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  1. At least they're being honest about their recent work?
  2. I hope in true inept fashion, the big unveil is the Back to the Future Transformer that sold out in seconds a week ago.
  3. I am just assuming this Starscream toy will be slavishly toon-accurate, omitting any detail that would be visually interesting... And that it will nonetheless be based on his appearance in the most toy-accurate episode they can find, so his entire robot torso will just be hangin' out on the underside of the plane like the best toy engineering 1983 had to offer.
  4. Don't forget how they were hyping the show as having Star Trek's "first black female captain", the press kept insisting that meant both first black captain and first female captain, the studio did NOTHING to correct that misperception, and Sisko and Janeway fans just seethed in rage(not that either of them was technically first either).
  5. I just love this picture. It implies that Menasor doesn't so much transform as he does "dress himself", and it makes me smile to imagine him picking up his shirtsleevebots and putting them on.
  6. As I've said before, I didn't really want more George Lucas movies either. But I think the prequel trilogy was better than the sequel trilogy because, as bad as it was, it was the movies someone actually wanted to make. There was a passion there. A gravely misguided passion, but passion nonetheless. The Disney films are the movies that some accountants armed with focus group studies calculated would check all the boxes for a maximal return on investment. The have no heart, no soul. They aren't the movies ANYONE wanted to make.
  7. They also had no plan for sequels. They wrote ONE film, with little more guidance than "include some plot hooks we can latch into when we start writing the sequel next year." And no one across the hall in the Marvel Studios division ever leaned out the door and shouted "Hey, writing three movies at the same time makes it a lot easier to generate a coherent narrative." I'm not. My overriding thought coming out of the theater was "That felt more like Star Wars than Star Trek ." Knowing that they were trying to do exactly that leaves me thoroughly unsurprised.
  8. They actually flew through a rift in spacetime, arrived hundreds of thousands of years in the past, and became the original founders of the Protoculture empire.
  9. Me three. I... Wait, I've been deemed an "essential worker" and I've been too busy and stressed to care about anime and games.
  10. I mean, isn't that basically a rule of acquisition already? "To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield." Sounds a lot to me like "The riskier the road, the greater the profit". Nog is a man of two worlds, and I think he can straddle the line between Starfleet-acceptable and Ferengi-approved. Also, how the heck is a Trek licenseholder even ALLOWED to "crowdsource" the design of an Enterprise? I would think CBS or Paramount or Star Trek Licensing LLC or whoever the hell owns the brand these days would be ADAMANT about controlling with the Enterprise looks like.
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