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  1. A brilliant solution to "Slag's head is in the way of everything!". I like this. Looks like a really good modernized Slag. I really like how they managed to balance Slag's traditional stompin' powerhouse look with a desire to make his legs look like legs. The flip-down dinosaur cannon is a nice fix to the traditional Slag-face problem. The tail laying down the humanoid spine like the original toy did could be described as lazy, but it makes my inner child grin. My only real gripe is that the dino frill is curved back and hangs over his ceratopsian shoulders like a capelet and robbing him of a lot of triceratops style. If anything, it should curve FORWARD(giving humanoid mode a ridiculous vampire collar instead of shoulder ruffles? I'm okay with that!). It looks great in humanoid mode, though. I should probably get over it and accept the triceratops is just stylized almost beyond recognition. (The horns get a pass because they don't make sense for a triceratops, but they look darn cool in both modes and are recognizably triceratops-ish. Sort of a hulkaceratops look.) ... Well, and they put the weapon sockets down on his humanoid knees/dino hips instead of his shared shoulders WHERE THEY BELONG. Why does everyone keep doing this?!
  2. As I understand it they were going to put Frank Agrama in jail until they realized the dude is almost 90 and jail would probably kill him.
  3. Actually, seeing the question still sitting on the topic list has left me thinking about it... Why bring all five million ships to Earth? It was WAY too many to glass the place, most of them were just in the way of each other. I mean, sure it gave them manpower to spare so no one on the inside("targets") ran the blockade and escaped. And then they could sweep the system and glass every planet that had a base. But five million still seems a bit overkill. I guess Bodol had grown tired of being surprised by the dang miclones, and figured an absurd level of overkill was actually just the right amount of kill in light of how problematic the Earthlings had been. (Joke's on him, it wasn't nearly enough kill.)
  4. HOW?! Just... why won't he stay DEAD? "How many times do I have to kill you?!"
  5. Honestly, I'm surprised they don't do more Reflector Refraktor-type characters. I mean, surely Hasbro wants Transformers to have that sweet multi-sell army-building appeal that Star Wars Stormtroopers have. So why AREN'T there more legionnaire-type characters? Swarms of insecticons, Refrackers cloning themselves every time anyone turns around? Bust out a blue-and-white "Guardian" repaint of Omega Supreme and remind everyone how many of these roamed Cybertron in the before-times... maybe not on that last one. Army-building shouldn't be wallet-breaking. I mean, there's the inevitable "seeker" repaints, but... you still have to repaint them and manage to get them into stores past the endless wall of Chromias and Shockwaves currently plugging the shelves in my area. You can't sell multiples of each jet, because no one needs TWO Skywarps. But heck, I made a Reflector-homage team with the first Bayformers toy line. Grabbed one "Spy Shot 6" and two "Zoom Out 25" toys, set them up together, and... pay no attention to the fact that one's an autobot, please.
  6. I've wondered before if there was a heirarchy above Bodol. We know there's communication between fleets(Fleet of the Strongest Women), but not how much communication or if it is smoothed along by infrastructure or just more of a friendly "Howdy, war neighbor. What's life like in sector 5309 these days?" when their movements took them near enough to each other. It seems obvious at this point that if there is a further tier, Bodol didn't report Earth to them, and they haven't noticed that fleets are going dark in a big bubble spreading outwards from the sol system. ... Either that or they decided "Heck naw, we ain't gettin' anywhere near that crap after what happened to the LAST fleet! Just tell everyone to get out the way of the dang miclones before they all catch the culture and have to be put down. Set course for friggin' Andromeda, helmsman."
  7. But the size of the potoculture empire in Macross was almost the entire galaxy. Five million ships is a drop in the bucket.
  8. I'm actually surprised that the creators are willing to sign Robotech stuff(even if they do append corrections to the title and copyright alongside their signature).
  9. Point conceded. I did get the impression that Optimus 2 was the beginning of a conscious effort to set a definitive MP scale, instead of the more traditional approach to scale(or lack thereof) within a line of Transformers.
  10. Not sudden. I've never liked MP-36. He's a big mess of hundreds of panels, and the transformation is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too complex. That alone makes him awful in my book. And after all that work, he doesn't even make a good gun, which is just icing on the cake. A transformation that complex, at least if both modes are good you have a REASON for the complexity. But if one mode is terrible, you just have to ask what it gained. I don't really like Optimus 3's engineering, but I see where the payoff is and can understand why they went in the direction they did. Megatron 2 is just complex for the sake of being complex. I DID forget that the MPs all got smaller with Optimus 2, so "MP scale" excludes the first few MPs.
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