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  1. At least they aren't letting Toynami make them anymore!
  2. That's what struck me as weird. As near as I can tell, the companies involved with the GameBoy game are all dead(Take 2 bought publisher TDK Mediactive, and developer Lucky Chicken seems to have just died and vanished). ... Ah. Digging further, the company responsible for the Switch port is founded by the founders of Lucky Chicken. That explains that. I guess they took the assets with them, and then called HG up and asked for a license to re-release the game. And HG being HG, they just rubberstamped it once they were assured it was going on, like, actual game consoles and not a
  3. They make licensing papers. But point taken. They shoulda paid someone to port Battlecry instead of paying someone to port... Robotech: The Macross Saga, I guess was the title.
  4. Grimlock: He didn't have a sword in the movie, so he gets no sword. Who cares if it is an iconic part of the character? Hot Rod: Yeah, this guy definitely needs a sword. Better make it a fancy two-piece one.
  5. I note that, while the game was pretty blah, "most disappointing" and "worst" aren't the same thing. But still, it was a poor clone of the console DYRL game, and they shoulda ported Battlecry to the Switch.
  6. The dual-threaded narrative was confusing as heck going as far back as the original web novel.
  7. Makes sense to me. The Combiner Wars peg is (relatively speaking) large and complex, as well as requiring somewhat tighter tolerances than most Transformers pieces. ... It was also the biggest problem with CW and Primes combiners, as it took up a significant chunk of the space available to the limbs, necessitating major sacrifices to the designs. While it would be fine in the larger volume of Voyager-class limbs(and still sturdy enough to do the job)... I'm not particularly sorry to see it go.
  8. That Terradive was a pretty fun toy. As a personal preference, I also liked how his engines became his arms, because you could have an engine exhaust out instead of a fist. My Terradive wvs always in megabuster mode.
  9. But imagine it was named Perseverer instead. Though in hindsight, THAT name should've been given to Opportunity. Planned mission of three months, ran for over a decade. But we had no way of knowing in advance how much of an overachiever Oppy was.
  10. Holy crap that's a lot of joints! That they got that much Bendimus into him without compromising aesthetics or solidity of either mode is just amazing.
  11. Have I complained about NASA's naming sense recently? Because I think Perseverance is a TERRIBLE name for a probe. The thing about the older probes is a lot of them were named like they were DOING something. Explorer, Pioneer, Voyager, Pathfinder. They read as an active participant, an ally in our quest for knowledge, and they capture the imagination. The modern naming scheme lacks that evocative nature. They're all just named for an abstract concept or virtue, they don't even make a halfhearted grab at the imagination. Perseverance is a fine trait to have, but it isn't a good
  12. I'm sold. Let's see if Disney steals ideas from us like they do everyone else!
  13. Oooops. Maleficent Gaiden: The New Evil?
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