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  1. Meanwhile, I just want Bumblebee with a new head. Bug Bite's supposed to be yellow!
  2. Still 'spensive as hell, but it is on the upper limit of what I can justify to myself. If it wasn't Voltron, I wouldn't even consider it. As I've said before, I understand how the price tag wound up where it is, but it is a hard pill to swallow.
  3. And there was much rejoicing.
  4. The used reactants. Fuse two atoms of hydrogen, you get an atom of helium. Fusion does not destroy matter, though it does change it radically.
  5. What does it emit? It is possible. We've demonstrated that light and radio emissions produce thrust. But not really effective, as they generate only the tiniest amounts of thrust even at dangerously-high power levels(Steering by Death Blossom). Pulling exotic matter out of fold space could prove effective, but also expensive. And more than a little dangerous. (Steering by Project Orion) There's just no real good substitute for launching a lot of mass out the door at high speed. Not in reality, and as near as I can tell not in Macross either.
  6. Part of me is just "Hell yes, I want all the things!" And then another part of me is just "Nope, we are not wearing a Silverhawks t-shirt out in public. I'd have to explain it, and I ain't explainin' no more 80s cartoons."
  7. Teaching engineers that someone has to work on their creations? You're doing god's work.
  8. Flash drives have been getting steadily larger and cheaper anyways. If anything, game consoles using relatively large, high-speed flash drives will drive prices UP, since there's now much more demand for a limited production of high-capacity, high-performance flash memory chips.
  9. That's fair, and it is funny. (And everyone's spent the decades since wondering how robots even have brothers...) I didn't actually mean to be a wet blanket by pointing out the origin. It just happened.
  10. In fairness, that wasn't the fandom's idea. It is part of the original toy bios, and I think was referenced in the comics. The weird part is how Top Spin and Twin Twist became brothers. I guess if you're part of a two-man subline people are gonna make reasons up.
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