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  1. There was Robotech Remastered, which used previously unused scenes from the source cartoons to create an extended Robotech. But yeah, Remix is the current comix.
  2. I think the miniature PPB was new for Project Supernova, so the VF-19 & -22 should be it for production models.
  3. No, that's just the miracle of ZOR prime and his "unique" posting style.
  4. Presumably because it gives them time to do a decent translation job.
  5. What. That has to be the dumbest piece of anti-science to ever show up in Star Trek, and that says a LOT.
  6. Enterprise also just wasn't very good, and followed a show that also wasn't very good. It had nothing to do with being diffrent. It was more traditionally Trek than Voyager, but also more maligned. And Voyager was more traditionally Trek than Deep Space 9, which is fairly popular(Sisko is best captain).
  7. It is more the idea of the Transformers having inanimate vehicles. Like, I expect EVERYTHING to be a robot, because that's how they've treated it with only a few notable exceptions(mostly starships, except when their role is filled by Astrotrain and Sky Lynx instead). I don't have this hangup with Transformers riding Transformers(also the title of my racy fanfic), even though that's objectively sillier. I'm just going to tell myself that his motorbike is actually a lesser mechanical life form, and keep repeating "he's riding a cybertronic horse" until I start believing it.
  8. Gotta be honest, Transformers with vehicles has always been kinda weird to me. ... I'mma tell myself that motorcycles are actually cybertronic pets.
  9. Sort of a super-advanced YF-12? That's fitting, given the real-world design influence.
  10. Looks like part Matchbox, part Takatoku, all mess.
  11. Yeah, the market for midrange KVM switches dried up. Or was actively killed to protect the high cost of "real business" switches.
  12. Best episodes of Voyager is surely damning with faint praise.
  13. A new Intel socket is ALWAYS coming soon, but right now AMD is wrecking Intel's face on all fronts. There's basically no world in which it makes sense to not get an AM4 board. It's not Sledgehammer time again, but it IS pretty awesome. I'm hoping Intel gets their crap together and starts being competitive again, but... maybe not too soon? Let AMD solidify their footing first.
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