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  1. YetiStand Alpha.

    If this is the Yeti adapter you're talking about, what I do is after clipping it on is I push down on the back part of the adapter then the front to push the shoulders down more till I find the spot where it's snug enough to hold vertically. Instructional for the Yeti adapter: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1DYJR-vRo-o&feature=youtu.be
  2. Arcadia 1/60 VF-0S Premium Finish

    PO for the premium finish at HLJ still up 47045yen though: https://hlj.com/product/ACA82143
  3. DX VF-171EX from Macross Frontier

    Luca's 171EX was partially equipped with armored parts in Ep24. it's inconsistent in that he's shown without it then with it on. He had the leg and chest parts installed but not the canon and missile launcher.
  4. MΔ - VF-9

    Great to see you doing something unique again.
  5. Hi-Metal R

    They don't give out titles like Saburo's for nothing. I'm waiting for the rest of the Destroids and Zentradi.
  6. Bandai DX VF-31

    Someone on FB posted NY actually shipping their order out on 5-9-18.
  7. TOYS FAQ - The New Noobie questions thread

    Here's what I could find in the "Newbie and Short Questions Thread', that thread would be the better place to ask instead of here: I remember they were stating it was a VF-19EF Caliburn with parts modified to Isamu's personal preference or something like that.
  8. Bandai DX VF-31

    All it states in the message above is that they don't know when they're getting deliveries and that you have the option of cancelling your order for in store vouchers as the refund via Paypal is past the deadline. I don't see anywhere in the message where NY states that the customer should cancel the order.
  9. FEXTHOBBY Macross Line up

    They made a mistake in putting it in HKD. Those who bought it in HKD were sent an email. It's in USD so yes $44ish per set.
  10. 1/60 VF-5000 3D Printing

    Awesome work. And Swwwinnngggs!
  11. Arcadia SDF-1 Movie version 1/3000 reissue

    You can probably DIY one that's equal to or better than a premium finish. It's all a matter of how much of your time spent to do it is worth to you. You got the time/skills then get the regular release. Don't wanna /can't do it yourself then get the premium.
  12. Is that a Bandai stand holding it up? Is it freestanding or did you figure out a way to clip it in?
  13. Macross Collection Display Thread

    From Mechtech's build thread:http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/topic/18403-6-foot-long-daedalus-scratch-build-up/