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  1. In my head, I know that's true. Transformers™ is just whatever Hasbro and TakaraTomy see fit to put the label on. But in my heart, it is wrong on a deeply fundamental level. Almost as fundamentally wrong as Beast Wars being Transformers.
  2. My perspective: I like simple transformations(I find them more fun), and I like the obvious nature of the resulting robots. You make a cool vehicle, then you figure out how to turn it into a robot. I don't like when they include fake parts to enhance proportions, or fold wheels away into hidden compartments, etc. I like seeing wheels hanging off hips, doors sticking out of shoulders, and jet exhausts used as feet. They serve as a reminder that these are robots in disguise. And if maybe their arms are too long because they're made from the entire side panel of a car... they aren't human anyways so who cares if they don't have human proportions? (I also like inhuman "anatomy" on my robots anyways) My ideal Transformers style is encapsulated well in the original toys and the Alternators line. Vehicle-first designs, and it is incredibly obvious what parts came from where on the car. The Flame Toys figures look fantastic. They are pretty cool robots and I would not mind having them on my shelves. They just... aren't Transformers. But I like cool robots of all creeds. Transformers are just the most readily available and affordable cool robots.
  3. And I go the other direction. Robot mode should see sacrifices for the transformation. Sick of Transformers with fake parts to achieve a certain look, and elaborate attempts to hide vehicle mode features for a cleaner robot. I want robots made out of car parts, and that look like it. If I just want a cool robot, there's no shortage of them. Transformers are notable because they aren't just cool robots, and they should wear that on their sleeve, both figuratively and literally. Fortunately, it is a franchise large enough to cater to everyone.
  4. That sounds like a recent Mazinger manga. Shin Mazinger ZERO vs. Great General of Darkness, the internet says. As I understand things, through some deus ex machina crap, the world had been remade into one where every fictional robot ever was a Mazinger. And they summoned the copyright-safe silhouette spirits of all the other robots that should've existed in the final battle to save reality and recreate the myriad mecha options that the world deserved.
  5. Man, that Space Battle Rocket looks really familiar for some reason... Was it in Yamato?
  6. An original story about 30-foot zombies and dimensional sliders! Or that.
  7. And the 2019 model, and the 2018 model, and... Though I guess the internet DOES say they gave up on the "butterfly switch" and went back to an industry-standard "scissor" mechanism(reports of longer key travel corroborate claims that they changed the mechanism substantially). Which I guess WOULD fix the problem, but it shouldn't take five years of blaming the customer to recognize that your new keyboard mechanism is worthless garbage.
  8. Also, Apple hasn't had a reliable keyboard for... five years now?
  9. Yeah, supplies of VR gear have been short all year due to the kung flu's impact on chinese manufacturing.
  10. Thirteen. Or do we not speak of the parallel universe?
  11. Harsh, but fair. The market for modern GoBots isn't exactly robust, and I think it is safe to say that the modern Machine Robo market isn't a lot bigger.
  12. Okay, why has no one told me there's a GaoGaiGirl toy before now? That is amazing and I must have it. That video is hilarious. I love the gumball machine skit at the beginning.
  13. In honor of current events, I have been watching Cells at Work. There is a stupid amount of detail present in this show about "what if blood cells were cute anime girls", and if it was not ACTUALLY written by a med school dropout, I will be very disappointed.
  14. Given it has "just stopped" twice now, I think this cancellation is just a formal announcement of what we've known for a while now: Mikimoto ain't drawin' Macross the First, and hasn't been for some time.
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