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  1. Man, they must have done theirs real early...
  2. Is it true that NY already did theirs early? Seeing online that it's all done and dusted.
  3. HLJ is such a useless website now. All the hoops to randomly jump during a preorder. Didn't tell you before hand despite being logged in for hours. Disgraceful website to use.
  4. Thanks, mate. I'll have to try it some time in the future.
  5. There's a Macross section? Or do you just type in "Macross" in the search function?
  6. Does anyone know how CDJapan's one works? Their usual search doesn't work with me whatsoever. Their e-mails about what's available aren't great either as they're so late it's really no point being informed about these type of products.
  7. I hope for a good YF-21 but I don't know looking at the prototypes displayed. Do you think it's just the belly flaps that need to be fixed? I feel the proportions in general aren't right.
  8. What surprises me is the fact that there's no real forums in operation now and it's filled with bots and spammers. It's funny how those old RT trolls that used to reside here and their belief in RT no longer have a place anywhere. The delusion was real. Their fanbase is clearly on the wane for many years now. The forums are symbolic of their decline- empty and with little substance of value.
  9. With movie studios needing to make movies to renew their hold on to their IP like Spiderman and the like, would that still apply for Robotech or am I just dreaming? Surely with nothing to add for so long would it be a little while before they're considered IP squatting? Or is the Tatsukono renewal overrides this? I suspect the latter...
  10. The part that worries me about Amiami is that it's so hard to get one yet they're still open?
  11. But is it confirmed? They don't ask for payment and it's taken a while...
  12. Thanks! Yeah, I don't know how we can find that link. The search function for it is hopeless.
  13. Yeah, one of the more user unfriendly systems around.
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