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  1. All things Voltron

    It sounded reasonable to me too. My thought is less "cut the butt some slack", because he IS a butt, and more that if you return it you're back at square one. Finding another nice-looking one will be hard. Just give him a bad review so people know to pester him about details he ought to list.
  2. All things Voltron

    I DID used to own that toy, and the leg joints were my one point of breakage. Spring-tabs stopped locking in, and then the plastic housing broke off one of them later. At the knees, I believe it was? I think it should've definitely been listed in the auction, particularly if it is a common failure, and the seller is a butthole. On the other hand, in every other respect you got a really nice-looking toy, and as a display piece the legs not locking isn't an issue. I'd probably just let it slide.
  3. The Transformers Thread Next

    If I ever find the other two Dinobots, they're going onto Combiner Wars Sky Lynx. I have zero interest in Primes Grimlock. The idea ran around long enough in my head to have a plot and combiner name: Dino-soar. Sky Lynx hates the name. He was outvoted 4-1. This is what happens when you let dinobots name a combiner.
  4. The Road to Hasbroverse

    That does seem to be the implication from the updated article.
  5. The Road to Hasbroverse

    Don't rain on my dreams, man!
  6. Pacific Rim Uprising

    To be clear, I wasn't complaining that the jaegars were more agile, I was complaining that they no longer "feel" massive, which is something the first movie put a lot of work into. Physics is a thing, and 2500 tons of awesome is going to carry a lot of momentum. Even if they have the power and meterials to overcome that, sudden sharp movements are going to dump a lot of kinetic energy somewhere. Windows should be shattered by shockwaves, craters smashed in the ground as they land from those big flying leaps, et cetera. What we've seen in the trailers has them carrying all the weight of a plastic toy. It is very frustrating after the first movie took such great pains to make the machines look believable, and feel massive and powerful. Actually, Del Toro said he'd never seen Evangelion. He named Patlabor and Tetsujin 28 as influences.
  7. The Transformers Thread Next

    Guy that did TF3(and parts of TF2) was such a writer. Which is largely why TF3 is "three cartoon episode plots mashed together, also we have THE WRECKERS!" Biggest problem there was he was working within the framework of what came before. Couldn't just eject Crazimus Prime and Clan Witwicky, no matter how much he may have wanted to. My opinion on windows and windshields is more nuanced. A lot of times, there's clear windows opening into a cabin that very clearly is not a cabin. If there's not gonna be seats and controls... black the windows out so we can still pretend this is a working vehicle. Don't leave us staring at the robo-bootie crammed up against the windshield.
  8. Macross Movie Final Outpost: Earth

    How bad is it, on a scale of 1 to End of the Circle?
  9. The Road to Hasbroverse

    More importantly... does this mean we're gonna get a MASK movie?!?!
  10. Cobra Kai

    And they go rogue, try to wipe out humanity, and Johnny 5 teams up with John Conner to take down Skynet?
  11. Robotech by Titan Comics

    "Shadow" warfare? There are fates worse than death, and being thrown into Shadow Chronicles is among them. Robotech, by Titan Comics!
  12. Are the handblaster effects a Machine Robo thing or is that another favor for Go-Bot fans?
  13. You ask, I respond! My Grassor came in, and I've had a chance to mess with him. My first impression: Holy crap, this thing's big. Second impression: No, really, this guy is HUGE! I knew he was tall, but I forgot how bulky Slag is. I was going to get my original Slag out for some comparison photos, but... I think his entire body is roughly the size of one of Grassor's "boots." I have very little to complain about. I wish the dino head could come forward a little so the frill could slant back more is really about it(and the frill is going to get in the way no matter what, really, though Scoria's frill looks fantastic and I'd love Scoria's dinohead on THIS robot.). Proportions are really good in both forms, the transformation is largely straightforward, all the extra techno-detailing on the humanoid torso looks sweet, and was kind of necessary at the new size. I also really like that the backside of the boots is used for the dinosaur hindquarters instead of the traditional frontside. It lets them have a good boot and a good dinobutt both, without any ridiculous origami shells to make up the difference. Basically, this is my default Slag now. Nice touch on the rocket launchers, that is also kind of annoying: the mounting peg can fold down, which makes them a pain to connect. BUT the good thing is it gives Grassor a side-aimable rocket launcher, like the original Slag had, instead of one that is locked to straight-forward firepower. Get about 45 degrees out when pegged to the dino-hip, which isn't bad at all for something snugged right up against the body. I don't understand for the life of me why there isn't a hardpoint for them on the shoulders where they belong, but they look pretty good on the dino-hip even in robot mode. Big problem, though: I turned him to a triceratops, and when taking him back to robot, I... can't get the hands back out. The fingers seem to have unfolded inside his forearms and locked the hands in place. I had to disassemble the forearms to liberate the fingers. The instructions were modern-Hasbro levels of vague, with a lot of hand-waving and omitted steps, and it seems like there is a single "safe" orientation to fold them in. Really, guys, copy the GOOD parts of the franchise and leave the bad parts in the trash.
  14. Two great tastes that don't taste great togethere
  15. PELVIC THRUSTS FOR EVERYONE! Seriously, there is a point where it stops being dynamic posing and becomes "Everyone check out my crotch". Daitarn and Daimos are both well past that point. ... Hey, someone had to say it.