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  1. Yes! That'd be amazing! Would definitely grab a MB of that if it ever came around. Really wish they'd also do a MB Double X Gundam but I suspect that's an aquired taste.
  2. Thanks for the explanation. Really wished I got the Star Sabre when I had the chance- all of them look amazing!
  3. Love the Flame Toys designs and agree that they're probably the best designed looking Transformers collectibles to date. But then again, because they don't transform, they do have it a bit easier than any that do. Really, Flame Toys would be better compared to Metal Build Gundams. Wonder where they stand when compared to that?
  4. Is BiginJapan reliable for something like this?
  5. So why did they stick to the VF-1 airframe instead of the VF-0? Is it the notion that the VF-1 is a smaller design and thus harder to hit? Would that mean that the VF-0 airframe was abandoned and never made again when the VF-1 went into production?
  6. Falcon

    Macross Books

    Once I get the book in my hands I'll start practising my facial expressions.
  7. https://m.facebook.com/groups/1404663976454642?view=permalink&id=2351580565096307 Australia also free from HG?
  8. Doubt that will happen- if the dates of September 13 is the timeline, they're still in the EU. I believe Brexit is in October assuming they even can do that with the mess that is UK politics. I doubt they can get another extension unless they have something substantial to show... and when has HG ever had anything substantial in recent times?
  9. Check your e-mail. May mean that you already got it.
  10. HLJ was such a disappointment. Over 30 minutes waiting to pay and it failed me.
  11. HLJ is just hopeless. I clicked the moment it went up and added it to cart and it just freezes.
  12. Don't think so. Keeps saying it's sold out after you click it.
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