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  1. Falcon

    Macross Books

    Once I get the book in my hands I'll start practising my facial expressions.
  2. https://m.facebook.com/groups/1404663976454642?view=permalink&id=2351580565096307 Australia also free from HG?
  3. Doubt that will happen- if the dates of September 13 is the timeline, they're still in the EU. I believe Brexit is in October assuming they even can do that with the mess that is UK politics. I doubt they can get another extension unless they have something substantial to show... and when has HG ever had anything substantial in recent times?
  4. Check your e-mail. May mean that you already got it.
  5. HLJ was such a disappointment. Over 30 minutes waiting to pay and it failed me.
  6. HLJ is just hopeless. I clicked the moment it went up and added it to cart and it just freezes.
  7. Don't think so. Keeps saying it's sold out after you click it.
  8. Yeah, CDJapan failed me at the Paypal page.
  9. Dammit, now I can't unsee it. My Wing 0 has lost all intimidation factor now. *Shakes angry fist*
  10. Man, the 1/60 VF-1J 30th Anniversary prices are crazy! I used to remember them practically being given away and now you'd be lucky to get it less than 40,000!
  11. So is this what they're referring to for Metal Build Infinity? Sounds like a bit of a letdown if it is. Hope they have something else to show as well. Wonder what makes this Strike Gundam better than the one that was released last year?
  12. Yeah, there seems to be a problem with marking threads in a sub-section as read as well.
  13. This is historically inaccurate. When the Nazi Party came to power Germany was not in any military shape to start a war let alone win one. It was years of inactivity and lack of political will that allowed Germany to occupy the Ruhr and restart its military program while passively encouraging Germany to extend beyond its limitations of Versailles. If the governments of the day had the stomach to actually stand against Germany's aggressive stances, it would have prevented the escalation that resulted in World War 2. Then again, less debilitating treaties than the Versailles would have also helped. It's such a shame that the Delta movie is replacing a new Macross series for the near future. Would have loved to a new story instead- not sure what they can do with the current Delta one that would pique my interest.
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