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  1. "No money is required." When you say it that many times, I start worrying you are Nigerian royalty.
  2. This is a multi-faceted strike. It gets developers to use DirectRay, or whatever MS calls their raytracing API, because so many more systems can use it. It lets gamers get a taste of the effects, so they know what upgrading to an RTX gains them. RTX isn't much different from a 1080Ti without the raycasting in use, but a 1080Ti won't do raycasting effects near as fast. It ALSO serves to kneecap performance on older cards, because any use of raytracing is taking up hardware that could be used elsewhere. All of which adds up to MOAR SALEZ!
  3. Oooooh. The original translations weren't complete or the best ever, so this is rather welcome news.
  4. Man, I envy you people where stores STOCK the dang things. Mine've had nothing but Micromasters and Targetmasters almost every time I've looked. One has had a single solitary Skytread for a few weeks.
  5. Utopia is probably the most COHERENT take on Metroplex I've ever seen, and I think I actually like it as a toy rather than as an homage to Hasbro and Takara's original brick. ... Pity I'll never own one.
  6. In fairness, while it wouldn't be right, I would be SUPER-IMPRESSED by an Astrotrain that did all three modes with both vehicles looking realistic and the humanoid mode looking ... well, sane. It would be a complete pain in the rear to transform, almost certainly. But it would be by necessity, rather than "because over-engineering a simple task is fun!". ... Honestly, I'm impressed that they managed to make the original Astrotrain toy as well as they did.
  7. That does look like a nice Astrotrain. I'm willing to give them a pass on the weird front-end of the shuttle since it is both toy- and toon-accurate, and some of those original triple-changer design shortcomings have become iconic parts of the characters' look. Sorta like Bltzwing's ridiculous biplane-jet wings. ... This is, of course, as opposed to a bunch of the other shuttles I've been critical of that are pretty far off from a real STS orbiter AND the original toy they're ripping off homaging.
  8. The Amalgam characters have stayed in their own universe, does that count?
  9. I still maintain that "not being related to the last Doom movie in any way, shape, or form" makes it a better Doom movie just by default.
  10. And it will never get a second season.
  11. More like "Prince Ali, yes it is he, but not as you know him/just a con, need I go on, take it from me"
  12. Flashlight mod included, we hope.
  13. Whoo! I kinda love that franchise. I remain baffled that the same author responsible for it can also be behind Sword Art.
  14. Oh no, not another Doom movie! ... Wait, this one is actually based on the game? I reserve my horror.
  15. Gun Gale is everything Sword Art isn't. Don't bother with Sword Art, it is a bad adaptation of a mediocre book series. Though credit where due, Kawahara Reki's gotten better.
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