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  1. p-bandai elvis perhaps? Been quite a while...
  2. Could the new vf-31 #06 be a windermeran pilot...perhaps....kieth/bogue? The insignia on the torso has some resemblance to the draken valk insignia's of windermere....
  3. seti88

    Bandai DX VF-31

    *insert this is macrossworld meme here*
  4. I remembered the VF-31 FSW were supposedly superior to the non-FSW A variants? So, the FSW valks might got killed off in a plot twist, ie the scene of chuck's valk destruction.. and all left was meant to sell more A variants?... Sense bandai's hand in this if so...
  5. seti88

    Bandai DX VF-31

    There is a discussion going on in the movie thread, that the lil fighters are actually new enemy drones flying past mirage...
  6. Yeah those look like new drones..now are they attached to the new mysterious enemy valk?
  7. just whizzed by....seems like part of a squadron as well? 09??
  8. Hmm i might be wrong abt the booster packs...they might be the same ones...
  9. Enemy fighter drone spotted! Saw it while scrubbing the video for the redesigned booster packs of the 31...
  10. Fast pack version? Looks to be more of a drone based on further pics below... Looks like the 31 has some redesigns...chucks new look?
  11. seti88

    Bandai DX VF-31

    vf-31 facelift versions for the new movie? Lol looks like a 31A head in yellow? But with a radar bump on the side? ...thanks to @enphily and @twich for mentioning the A... looks like the boosters are more boxy and streamlined... the same? new enemy fighter spotted as well! Mirage has a new head!
  12. For those outside Japan and unable to view youtube...
  13. Even the name first order stirs no fear..sounds like something you get out of macDonald’s.. bring back the empire!
  14. Yums! And one day, a super O too!? And a Spartan for the full hikaru treatment you need a bigger shelf! GBP next August or Christmas perhaps!
  15. Trying to remember the 31A pre-orders on TWE/p-bandai, did it stay open on p-bandai's website till the very end? If i recall it was the other on-line retailers that closed the TWE pre-orders. This is where N-Y slipped up as they left the pre-order on quite a while.
  16. Would they would refund you if they cant get it? ie not store credit.
  17. @jvmacross its your cue!
  18. NY might be better now that everyone (?) most...abandoned it. But its still a roll of the dice until they rescind their store credit policy for pre-orders. Outright fraud that one.
  19. The fan -racer has fanned up the price.
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