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  1. BECAUSE IT IS WEIRD! I think it is the idea of the lighter and more fragile vehicle being used to support the weight of everything.
  2. Waitwaitwait... The jets form the legs and the drilltank forms the arms? That's just WEIRD AND UNNATURAL. ... No, seriously. This actually bothers me.
  3. The Transformers Thread Next

    Ah. I think I vaguely remember that scene. Thre's large parts of that movie that failed to stick with me in any way at all.
  4. The Transformers Thread Next

    Decepticon SUVs? I don't remember this at all. That said, he's just cool. If he were a better class of toy, and Transformers weren't basically impossible to find around here, I'd probably get one. Even though it's a Bayformer.
  5. Retro Gaming

    My personal breakover point is "does the console do HD". Though I used to play my 360 on a VGA CRT. The assumption of widescreen ended that.
  6. The Transformers Thread Next

    *sigh* Hasbro. Hasbro, Hasbro... listen to me here. You keep making the same mistake, over and over. It is getting old. When you cram robot parts so far into the car cabin that there's feet against the windshield and knees poking out the windows, then FOR GOD'S SAKE PAINT THE WINDOWS!
  7. > Harmony Gold was shutting down these fan film projects because they were angry that those fans were making them look incompetent.
  8. The Transformers Thread Next

    Actually, Sludge's mouth DOES open. It is just REALLY REALLY stiff.
  9. The Transformers Thread Next

    "Fascinating. A harmonic subcarrier in the dinosaur transform static seems to have caused a gestalt resonance in the-" "Dino-Soar does not care WHY it happened, you pontificating poindexter! Can you FIX IT?" "Really? That's the name you're going with? Dino-Soar?" "Shut up. Just... stop talking." So yeah. This actually looks pretty darn good, all things considered. The dinobot colors mesh surprisingly well with CW Sky Lynx. One sword is Sky Lynx's tail blades. The other is stolen from... Cybertron Vector Prime, I think. Of course, one may reasonably ask... what would Dino-Soar fight? And what the heck is Grimlock doing during all this? "Me Grimlock have touch! What me called now? Lockimus Prime? Primemus Grim? Grimlockimus Rex?" "Dino-Soar would kindly request you cease your inane banter and lend a modicum of assistance! We can have a coronation later if it would please you! I've heard that you Grimlock kick butt, so PROVE IT!" Slag and Sludge are arms because they both make terrible legs. Slag just looks like he sat down on his rear and DARED them to make him a leg. He's not the worst leg, but he's the LAZIEST leg. In fact, this is my canon. He refused to put any effort into being something that didn't wield a weapon. Sludge has a big brontosaurus neck sticking out of the kneecap. It just isn't ignorable. And since they share shins/haunches, they both put some dainty girly ankles on the legs as they taper inward to make a tail. With both of them as arms, the triceratops head balances the brontosaur head(also, Slag's head doesn't look upside-down this way). Snarl... Oh, Snarl. You try so hard, but you don't make a good ANYTHING. But at least I'm not staring at your insides this way, and you're mostly solid. I don't hate the stego-tail running up the thigh as much as I expected, either. Seriously though, as an arm he has an open wrist, and the hole the hand pegs into is a tiny piece of plastic that hinges out. It is completely unacceptable. Sky Lynx? I expected better of you. Your joints are all so loose that it is a miracle I got you to hold any pose at all. Swoop, you are the champion here. You make a good arm AND a good leg, and do it without any complaints or wobbliness. You're a good guy, Swoop. All that said, I really like this combination. In conclusion: Dino-Soar. About seventy times smarter than Volcanicus, and twelve times more dashing. And yeah, I know these aren't the best photos. I didn't have a clear place to photograph, and I was kind of just playing around. I mean, you guys have seen plenty of photos of Primes Dinobots and CW Sky Lynx already, you don't need a clean documentary of my fan-character.
  10. Sure can't. Shuraking's limbs are better limbs, and he wears Swoop's wings on his back for maximum awesome. Also chrome. So much chrome. And Swoop is red, which helps the color cohesion. Makes Swoop feel like part of the team instead of "that one weird dinobot." On the other hand, I am a cheap mofo. Shuraking is like a bajillion dollars.
  11. Sometimes you just gotta show off the lugnuts, ya know?
  12. If the scale was intentional, than I tip my hat to you, good sir.
  13. The Transformers Thread Next

    I think Sky Lynx is actually the only Combiner Wars toy I saw that didn't leave me terribly underwhelmed. Anyways, I know I promised pics of Dino-Soar, but aside from a lack of motivation, I've run into a huge problem... Swoop. As near as I can tell, Swoop's the only one that makes a good leg. And everything else looks worse for being next to Swoop, but he makes such a good leg I don't want to move him to an arm slot. Sky Lynx's joints are all REALLY loose too, but that is such a distant second-place issue that it is only barely worth mentioning.