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  1. Smooth transaction with @cyde01 very good person. Amazing deal.
  2. I am interested in the VF-171EX Alto version. I will pick it up in August or September if it is cool? Probably September
  3. Vf-25 Ozma for the grey piece and vf-25 alto for super I need the r piece pictured and the left piece of the super armor. Help!
  4. I bought from this seller before. He is a good guy. https://www.ebay.com/itm/254644376400
  5. @jrhudson311 great product great packaging. Amazing seller A+
  6. How much for just the sms stand from the alto?
  7. I bought the super parts for Ozma however I never got the stand. Anyone have a stand they are not going to use? Thanks in advance
  8. any place to get this at a reasonable price?
  9. Ali Sama

    Macross 30

    Why you force my hand! why you make me break down and finally get a ps3. why you so evil?
  10. two of my canopies have gone missing and I am in need of replacements. Will paypal funds. I made stupid mistake of getting rid of my boxes. lol. Anyhow. This is the original release for the yamato 1/60. Thanks. *edit* i found them!
  11. a shout out to Jasonc for sending me the piece I needed to fix my red alpha.
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