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  1. JB0

    Robotech by Titan Comics

    Fair enough.
  2. Keijo! manages to LOOK like skanky irredeemable trash while BEING a fantastic parody of sports, fight, and T&A animes. I think the highest praise I can give it is that I got my younger sister to watch and enjoy it, and was comfortable watching it with her. I asked her to give it a chance in spite of appearances, she was just "I'm trying, but the show isn't making this easy.". Over the course of the first episode, she went from glaring daggers at me to laughing raucously at the absurdity of it all.
  3. JB0

    Robotech by Titan Comics

    Well, yeah. You can do a lot with jet exhaust. ... But I was actually thinking of the zentradi he gunned down a little later in the same roboplane.
  4. JB0

    Robotech by Titan Comics

    That's nothing new. Hikaru's first kill was in a trainer.
  5. JB0

    Star Citizen

    If you look REAL CLOSE, you can see Basara in there singing to them. ... At least, I want to believe he's in there.
  6. They homage pretty much everything. In addition to the above fighting animes, there's also Fate/Stay Night and King of Braves Gaogaigar homages. You haven't lived until you've shown an unsuspecting Fate fan the Fate episode of Keijo. And honestly, I think the fanservice is a parody too.
  7. JB0

    Retro Gaming

    Stopping only to eat the stuff between his toes. Honestly, I think it is because a lot of those ARM chips only have Linux drivers, so they were stuck unless they wanted to develop everything from scratch and add tons of R&D costs to their cheap cash-in(which is apparently so cheap they couldn't even check if all of their disk images were NTSC games). If I were Sony, I'd see if there was a couple crates of Vita parts left over somewhere, maybe a few fully-assembled Vita TVs left over that they could recase. It woulda made this thing really easy to make, since all the work was done years ago. But I'm guessing they couldn't get more of the CPUs at a reasonable cost.
  8. JB0

    Robotech by Titan Comics

    That'd be a hell of a timeskip.
  9. JB0

    Robotech by Titan Comics

    Is that Kakizaki, I mean Ben Dixon? Also, thank you for saving the thread.
  10. JB0

    Retro Gaming

    Using existing open-source emulators is pretty common. Nintendo is notable for NOT doing it. The weird thing is that Sony actually obeys licenses and makes the source available instead of going "GPL, schmeePL. Sue us if you don't like it." https://doc.dl.playstation.net/doc/psclassic-oss/PCSX_ReARMed.html Actually, the other surprising thing is the PSClassic is Linux-based. Sony Computer Entertainment is a huge FreeBSD fan(likely because the BSD license is far easier to work with than the GPL).
  11. Keijo!!! is pretty good in spite of all appearances. I wouldn't lump it in with the likes of Rail Wars.
  12. JB0

    Retro Gaming

    Private keys stored on the device? No signature checks at all on the boot code? No protection against dumping the boot ROM? Yup, it's a Playstation all right. ... Seriously, I thought SCE had learned these lessons after the PSP debacle. Whatever, good for the users. Especially since the hardware is so much more capable than the Minitendo units. (Nintendo chose hardware that was more than acceptable for Nintendo emulation, but continued to use the same hardware for Super Nintendo emulation, where it wasn't really up to the task and numerous corners had to be cut.)
  13. JB0

    Retro Gaming

    I thought Sega forgot they owned that! Color me pleasantly surprised.
  14. Sakamoto is fantastically ridiculous. Rail Wars is trash, but I liked it anyways.