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VF-2SS (3D Printed)


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Hi Citizens of SDF-1,

Just got myself to learn the 3D design software & 3D-print. One of the first practice object is the bastard child of the Macross universe, the VF-2SS.

Software is using Sketchup. Printer technology used is FDM (to save budget ), I outsource it to a printing service.

I scale the model to 1/60, but I'm not sure whether the measurement is correct (judging from comparison with DX VF-25)

Due to my lack of skill, I haven't been able to create printable panel lines, so I'll have to add them manually ... after I smooth out all the FDM's layer lines.


Critics & Suggestions are welcomed.

Untitled-1 copy.jpg




Compare with VF25.jpg

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13 hours ago, MechTech said:

That looks great!  I too am having to learn 3D.  2D now has it's limits.  Thanks for sharing!  Are you using an acetone fog to smooth it over?- MT

I am planning with traditional way using sandpaper, but I will dig about the acetone fog.

8 hours ago, NZEOD said:

so perhaps our 1/72 vf-17 and VF-9 Cutlass isnt too far off then?

I haven't think about the next project...but maybe.

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