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  1. wmkjr

    Whats Lying on your Workbench MK IV

    Wow. That's pretty awesome!
  2. wmkjr

    Arcadia 1/60 SV-51 Ivanov

    I think it's the Ivanov low viz version. Hopefully they'll have a painted one up at WF2019 winter .
  3. wmkjr

    Stan Lee, 1922-2018,RIP

    RIP. A great man that helped influence many people's lives.
  4. wmkjr

    Aircraft Super Thread Mk.VII

    I'm thinking of Muv Luv TSFs and BETA lasers when I read this.
  5. wmkjr

    MΔ - VF-9

    It has a Gerwalk mode. Examples are shown on page 6.
  6. wmkjr

    Whats Lying on your Workbench MK IV

    That's pretty cool customs. The only characters I remember are Morrigan and Felicia because of their cosplays.
  7. wmkjr

    BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    Don't know if they're the same kit but the one on the left is D-Stance 1/72 YF-21 kit. http://park1.wakwak.com/~jasshy/yf21.html
  8. wmkjr

    Hi-Metal R

    Take anything shown at Tamashii Nations without a confirmed release info with a grain of salt. If you really like the Max variant more than the FB2012 and it does get released, you could probably sell it to fund the other one.
  9. Macross 30 game. Mei Long's VF-27. Also waiting for Brera's ghosts.
  10. Anyone got clearer pics of the Hunter's Guild Logo?
  11. wmkjr

    MΔ - VF-9

    Noticed any price differences in your shop?
  12. wmkjr

    Hi-Metal R

    Either that of something from Heavy Metal L-Gaim like the Bat-shu. Looks like a Buster launcher. Same guy designed for both series correct? Whatever it is, it's pretty big for Hi Metal R series. Edit: Any display plates for the VF-4s?
  13. wmkjr

    Bandai DX VF-31

    They're probably including it for folks that have the 1st VF-31F. This is Google Translate for this part.: NEW Two types of connection parts are equipped as standard. Two types of connection parts (for fighter/gerwalk, for battroid) that reproduce the success in the theater version are included. It can also be mounted on "DX Chogokin VF-31F Siegfried (Messer Elefeld machine)" now on sale. As the theater version specification, it adopts coloring which reproduced the battle of outer space. It specifically states can be mounted for DX VF-31F VF-31F ジークフリード Not Movie version VF-31F 劇場版VF-31F ジークフリード
  14. wmkjr

    Hi-Metal R

    Usually one of the lowest priced on initial preorder, pay later option available for certain items if not it's pay upfront (I think its Tamashii web exclusives). PO windows used to open/close with price increase intervals. Not known for their customer services/support after purchase. Can under declare item values. Spinning wheel of death...
  15. wmkjr

    Hi-Metal R

    I think he secretly preordered one for you.