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  1. Sonic improvements aside, I like the inclusion of some Green Hill Zone footage, actually. (Reminds me of the He-Man movie, which was apparently intended to take place entirely on Earth until the director put his foot down and insisted they had to book-end it with scenes in Eternia.) Sonic also shows a lot more personality here, and... oh yeah, Gangster's Paradise is gone(why was it ever there?). The new trailer looks like it is more a Street Fighter movie than a Super Mario Brothers movie. I mean, the old one was still on this side of the Super Mario line, but it was close. On the other hand... I'm sure they haven't spent all this time shooting new footage based on a script rewrite, so it'll be down to editing and CG changes. Maybe some overdubbing. They can't completely rework a fundamentally misguided project this late.
  2. Man, Jim Carrey is one of the PROBLEMS. Doctor Robotnik is shaped like a beachball, Carrey's a beanpole, and the studio didn't spring for a fat suit or even throw a CG stretch filter onto him.
  3. No, that was the Wii. The Wii U is like, 3¼ 'Cubes. Maybe even 3½ :P (I DO own a Wii U, actually. 'S a cute little booger, albeit not the most useful platform.)
  4. I just rewatched Street Fighter for similar reasons. At the time, I was taking this all too seriously.
  5. Great minds think alike. I regret remembering any part of that movie, really. But we all have our cross to bear.
  6. Is the GameCube "retro" yet? Because I just fused two GameCubes together. I had a working silver one with no digital AV port, and a black one with a bad drive but a DAV port and matching GameBoy Player. Twenty minutes later, I'd moved the drive from the silver one to the black one. So I now have a black GameCube with GBPlayer, Digital AV port, and third-party component video cables. I feel bizarrely satisfied with myself for what was only slightly harder than swapping game cartridges. Incidentally, removing the DAV port was NOT the only cost savings on the revised model 'Cubes. The space freed up by removing the port let them use cheaper capacitors than the tiny ones on the original board, they rerouted power to save about two inches of wire, there's the removal of a cut, fold, and polish step on the RF shield(since they don't need to open a hole for the DAV port, and in fact needed to NOT open that hole), and they changed the sticker on the bottom of the case to say "Made in China" instead of "Made in Japan".
  7. As long as you're okay with being wrong. Seriously, that mostly just means you like action better than horror.
  8. It isn't a popular opinion by any means. It is just the RIGHT opinion. ... I used to hate Terminator 2, actually. I've made my peace with it. The film has plot holes big enough to drive a truck through, but no one cares because they DO drive a truck through them. And then they blow it up. And then they do it again a half-hour later. It is a heckuva spectacle. I suspect I might have different opinions if I'd seen Terminator 2 first(as many did, based on theatrical run profits in a pre-VCR era). We had a taped-off-TV copy of The Terminator when I was younger, and no copy of Terminator 2. So I watched the original several times before I ever saw the second one, which was... startlingly different, and not really meant for someone who'd darn near memorized the first film(well, the parts that hadn't been edited out).
  9. IMO, there should be no sequels at all. While Terminator 2 was a good movie, it was a bad sequel. And if we need more controversial statements... The Terminator was a perfect film and no possible followup could do anything but lessen it.
  10. Groundcars aren't exactly safe to allow for the masses. But we manage somehow, and almost no one drives through people's front walls(though I personally know two people it has happened to), or just up and rams them.
  11. We lost flying cars when Marty and Doc changed the future in part III. Marty's a jerk.
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