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I'm this close to marking this post as spam & you as a spammer.

You posted is a vague teaser drawing but not a single bit of text. Maybe if you were some long term member with a rep around here you could get away with a vague teaser but you only have 1 post to your name.

Include at least one sentence with your post.

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for me I started My research about 5 years after the Collared Manga Flash back with Megaroad & MS.M,  on th Cover, came out ..

 then with my  with my Geo-metrical Dyslexia & my Migraine's , I blew up my images I had & wherever I could find them ,

AND  things do hit the State's real late in life un-less you have Group of Cool or Great Friends, {  & I was on The UN-Lucky  SIDE Factor }

 so if you like to see work or research in progress go to my links ,,, Do let Me, Know what YOU think.

 with my Geo-metrical Dyslexia & my Migraine's  & being  Near sided I Love my small Challenge ,, so do read The notes & leave some Feed back




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will you ever do us any Image's of side / top/ front / back/ R-side / L-side/ & under side of You're  MEGAROAD

& also CAN  you do the same for the inner workings of the City also.. Im still trying to understand the Design.

so far Every one Dose Angel's of Drawing's & cad image's ,AS well as Cgi, image's,

it was 2 months back I just found the 2012 Movie ship images of its side profile & top side/ under side , R-side / L-side/ al I ever saw was Views of it from AMGEL's.,,,

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