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  1. JB0

    Macross 7 Discussion

    Speaker pod gamma was the best thing in 7, after the soundtrack and Fleet of the Strongest Women.
  2. JB0

    Macross 7 Discussion

    I think Gepelnitch may have set some kind of record in the tall-pointy-hat department.
  3. Abundance is a very good reason. You can always get more hydrogen, other fuels aren't so readily available in deep space. But simplicity is also a good reason. Hydrogen fuses easily and releases a lot of energy per atom. One assumes there's still some energy cost associated with initiating the reactions(otherwise you just gave thermodynamics the finger and created a perpetual motion machine), so easily-fused materials are going to be preferable because they cost less to fuse while giving you more back. Just because you CAN fuse anything you want doesn't mean you SHOULD. Iron fusion, for example, is an endothermic reaction. Not what you want at all if you're trying to generate power(but exactly what you want if you're trying to make a star explode). That said, they could spike their fuel with lithium for a nice performance boost. But lithium is harder to come by, especially in deep space. ... That'd be a fun wrinkle in the setting, if the special forces Valks had a lithium tank for enhanced performance.
  4. Well, the fusion reactors need something to fuse. There's also the need to fill air tanks for life support. Canonically, I believe they use the fusion reaction byproducts for reaction mass in space, and superheat the air in atmospheric flight(much the same way a modern jet engine does, albeit through different mechanisms). The fusion reactors use cryogenic hydrogen, if I recall. There's a number of reasons you wouldn't want to leave that in the tanks during downtime, most related to hydrogen being kind of explosive in an atmosphere with oxygen and wanting to be a gas at anything more than a handful of degrees above absolute zero.
  5. JB0

    Retro Gaming

    I don't get WHY Wild Arms is there, but I'd argue it is a much better game than Legend of Dragoon. Personally, I'd slot in Star Ocean 2. Diffrent flavor of RPG than FF7, without the dated presentation of Wild Arms.
  6. In fairness, the Nintendo wasn't as early in the evolution of sprites as the PS was in the evolution of polygons.
  7. JB0

    Macross The First

    So... none legally, but all in practice.
  8. "Relive the moments that changed gaming forever, with ... 20 of the best games from the original PlayStation console, including ... Wild Arms." Okay, seriously. I like Wild Arms, but it isn't one of the system's best titles, and it definitely wasn't anything close to revolutionary.
  9. JB0

    The Transformers Thread Next

    That sound you hear is me sobbing uncontrollably.
  10. JB0

    Top Gun 2 is comin

    I don't think it has even ONE micromissile cluster launcher. Never gonna stop a zentradi attack that way. It is like they never even WATCHED Macross before they designed this thing.
  11. JB0

    Top Gun 2 is comin

    Then the Navy isn't trying hard enough. That's a hard cap of 21 missiles. Barely enough for one shot.
  12. In seriousness, I remember not liking the YF-19 when Plus was the big thing because it was a relatively complex transformation that didn't even clean up particularly well in the end, with wings just left dangling off the thighs like someone forgot a step or two. ... Yeah, in hindsight, the -19 is an elegant masterpiece of grace and simplicity.