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  1. PS3 didn't charge a ransom to turn off the network port's firewall. PS4 does, because they saw how little effect it had on the XBox 360's sales and how willing people were to pay a subscription fee for a "service" that consists entirely of not disabling functionality that is already present and costs the hardware manufacturer nothing. Welcome to the next level.
  2. 2025? That's not bad either. I logged like a milion hours on my 360 when 2017 introduced me to the franchise, and I strongly encourage others to experience it as well.
  3. "And this time we're not stripping your rank as a disciplinary action!" "Welp, there goes plans A through P." Edit: Also, I like the inversion of the Admiral Kirk thing. At the end of Trek IV, Kirk gets busted from admiral all the way back to captain as "punishment" for saving the world after commiting numerous crimes, and released from his desk shackles. And Isamu gets promoted as a reward for saving the world after commiting numerous crimes, and chained to a desk.
  4. They also made it an exceptionally aggressive "technically you can earn rewards through gameplay" system, the tangible gameplay benefits are VERY tangible, they actively advertise those benefits every time you die, their fix to the problem was more or less laughing at people(they reduced costs, but also rewards at the same time so the end result was exactly the same), and the cosmetic benefits included "can play as Darth Vader"... which ties directly into their biggest mistake: pulling this with a mainline Star Wars game. You do this crap with a free-to-play cellphone game or some random downloadable RPG, the mainstream doesn't care. You do it with Star Wars, and people that don't know what DLC, microtransactions, loot boxes, or B buttons are suddenly have an opinion. They put everyone's eyes on it, and it generated nuclear amounts of heat.
  5. In fairness, after the stunt he pulled, it was probably best to make himself as scarce as possible in very short order after the Sharon Apple incident. Even if he WAS a hero, the brass knew it was wildly accidental. That he had PLANNED to use a stolen prototype fighter to blow the hell out of Earth's orbital defense satellites and then proceed to blow two hells out of the new prototype fighter platform at its official public unveiling, making everyone involved look very foolish(if not outright incompetent in the public's eye). Even if they couldn't actually court-martial him for one-shotting the Macross(AKA the Space Pentagon) due to the PR issues associated with locking the "hero" of the Sharon Apple incident up for all eternity on charges of high treason(or possibly just executing him, cloning him, and executing him again), he was NOT going to be a happy camper if he stuck around very long.
  6. Hey, better to overdo it than underdo it. Also, in Macross 7. Their test for "have the zentradi stopped killing everyone yet?" was "stab a random visitor to our ruins and then when she bleeds on the floor we check the DNA". It was... perhaps not the CLEANEST test of character they could have executed.
  7. Macross VR

  8. Actually, in Star Trek the SPEED scales exponentially. Warp 10 requiores infinite power because it is infinitely fast. It is a terrible way to design a speedometer, and resulted in every newer vessel having more decimals on the top speed because they could all go past warp 9.
  9. RAMPAGE Movie

    He's gonna save the giant ape with the power of love. Familial love, I mean, not anything icky.
  10. RAMPAGE Movie

    You know, in hindsight it is hard to say why it took so LONG for someone to do a Rampage movie. Good call, Warner. You're getting the mileage you ought out of the Midway purchase. This is a way better idea than Asteroids: The Movie was.
  11. Given Max and Millia raised a family of seven while holding down major jobs... I think there was a significant effort to ensure the infrastructure for childcare assistance was there. I mean, it makes sense if you're trying to repopulate the planet AND man a bunch of colony fleets. You have to arrange some sort of mechanism to reduce the burden of childcare so parents can afford to have a bunch of them. Oh man, so there could be DOZENS of Hikarus out there, all ineptly bumbling their way through romantic minefields while listening to Minmay CDs and leading fighter squadrons?
  12. Well, yes, but Disney already bought Star Wars.