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  1. Wolf Heavy Weapons Predator came yesterday. Had to pay extra shipping due to Sideshow not shipping to my location. Unless they start doing Predators from the comics this should then conclude my 1/6 Pred figure collection.
  2. The human whatzisface that tagged along, instead of an armoured Hirogen Hunter? I plan to donate his unarmed commie self to the Cadbury Generosity Shop when I get the chance. Why do you ask?
  3. Species 8472...reminds me of how fun it was stopping their tripedal charges in Elite Force with my Hirogen tetryon disruptor.
  4. Podtastic

    Hi-Metal R

    It feels like they are scraping the bottom, sides and UNDERSIDE of the Macross barrel to keep coming with releases while stubbornly avoiding the awesome bottom row.
  5. "First reckless speeder piloting, now impersonating an Imperial Stormtrooper. We'll put you UNDER the detention block, Solo!" Hot Toys Patrol Trooper came right quick after last payment.
  6. I like the Sinbad/Ghost Rider Team-up on the 4th floor.
  7. Maybe the artist is a dude in drag...and doesn't believe in vive la difference.
  8. "I have detailed files on Xenomorph anatomy." Hot Toys Terminator joined the collection.
  9. Except I suspect that the noble institution of marriage may be at odds with the feminist subtext. If the status quo was God to them then they've just wasted everyone's time, including their own. All they had to do was seriously upgrade the art.
  10. That's a stupid way of saying "We're outgunned" Although I have no problem with a Gurab outgunning a Halo Spartan. Dana isn't illustrated too badly though. I guess it's probably too much to hope that we will actually see a properly illustrated Zor Prime in his classic Bioroid pilot suit.
  11. Neca Broken Tusk, from the first and best AVP Graphic, arrived today.
  12. Nice! I have this Bioroid kit too, must get around to it. Yup, they've finally taken nerfing Zjentloudy size too far. Always knew it would happen.
  13. Sometimes that could even just be your house.
  14. So was rocket technology but does that mean we must abandoned all our toys, comics and books featuring rockets and missiles? The first assault rifle as well BTW. Let's not throw the baby out with the bathwater. As to the weird pronunciation - it bothers everyone, have you never watched Trevor Noah?
  15. A Volksie! Long time no see...in my childhood they were everywhere. Pronounced "Forlksvachen" BTW. I cringe everytime an American makes it sound like an (egg y)volkswagon, ha, ha.
  16. You just did. Star Wars,Tron, Action Force, MOTU, Thundercats, Other World, and Fisher Price X-Ray people. Also V but we never had the toys here.
  17. The artwork has improved again but I'm not a fan of angularising a curvy design. At least those Invid with the Regis now actually look like Invid from the Sentinels rather than Dire Wraiths. Sad that she doesn't have her proper gloves though.
  18. It would be great if they did as it would end the drought that's lasted since the missile pods release. But I have no faith in them given their release record.
  19. Podtastic

    Hi-Metal R

    Unfortunately, when it comes to the N-Ger Bandai has earned the "All show and no go" Soulcalibur customisable character quote.
  20. City Hunter has joined the Clan, so Wolf is next on the Predalist.
  21. That's the Good Guys ticked off. But what about the Bad Guys?
  22. Can't they at least squeeze in a Regult Scout as a Tamashi exclusive for Chtlristmas?
  23. New arrivals. Bypassed our postal services so they came quickly (and didn't get stolen). Hasbro TIE Fighter and Disney Tron and Sark.
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