving it years ago. Complete with box, minor shelf wear. Mezco 1/12 Collective The Dark Knight Returns Previews Exclusive Batman (teal/gray, classic black/yellow bat symbol) - $350 Mezco 1/12 Collective The Dark Knight Returns Mezco Direct Exclusive Batman - (dark blue/gray, large Miller bat symbol) - $600 Both of these Mezco Batman figures are complete in their packaging with plastic slipcases, never been removed from box. Original white shippers not included. Pics incoming for everything when I get the chance.
  14. There are KO Valks coming outta the Philippines now? Since when?
  15. How much for a Yamato 1/60 VF-1S TV Roy 35th Anniversary? Boxed, all parts. Transformed maybe twice.
  16. crap. Missed it. Thanks anyway, Shizuka. I appreciate the effort. 1. Anasazi37's decals are great quality. I vouch for his products. Very pleased to know he's still in our community. 2. Yeah, hunting for super-rare, expensive, old-time Macross stuff was an absolute bitch. I can see why some would consider this to be a Golden Age of Macross Collecting, honestly. 3. I missed DX TV Roy as well. If anyone is willing to part with one, I'd gladly buy it. Not counting on being able to score a preorder at this point. Thanks everyone. I love this community.
  17. Damn it. I watch this thread constantly and I let it slide for a few days and miss this guy. If anyone got an extra, please let me know. Is this the TV or DYRL Roy?
  18. Hi guys, Anyone here have an interest in the 2015 Puerto Rico Comic Con Mezco 1/12 Dark Knight Returns? I'd post in the sales topic but it's not exactly Macross. Mods, move this if necessary. PM, please. Thanks!
  19. Hey, Agent ONE! Good to see you! Miss you, guy! Some of us are still here. Oh and welcome, Kenny G. Your music is the best!
  20. Wait, what?? The original is on Prime? Like, without the stupid shitty sound effects?
  21. So BOOTIFUL! Oooooo. Man, you make some wonderful pieces. Thanks for sharing your talents with the community.
  22. Thanks to sqidd for a smooth transaction! Quick payment, excellent communication and very easy to deal with. Enjoy the Sentinel MOSPEADA AFC-01H Legioss!
  23. Mine's still on the way, but I'm willing to send it on to someone who might want one. Let me know.
  24. Really digging that waist joint and ab crunch. Unexpected but very welcome. This thing looks outstanding. I just pray it doesn't explode in my hands at the slightest touch.
  25. I forgot that I placed a preorder for the Sentinel Legioss at Amazon Japan. So glad I didn't place a second one someplace else and be on the hook for two of 'em. It's shipping out soon. Looking forward to everyone's pics!
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