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  1. A BD remastered release with English subtitles, TV SDF-1, 40th anniversary scheme VF-1J and figure models with special outfits, remastered or concert version of TV soundtrack, and limited time pop up shop with exclusive goods.
  2. Post 3 more times anywhere then check if the sales section unlocks.
  3. wmkjr

    Macross figures

    Not sure if you can preorder. I think those are Ichiban Kuji stuff so it's a lottery where you buy tickets for a chance to randomly win the different grade prizes.
  4. Someone asked this awhile back and he replied. I believe Cacophanus (had to check spelling) is his tag. I commented in the survey if they could up production numbers to maybe make it easier to get a hold of their products.
  5. I believe this one will be the movie Battle Galaxy as it appears it has 2 and 1 stamped on the flight deck.
  6. I like that Yami_Q_Ray name is like a Dark word play on Walkure.
  7. wmkjr

    Hi-Metal R

    Could probably design a replacement part for that section to 3d print.
  8. In the instructions sheet, the extended engines and blue tips on the wings are space flight configuration. Atmosphere is retracted and blue tips removed.
  9. It's the bicep cover that makes it look like that.
  10. Adding this link to ultraman zoffy's post to consolidate.
  11. Hard to tell 06's head unit from this key visual pic: Also, Mirages head unit has a pink horn like Messer's
  12. Bandai being Bandai gonna give us the Delta version with Dimension Eater. Edit: with display stand to pose it like in the show
  13. Mirage honors the Jenius lineage it seems going by her emblem. Kinda like the Jenius air logo.
  14. It'll be like Gundam fin funnels since it's a Siren and it'll lure everyone to their demise with it's song and control the wind.
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