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  1. Ok. So it looks like my card alerted me for fraud international transaction. How many days till AmazonJP cancel the order if I didn't get back to them ASAP? Just checking since I'm going to call the credit card tomorrow to authorize the purchase. Don't want them to cancel my order. Hehehe.
  2. They haven't charged me yet.
  3. PLAMAX Sirbine now available for PO at AmazonJP for Y4651. Y1746 shipping for those who lives in the US. https://www.amazon.co.jp/-/en/Warrior-Dunbine-Servine-Non-Scale-Assembly/dp/B08SJ27FMW/
  4. C'mon now. All I see is gibberish. Hahaha! Thanks @Slave IV!
  5. Thanks @Saburo! Well, I have to say, it's better than Pine Salad.
  6. no3Ljm

    Bandai DX VF-31

    I'm really not a big fan of Fodders, but for me, this one ranks higher than Fire Valkyrie.
  7. Nice Shot, @Saburo! Again, why do you always leave out Kakizaki?
  8. no3Ljm

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Hey @Xigfrid! Is it the one that comes with YF-19 antenna?
  9. Technically, the cheapest way to get any web exclusive stuff directly from Japan is to live in Japan. The cheapest I'm assuming if you don't know anyone who lives in Japan to buy it for you is to go proxy route if the other shop who offers P-Bandai stuff doesn't have it.
  10. So intimidating.
  11. no3Ljm

    Bandai DX VF-31

    I see. You can probably try on messaging @Xigfrid. Maybe he can cook up one for you.
  12. no3Ljm

    Bandai DX VF-31

    I remember @Xigfrid did some pylons, missiles, attachments prior.
  13. That was quick for a TWE item. It also mentioned on the item page that it was also sold out in the actual Gundam Factory Shop.
  14. I don't mind those 1EX trainers in DX form since there's no sign of any Macross HMR's. But I just have to get one. If Mirage's red is not matching Hikaru's red, then I'll just go with Hayate's model.
  15. VF-1S Messer's theme FTW!
  16. Who knows. Bandai's known for showing lots of stuff, canon or non-canon and not producing it in the end. But I'm pretty sure if that gets released, it's going to be the TWE route.
  17. To answer it, it becomes a part of our pop culture. The song. The anime. The robot. And what it's promoting. It was a big thing back then when it was shown. And it affects most of us when then-President Marcos banned the broadcasting of the last 5 episodes I believe, due to excessive violence and harmful effects on children. But people's speculations is that the series was banned due to underlying themes of rebellion and revolution. And to be frank, we are being ruled back then by a dictator and he doesn't want people to oppress him. And we finally got the chance of finishing the com
  18. When Bandai finally decided on selling those colored GBP's they've shown a few months ago, it's not canon anymore to the series.
  19. As posted in the Gundams Figure thread, P-Bandai is now offering Chogokin RX-78F00 for Y22000. With a release date of May 2021. https://p-bandai.jp/item/item-1000154059 Right, this is after I purchased mine from YJA for $300+. Screw you, Bandai!
  20. I'm a mere fraction of 1% of that since I only bought one unit.
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