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  1. any place to get this at a reasonable price?
  2. Ali Sama

    Macross 30

    Why you force my hand! why you make me break down and finally get a ps3. why you so evil?
  3. a shout out to Jasonc for sending me the piece I needed to fix my red alpha.
  4. Graham I am sorry i could not find the scans. But I have a proposal. If you can check your private message? thanks Ali
  5. I belive that NUNS stands for zentradi un spacy. The zentradi symbol looks like the lower case nu. N is the upper case nu. The use of the zentradi symbol on the mecha and the personal seems to follow this logic. Ali
  6. i frequent some sites. if I see it on them. I can grab it for the forum. Ali
  7. at least it is something. oh well. I am going to create the sms badges. what should i make first. the flight suite badge, the uniform badge or the fighter logo? Ali
  8. i have been reading up. I think we may have mistranslated the intent. The url appears to have been a mobile phone url. It also only worked at a specific time.
  9. here are the macross f mp3s i found!^_- enjoy!! I think this. It is don't be late and do you remeber love. I will see if there is a longer version of the don't be late song. best, Ali the titles need to be MACROSS F--射手座☆午後九時 Don't be late.mp3 and MACROSS F--愛・おぼえていますか.mp3 darn encoding!! MACROSS_F_________________r_Don__t_be_late.mp3 MACROSS_F______________________.mp3
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