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  1. At the time of the Bloodstained kickstarter, Igarashi had no ties to Konami. He quit, likely because Konami didn't want to make games anymore. Same for Inafune and MN9. He quit Capcom because he was sick of fighting to try and get something to happen. His bosses wouldn't let him do anything nice. Shenmue DID strike me as rather dubious. I do feel obliged to note that the game market in general was very different when Bloodstained's campaign started. The Wii U and Vita were viewed as viable gaming platforms, for one. "Indie" games were looked down on, and the console manufacturers were starting to care about them, but they were very much second-class citizens. This is less true now, though the mass-market release was never going to be a sixty-dollar game. Essentially, everyone that "preordered" on Kickstarter placed a forty-dollar preorder and a twenty dollar(or MUCH more, and I salute you three crazy fools that pledged ten grand for a night on the town with Iga) contribution to the development fund. At the time of the Kickstarter, there was never any chance of Bloodstained ever getting a digital disk release. It was going to be download-only outside of the kickstarter. It turns out a lot of things happen when you have five and a half million dollars in outside funding that won't otherwise. (It was also going to be out two years ago, because the goal was a simpler game.) If you want to get mad about exclusive content, consider the folks that pledged for the limited autographed Amano print, They more than tripled the number of autographed prints available after the first ten "sold out". That struck me as dubious for something explicitly advertised as very limited availability I pledged at the hundred-dollar level, incidentally. Aside from backer-exclusive packaging, demo builds, "free" copies of Ritual of the Moon and the swordwhip expansion pack, I also get a keychain, pin, soundtrack CD, "retro cheatbook", and my name in the credits. Those physical objects are never going to be available to non-backers, not even through piracy. I would have been more hesitant to chip in anything, and certainly not as much as I did, were it not for the talent associated with the project.
  2. That decision was made by the backers. The overwhelming majority of backers that bothered to respond to the poll thought exclusive content is bullcrap and everyone deserves the swordwhip. (I voted that way, inoidentally) And they've got a pile of those steelbooks available to backers, too. Some people are just never happy.
  3. Mine had broken combination joints in the legs, no chrome on the chopper blades, missing fins on the head, no fists... and then the chest unit came apart. I kept the cars and jet. I think I threw the cars out a few years ago. I still have the jet.
  4. Your Voltron is mistransformed. You forgot to push the white thrusters into the legs. HELPING! ... Man, I used to have one of those. I miss it.
  5. I think of it as two serieses at this point. There's the original film, The Terminator, and all the other films, which are just Terminator with no The. Obviously, Terminator 2 implies something LIKE The Terminator happened, but it equally obviously isn't a direct sequel to The Terminator(John Connor's age isn't even right!) Yes. And it was all because Skynet arranged it. Zor was actually a T-9001 endomorphic cyberorganism.
  6. At least put Jim Carrey in a fat suit and refilm his scenes. Skinny Robotnik, WTF?
  7. I think it is mostly that Blackarachnia was ALWAYS designed to be sexy, and Arcee wasn't. This take on Arcee is neither toon nor comic accurate. It is what I'm going to call "deviantart accurate".
  8. Thanks for asking so I didn't have to, fellow "have better things to do than memorize tvtropes" person.
  9. I think it is actually a clone of Picard. Section 31 thought the romulans had a good idea in that last movie, and stole it for themselves.
  10. Yeah. The Thronies are in the early stages, where they can be gravely upset by what sounds like their End of the Circle. With Robotech, all you can do is laugh.
  11. Just because it isn't the worst possible thing doesn't mean it isn't still terrible and possibly a betrayal of the fans.
  12. In fairness, I just opted for "one of the Sterling girls, because everything in Sentinels revolved around them."
  13. Dana or Maya Sterling, I assume.
  14. Didn't they also turn around and bring half of it right back in through Rebels?
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