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  1. I picked mine up from them. It was selling at the MSRP of ¥33,000 (including tax) with free shipping to my Tenso address.
  2. Looks like it's available at AE right now. Go go go. Darn it. AE's new website is terrible. You don't see that it's sold out until you actually click on the listing. I forgot about that.
  3. Snagged one through Amazon Japan, shipping to my Tenso address. Sold out almost instantly. Roy was available for about ten minutes.
  4. I'm not getting my hopes up too high. I think we'll be very fortunate if Bandai releases more than one toy or toy+accessory combo.
  5. Right back at you, @Corrinald. Always a pleasure doing business with you. The VF-0S is armored up and proudly displayed in my collection.
  6. Just checked the Tamashii Nations site and the armor set is sold out. That was fast. Maybe Bandai will do a second run of the set, but this doesn't bode well for the amount of competition we're probably going to face for the combo set during PO Madness. I'm hoping for Roy-like availability after release, but who knows.
  7. Yes. I purchased an item during their recent "we found some old stuff in our warehouse!" sale and had it sent to my Tenso address. Worked perfectly.
  8. The normal pattern is that there is at least a week between a formal item announcement and the PO, During that waiting period, it shows up in the Macross section of the Tamashii Nations site as a full entry, not just as a teaser picture: https://tamashii.jp/item_character/macross_series/ The one major exception has been the TV Super Parts, where we only got about a day to prepare. I really hope Bandai doesn't do that again.
  9. @Saburo's enabling pics led me to buy an Arcadia VF-0S...and then the Reactive Armor to go with it. Those pics are dangerous.
  10. Arcadia: "If you thought the YF-19 Premium Finish was a wallet-buster, just wait until this one goes up for PO"
  11. And when Arcadia lists the price as "undecided," we should maybe worry about our wallets. A lot.
  12. SV-51 Nora displayed at the CafeReo Character Convention (scroll to the bottom of the page): https://hobby.dengeki.com/event/1230284/ Looks like an October release date.
  13. Best guess right now is that more information about a PO will be provided on that date. With the exception of the Super Parts, where the TWE PO went live the next day, I think there's been at least a week between the formal announcement and the PO for everything in the DX line. I'm really hoping that's the case here, too, because I'm on business travel next week and I really don't want to be sitting in my hotel room at 3am, on crappy hotel WiFi, trying to snag one.
  14. If they don't do a Full Set Pack, then I'll have to pass. I have one DX 1J and I don't want to display it in armor, as I already have three others displayed that way (HMR, Arcadia 1/60, Yamato 1/48) and I like how it looks in Fighter mode on the special stand. Given the current secondary market price for the 1J, which will surely go up if it's an armor-only release, I can't justify buying a second one just for this. I'm betting on Full Set Pack, though, because it follows the HMR release pattern, we've seen that Bandai is willing to do Full Sets at 1/60 with the recent YF-25 release, and making us fool around with head swapping or head attachments would be a departure for Bandai's Macross lines. Granted, they didn't do a Full Set for the VF-31S armor, so I guess I'm really just hoping to not get Bandai'd here.
  15. Looks like we might actually be getting a grey goggle gift set, HMR-style. Nice. 22 Apr is a Thursday, so I'm wondering if they'll release info about it that day and then pre-orders start the next day, since those generally happen on Fridays. I also wonder how quickly sites like Mandarake are going to be flooded with 1Js or, at the very least, we'll see the price come down to something more reasonable.
  16. I'm excited for the stands to be offered again at some point in the future. My wallet feels otherwise.
  17. It's an actual decal sheet. And yes, I have it scanned. Below version is reduced to 600 ppi and saved as a JPEG to keep the size down.
  18. I do have printable versions of both Wave decal sets. Scanned them a long time ago, at least 15 years, but recently redid the coloring so they print better. Still have the originals.
  19. Since it's a web exclusive item, you'll have to keep an eye on the secondary market. Mandarake, Jungle, Yahoo Auctions Japan, and Amazon Japan are solid options. You might get lucky with Anime Export or MyKombini, too. You'll want to keep an eye on several sites right around the release date. You should also check out the For Sale section here, as MW members sometimes buy multiples and then sell their extras to fellow collectors who missed out on placing pre-orders.
  20. There are times when something like that makes sense, but not for decals or box art. Why punch yourself in the head when you don't have to?
  21. Agreed. Bandai likely wouldn't retool their packaging for new variants in an existing line. My wife says that she knows exactly when I'm taking valks out of their packaging. From another room in our house, she can hear the squeaks, pops, and cries of frustration as pieces fly everywhere.
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