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  1. Same here. I watched the movie on the 2nd day of screening. The studio was only half full (or half empty if you're negative minded ). And that is with ScarJo name in it. As manga/anime adaptation, GitS is better than Tom Cruise's Edge of Tomorrow.
  2. Just watched it this evening. Not disappointing, but nothing groundbreaking either. If you've seen the anime, then (mostly) you know what to expect, except for some story adaptations (including why the Major is 'white') I like the visuals though, haven't seen cyber-punk movie like this in awhile.
  3. Really like the satin finish & the vibrant gold. They even managed to fit the rear landing gears in those tiny bays.
  4. That bird is ugly, but it's unique. Are you printing the wings with the bombs attached ? I'm curious about the printed result.
  5. To be safe, watch only one of them, either the animation only or movie only. This way, you won't be disappointed, because you won't be comparing them.
  6. Does it include the round base/cup cover or only the figure ?
  7. Doesn't matter whether this SDF-35 is continuation of Delta or not, as long as there are newly designed Valks in it. Let Kawamori-San squeezes his brain more & more .. .
  8. Nice. Compared to other covers, I found that this cover (& her voice) is the closest to Mari Ijima's Ai Oboete Imasuka.
  9. Is this you, Tage ? https://mobile.twitter.com/expertenannex/status/827922728569053185
  10. I do wish the Super Parts uses neutral color for all Valks (unlike current trend where they are color coded), so we don't have to bother matching color.
  11. Somehow the expression reminds me of Michael Keaton . Hope they will revise it to a more feminine feature. So is this her cyber body, or is it her optical camo suit ?
  12. I am planning with traditional way using sandpaper, but I will dig about the acetone fog. I haven't think about the next project...but maybe.
  13. Thx. I didn't print it myself, I outsource the printing.
  14. Hi Citizens of SDF-1, Just got myself to learn the 3D design software & 3D-print. One of the first practice object is the bastard child of the Macross universe, the VF-2SS. Software is using Sketchup. Printer technology used is FDM (to save budget ), I outsource it to a printing service. I scale the model to 1/60, but I'm not sure whether the measurement is correct (judging from comparison with DX VF-25) Due to my lack of skill, I haven't been able to create printable panel lines, so I'll have to add them manually ... after I smooth out all the FDM's layer lines. Critics & Suggestions are welcomed.
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