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  1. As I recall, SDF-2 was added to the scripts to justify there being three mounds in the ship graveyard during the second arc. SDF-1, Khyron's kamikaze, and... I dunno, guess we'll make up a story about there being a second SDF-1. Yeah, let's call it the SDF-2, that's creative. We'll CG it in during post-production... once CG becomes viable in twenty years.
  2. Abandoned before the cartoon was localized, in favor of creating more Lion Voltron episodes after it became a runaway hit. I did see the toys as a kid once, and thought they looked cool. But in fairness, I thought ALL toy robots looked cool. The more chrome and sci-fi theming, the better.
  3. What I've gathered from the last page of this thread is that everyone wants the -D.
  4. Sounds plausible. I know that was a persistent problem with Binaltech/Alternators. They felt that seams in the panels made the cars look "broken".
  5. I still wish the add-on bits clipped to the "bridge tower" so he had a proper pistol grip.
  6. It'd be typical HG to act like a dead project is full steam ahead.
  7. And a couple of Bucks Roger, one of whom is just shaking his head and going "Not this again.".
  8. It went off the rails ages ago. At this point, it fell into a river, and got washed so far out to see that they can't even SEE the rails. They aren't even sure which direction they'd have to go to find the rails again. And then they floated into a hurricane, and that's where we join them today.
  9. They were all balancing out Micheal J Fox's perpetual childhood.
  10. The music of Wyld Stallyns' first observed impact on the course of history was when we didn't move forward into the grim dystopian future of Robocop. That's the connection. Robocop's a "bad end" alternate future where they failed their history class.
  11. I will assume that they aren't lying outright about the 35-year license extension. Because that could get them in REAL trouble as opposed to just laughed off the internet while people petition Kickstarter for a refund(and Kickstarter laughs at everyone). I will also assume they are being less than completely honest, because when have they ever been? I further assume that the omitted parts are bad news for Robotech, because when have they not been? Obviously, I am not a lawyer and have no access to The Document. But this ain't my first rodeo, if you know what I'm sayin'. I have basic pattern recognition skills, I wasn't born yesterday. Therefore, I conclude the new license is more restrictive than the original one was, and that Tatsunoko likely has an escape clause in it so they can terminate it early if Harmony Gold continues acting like Harmony Gold. I'd like to think this is a blanket prohibition against making false copyright claims, upsetting Big West enough to sue Tatsunoko, and outright lying about the franchise's current activity and future prospects(or at least against lying to Tatsunoko). This likely bodes ill for a company that has no real interest in the license beyond creating the illusion of a functional animation division instead of an office of tax fraud that they use mostly to launder real estate profits. ... More likely and less dreams of puppies and rainbows, any future legal costs Tatsunoko incurs because of Harmony Gold's foolishness are going to be on Harmony Gold's head, no arbitration or lawsuits required.
  12. Starship Troopers CONTAINS some fascist material, but isn't ABOUT fascism. It certainly isn't fascist propaganda, as Heinlein's own political leanings are fairly well-documented and he kind of hated fascism. He almost certainly wouldn't publish a book intended to incite a rise in fascism. Much the same way that Star Wars isn't ABOUT kicking Space Hitler's arse, though the Galactic Empire is very clearly evocative of the Third Reich.
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