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  1. If it makes you feel better, I sighed at the fake hood on his chest. But the rest of the design seems sane enough that I'm reserving judgement. He looks competent in both modes, and the dynamic posing makes me think that robot mode isn't an "only good from head-on" deal. If nothing else, at least it isn't a complete mess of panel lines and hinges(but then, budget prevents the sort of plastic origami that some of the recent MPs have reveled in). I prefer Hasui's design sense and wish he was still running Masterpiece, though obviously I'm in the minority.
  2. It really does. Good jet and good robot. The vehicle-first design seems like a must to get a good transforming jet. The six-winged backpack is a bit much, though.
  3. I mean, under almost all circumstances "underneath the Grand Cannon" is literally the safest place on Earth. It is where I would build my shelter, assuming I lack precognition. ... Didn't they build a Grand Cannon on the moon?
  4. I'm excited! Are you excited? ... Yes, I enjoy legal drama far too much. That's what Macross has done to me.
  5. And yet when Cartoon Network was running Robotech, they opted to omit Mospeada instead of Southern Cross. Did we ever find out why?
  6. See, DLSS bugs me because it is a feature created to justify otherwise-useless silicon. Most people don't need hardware-accelerated AI, but nVidia wants to sell the same chip to AI researchers and game players(albeit at very diffrent prices). So nVidia had to create a graphics feature that would run on AI hardware accelerators, and chose fuzzy logic anti-aliasing.
  7. Both had prototypes created. I think the editorial decision was Unicron was too expensive and Arcee had cooties.
  8. I suspected there was something wrong with the arms, but wasn't sure what. That'd do it.
  9. They're upside-down and backwards is what's up. Left hand on right arm and vice-versa, then flipped so they open the right way around.
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