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Buddy Complex - New Sunrise Mecha Show

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Sunrise's newest offering into the world of mechs anime will premiere on January 5th.




It seems this show will start off with Sunrise's traditional "average joe is just living life until said life is rudely interrupted by giant robots" schtick. :)

Here's some of the mechs from the show




Macross fans should note that Sho Hayami (Max Jenius) and Marina Inoue (M30's Aisha Blanchette) will be in the show.

Let's hope this one isn't as bat**** insane as Valvrave. :D

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OK I caught the pre-airing of the first episode. Pretty typical except for one detail; how the protagonist finds himself in the mech cockpit.

There's time travel hijinx galore. The episode starts off in late 2014 and by the end Aoba finds himself in a future of mechs and war.

I'm interested enough to give it the standard five episode trial.

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