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  1. This is so unfair. How can you announce a new item and start the PO the same day? I felt i never had the chance to get one. And i was willing to invest some money on this big boy...This hobby is becoming really frustrating.
  2. I totally agree with you. I would also add that it is interesting to see the alternate ending scene in the T2 Blu-ray. Somewhere i read that, in the beginning, Cameron thought of that scene as the real ending of the series. We would have come full circle but then it would have made it more difficult to make more movies.
  3. Glad to see Sarah Connor is still kicking ass after two decades...but...where is John??? Did they turn his character into a girl too??? I mean, you never know with Holywood in these days...Joanna Connor...
  4. Ah ah very funny! Now i love The Avengers, i love the MCU but i do have to say this. Black widow, you planning to go against Thanos with a 9 MM.??? Really??? It's like hunting a bear with a BB gun. It's just a detail but those seconds felt really stupid while i was watching the trailer. Especially with the new entry Capitan Marvel and her game changing super powers.
  5. Whatever they will do in the third movie they absolutely have to put a scene, even the usual post credit scene, where Rocket sings Shallow on a piano. Please, please, please, it would be so hilarious.
  6. Honestly, yes you are. But that's okay, we all are in the same position here
  7. The mark of the damned uh? I can't believe it. I understand when they elaborate something from different sources from other media but that's just a copy with colors...
  8. I think it's more likely a R/E 100 Hygogg(great ms in my opinion) and a Kampfer 2.0 MG. If it will ever come out i think it's probably going to be toward the end of the year, if it won't then we will see each other in 10 years(2019 is the 20th anniversary of the first gundam in the pocket release. Bandai likes anniversary)
  9. From some of the pics i saw today it would seem like the Zaku will have more gimmicks and details than the usual re 100. I am crossing my fingers, especially for some decent hands.
  10. So apparently bandai is reprinting the Swordfish II from Cowboy Bebop. I think it's good news since the first one became very expensive lately. July release i think.
  11. You are welcome. I need solid proof that they were able to fix that if they want my money. Otherwise it doesn't make any sense to buy this release and i will gladly stick to my Yamato.
  12. I don't know if you guys already noticed but there are two little, transparent, plastic stand under both wings...not a good sign in my opinion.
  13. If the final version will be like this i think it's worth the money. Although something inside me tells me that this is how should have been the first release.
  14. Yeah, it does look really good. I actually just preordered one. I don't trust transforming my MG 2.0 so i guess i will keep this new release in wave rider mode.
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