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Macross Fan Editing


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Hello Macrossworlders:

I saw Hikuro posting here with an update on his anime fan dubbing

group's rendition of Macross DYRL english dub.

So, I thought I would post here too with my Macross video projects.

I'm also including in this list any other Macross fan editors' projects.

Macross Fan Edits List

Macross Fan Edits "In Production"

Future or Potential Macross Fan edits

Macross Project I

Macross : Zero Fan Edits

I. DHE presents M Zero Episode 1 The stars, the ocean and ...

english dub

Standard Definition Version

4 parts, HJSplit

1. xvid avi and 192 kb/s mp3 stereo

2. custom beginning and end credits

3. DHE Version 1.0 Original voice acting cast

High Definition Version

7 parts, HJSplit

1. .mkv, 1920x1080 video encoded by QTS,

2. triple audio (japanese, DHE 1.0 and DAPDX commentary)

3. english subititles

Use jDownloader software and Winrar software.

Standard Definition DVD

by boinger

1080p video encoded by QTS

subtitled by Anbu-AonE and THORA

5.1 ac3 audio

a. DHE version 1.0

b. Japanese

c. DAPDX commentary

DVD Special Features:

a. Macross Zero Music Video 30%

Dogfight by MOVE. Re-arranging footage to make a story and to match music.

Then credits and lastly subtitles.

b. episode 1 DHE Trailer

c. DHE Macross Zero episode 2 preview video

d. All that VF Macross Zero 100%

Macross Zero episode 1 custom dvd cover

High Definition AVCHD DVD

by OptimusX


(The software involved has not

matured enough to prevent

distracting subtitle flicker.)

1080p video encoded by QYQ

Subtitles by Anbu-Aone and THORA

5.1 ac3 audio

a. Japanese

b. DHE episode 1 version 1.0

c. DHE episode 2 version 2.0

d. DAPDX commentary

DVD cover

(Would anybody like to put one together?)

This DVD type will play in a BD player, power DVD 9, Nero Showtime and WinDVD 9.

Macross Project II

Remastered SDF TV series Subtitling Project

english translation by Gubaba

video encoding and subtitle timing by boinger

subtitle timing and DVD subtitles by OptimusX

Special Edition version:

1. video upgrade by Chad Dunham

2. ADV English

3. original Japanese

4. selected episodes with english commentaries

5. Galaxy Nework V1 subtitles

remastered SDF Macross Special episode 00

[Galaxy Network] SDF Macross Special TV Premiere V2

Special edition V1

.mkv, 8 parts, HJSplit

remastered SDF Macross episode 01-06

Galaxy Network bittorrent episodes 01-06 Batch V2

Special Edition Episode 01-06 V1

.mkv, 8 parts, HJSplit

remastered SDF Macross episode 07-12

Galaxy Network bittorrent episodes 07-12 Batch V2

Special edition Episode 07-12 V1

.mkv, 8 parts, HJSplit

remastered SDF Macross episode 13-18

Galaxy Network bittorrent Episode 13-18 Batch V2

Special edition Episode 13-18 V1

.mkv, 8 parts, HJSplit


SDF Macross: Snow Falling in the Galaxy

audio drama

translated by Gubaba

SDF Macross - My Fair Minmay v2


translated by Gubaba

remastered SDF Macross episode 19-24

Galaxy Network bittorrent Episode 19-24 Batch V2

Special edition Episode 19-24 V1

.mkv, 5 parts, HJSplit


SDF Macross: Miss DJ

audio drama

translated by Gubaba

SDF Macross: Dreaming Prelude


translated by Gubaba

remastered SDF Macross episode 25-30 V1

Galaxy Network bittorrent Episode 25-30 Batch V2

Special edition Episode 25-30 V1

.mkv,8 parts, HJSplit


[Galaxy Network] SDF Macross O.S.T. Extra - Digital Trip 1800


remastered SDF Macross episode 31-36

Galaxy Network bittorrent Episode 31-36 Batch

Special edition Episode 31-32 V1


[Galaxy Network] unRemastered SDF TV Episode 11

[Galaxy Network] Remastered SDF TV OP ED


Remastered SDF Macross TV subtitled DVDs

subtitled by OptimusX

version 1 Galaxy Network subtitles

japanese and sometimes english audio commentaries

bonus macross music videos


Disc 01 Version 2.0

Disc 02

Disc 02

Disc 03

Disc 04

Disc 05

Disc 06

Disc 07

(Register with asiandvdclub.org to get

the bittorrent for downloading!)



MKV Plays just fine with Media Player Classic and Videolan player.

Check VSFilter/DirectVobSub settings for "always load".

Macross Project III

Remastered SDF Macross: DYRL? subtitled

by Chad Dunham, boinger and OptimusX


1. Remastered SDF DYRL subtitled Version 2 DVD

Register with http:\\.asiandvdclub.org

2. Retail remastered SDF Macross DYRL DVD

availableon CDJapan !

II. DYRL MKV Versions:

1. Remastered SDF Macross DYRL Special Edtion v4

video upgrade by Chad Dunham

May 2009 subtitles

Fixed version of Chad's DYRL video upgrade

Dual audio (ac3 5.1 COTB English/ SoundSoap Fixed Japanese)

40 parts, Use jDownloader and WinRAR

2. [Galaxy Network] Remastered SDF Macross DYRL?

February 2012 subtitles


1. Remastered DHE SDF Macross DYRL Special Edition

by Chad Dunham


a. Chad's fixed DYRL video

b. Hikuro's English dub 5.1 ac3 audio

c. Zentradi english subtitles and song subtitles

updated by boinger

(originally by Hurin, mechamaniac, Ali Sama, Gubaba, and OptimusX)

special DYRL song translation by <EXO>

SDF Macross DYRL DHE English Dub version 1.0

Format: mkv

Codecs: ac3

Audio: Japanese

Sutitles: English

Size: 3.6 gb

Resolution: 720 x 480

28 parts, jDownloader for .dlc file, winrar

2. DHE SDF Macross DYRL english dub Extended Edition DVD

(Extended Edtion DHE english audio has

been cancelled due to Hikuro's decision to

limit distribution to avoid problems.)

a. DYRL video

(widescreen, 864x480) with blocked out zentradi Japanese subtitles

b. ac3 5.1 english dub audio by Hikuro

c. psx dyrl prologue scene

d. english movie title

e. Cristina Vee DYRL song reintegrated into the movie

(already done by Hikuro, so I can plug that in.)

f. english ending credits

g. Macross: Flashback 2012 DYRL music video

lyrics arranged by Hikuro

sung by Cristina Vee

h. DHE DYRL trailer

i. DVD cover

3. Super Space Fortress Macross

Special Edition Version

a. English stereo and 5.1 audio dub from

VHS COTB mixed with remastered DYRL video

and cleaned with soundsoap audio software

b. Optional stereo Japanese audio with updated english dyrl subtitles

c. DAPDX english commentary overlaid on

Japanese audio as alternate audio track

e. DVD extras:

i.. original COTB english ending credits

ii.. original DYRL ending credits


(youtube link)

iv. The song of an angel's paints music video

(youtube link)

v. COTB special edition dvd REVISED cover art

Super Space Fortress Macross : Special Edition

Dual layer DVD

ISO format

version 2.1

7.39 gb

Bittorrent now available!

Update tracker to : http://imacross4.ath.cx:14157

DAPDX DYRL/COTB Special Edition Commentary


4. Super Dimension Fortress More Macross Loving : DYRL Extended Edition

a. Subtitles by Gray Phantom (Ali Sama, Mechamaniac and Hurin) to

b. Gray Phantom's updated remastered DYRL video. Then I borrowed the

c. stereo japanese audio from NLA's perfect edition dyrl along with

d. PSX DYRL footage from the Macross 20th anniversary dvd

and redited the whole bunch into a DYRL movie.

e. Flashback 2012: angel's paints video combined with SDF ep. 5

f. SDFM TV and Zero OVA prologue footage


SDF MML DVD info sheet

SDF MML DVD disc art

(youtube link)

Super Dimension Fortress More Macross Loving Version 4 DVD

6 gb

Super Dimension Fortress : More Macross Loving v4 xvid ac3 avi

27 parts, 2.6 gb, use HJSplit to reintegrate to avi

SDF MML version 2 xvid ac3 avi bittorrent

2.5 gb

SDF MML version 1 avi bittorrent


SDF MML Extras bittorrent


1. SDF Macross DYRL soundtracks

2. SDF Macross DYRL: This Is Animation book c(omic)b(ook)r(eader) file

3. Macross: Flashback 2012 graffiti (incomplete) cbr file

5. SDF Macross DYRL DVD booklet cbr file

6. Macross: Flashback 2012 DVD booklet cbr file

7. PSX SDF Macross DYRL video game booklet cbr file

8. SDF More Macross Loving Teaser poster

9. SDF More Macross Loving DVD cover art

10. Macross DVD cover collection

SDF MML Special Features DVD bittorrent

1.6 gb

1. PSX SDF Macross DRYL video game footage

2. Macross Flashback 2012: angel's paints part 1 and 2

3. SDF Macross DYRL DVD covers video slideshow

4. Original SDF Macross DRYL perfect edition ending credits

5. Original SDF Macross DRYL Trailers

6. SDF More Macross Loving movie trailer

All English subtitled.

Macross Project IV

Remastered Macross: Flashback 2012 project

by Chad Dunham and OptimusX


Macross: Flashback 2012 subtitled version 2 DVD

Register with http:\\.asiandvdclub.org


1. See Macrosshare Blog



Edited by boinger
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Macross Fan Edit Ideas:

See also

Macross Fan Edits Completed

Non- Macross Fan Edit Ideas

1. Fan Edits:

a. Macross 0:

i. The Fokker Chronicles
Make Focker as the main character of M Zero
using scenes from SDF TV and DYRL?

b. SDF TV:

i. Distantly Fading Memories Audio Drama
Misa dealing with her problems.
English translation by Gubaba.
Pic-Sub: Still-frame character pictures on an
appropriate background with word
bubble translations.

ii. Falling snow from the Milky Way Audio Drama
The SDF TV Xmas show!
English translation by Gubaba.
Pic-Sub: Still-frame character pictures on an
appropriate background with word
bubble translations.

iii. Inside story Audio Drama
Gubaba is working on the english translation.
Renato is working on doing partial animations of this Macross episode.
so it looks like a tv episode.

iv. Love Audio Drama
SDF TV abridged story
English translation by Gubaba.
Pic-Sub: Still-frame character pictures on an
appropriate background with word
bubble translations.

v. MISS D.J. Audio Drama
English translation by Gubaba.
Pic-Sub: Still-frame character pictures on an
appropriate background with word
bubble translations.
two music videos that Minmay mentions from MISS DJ

vi. SDF Macross TV series: Renewal / Revisited
* Jay Lew and Rodavan's VF1X CGI and
Mac666er SDF1 CGI composited into
the remastered SDF TV video.
* Eliminate as many animation errors as possible.
* Try to make the TV series more like
the DYRL? movie.

c. DYRL?

i. Do You Remember Eternal Love? the OVA
Opening credits song: Eternal Love 2003 by Mari Iijima
Closing credits song: An Angel's Paints by Mari Iijima
1hr 50 minute movie turned into 4-6 part OVA.

ii. DYRL? Action Packed
I was watching DYRL with my brother and the only parts that
he liked had space battles and aliens. So, I could try shortening
SDF MML down to just the action parts of DYRL?

iii. DYRL? Japanese Subtitle Removal Project
by S-47 Berkut

d. 7 TV

i. Docking Festival Audio Drama
English translation by Gubaba.
Pic-Sub: Still-frame character pictures on an
appropriate background with word
bubble translations.

ii. Dynamite AMV
Full live version of the song with the
remastered M7 BD video.

iii. Galaxy Fun Net CD Audio Drama
English translation by Gubaba.
Pic-Sub: Still-frame character pictures on an
appropriate background with word
bubble translations.

iv. Galaxy Network Chart volume 0 Audio Drama
English translation by Gubaba.
Pic-Sub: Still-frame character pictures on an
appropriate background with word
bubble translations.

v. Galaxy Network EX (CT) Audio Drama
English translation by Gubaba.
Pic-Sub: Still-frame character pictures on an
appropriate background with word
bubble translations.

vi. Galaxy Song Battle 1,2,3 Audio Dramas
English translation by Gubaba.
Pic-Sub: Still-frame character pictures on an
appropriate background with word
bubble translations.

vii. Generation Audio Drama
Here is another Miss Macross contest with different characters.
English translation by Gubaba.
Pic-Sub: Still-frame character pictures on an
appropriate background with word
bubble translations.

viii. Macross Festival '95 Audio Drama
English translation by Gubaba.
Pic-Sub: Still-frame character pictures on an
appropriate background with word
bubble translations.

ix. Mellow Heart Beat Audio Drama
English translation by Gubaba.
Pic-Sub: Still-frame character pictures on an
appropriate background with word
bubble translations.

x. Melodious Illusion Audio Drama
English translation by Gubaba.
Pic-Sub: Still-frame character pictures on an
appropriate background with word
bubble translations.

xi. The Assassination of the J-Rock Star Nekki Basara
by the vaguely menacing Protodeviln Audio Drama
* Longest Noise Day
part 1 of 2
* The Basara Elimination Project
part 2 of 2
English translation by Gubaba.
Pic-Sub: Still-frame character pictures on an
appropriate background with word
bubble translations.

xii. Trash album Audio Drama
English translation by Gubaba.
Pic-Sub: Still-frame character pictures on an
appropriate background with word
bubble translations.

e. Frontier

i Audio Drama 1,2,3,4
A retelling of Frontier with extended scenes
English translation by Gubaba.
Pic-Sub: Still-frame character pictures on an
appropriate background with word
bubble translations.

f. Macross AMV DVD
20 fan-made music videos
50-60 minute DVD
Macross SDF, M+, DYRL, Flashback, M7 and Frontier
DVD cover

2. Extended Editions:

i. SDF Macross: DYRL?
Extended Edition Remastered
Sega Saturn/PSX DYRL + DYRL? + Flashback 2012

ii. Macross Plus:

a. Project Super Nova
OVA Extended Edition with movie scenes

b. The Alpha and The Omega :
Macross Plus Movie with extra mecha
scenes from the OVA

3. Preservations:

a. Macross 31th anniversary fan documentary DVD:
A Macross fans' perspective on the whole franchise so far.

b. Macross Karaoke DVDs
i. Zero
ii. SDF TV
iii. DYRL?
iv. Plus
v. Macross 7
vi. Frontier and movies
vii. MII

c. Macross : Fever
pachinko preservation DVD
Putting together all the videos and pictures
that kresphy has posted into a nice dvd

d. Macross: Flashback series
(fan made music videos presented like Flashback 2012)
i. zero
ii. dyrl?
iii. m +
iv. m 7
v. m ii
vi. frontier
vii. frontier tfd
viii. frontier twof

e. Macross Interviews DVD
Putting together video and audio interviews
together and getting them subtitled.

i. Frontier TV Specials: Itano and Kawamori
ii. M+ DVD documentary interview
iii. M0 DVD cast interview,
iv. Animeigo SDF tv episode 35, 36: Ishiguro audio interview,
v. Ishiguro AWO audio interview,
vi. ADV Mari Iijima interview
vi. J-Pop Experience Mari Iijima interview
vii. Anime World Order: Ishigoru interview

f. Macross Laser Disc Preservations:

i. DYRL perfect edition
ii. Flashback 2012
iii. SDF TV Memorial boxset
iv. Macross II
v. Macross Plus Movie
vi. Macross 7 series
vii. Macross Plus OVA

g. Macross: Mech Graffiti series
All the song clips and intros/ending from
each Macross series and OVA

i. Zero
ii. DYRL?
iii. M +
iv. M7 & OVAs
v. Frontier
vi. Frontier movies
vii. M II

h. Macross Music Concerts
DVD/BD english subtitled
i. Electric Fire
ii. Frontier Final Galaxy Tour
iii. Frontier Cosmic Cyuune

i. Macross Toy Transformation Guide DVD series
An audio-visual reference for those who
need help transforming their Macross toys!

i. Macross: Zero
ii. SDF Macross TV
iii. SDF Macross DYRL?
iv. PSX Macross: VF-X 2
v. Macross: Plus
vi. Macross 7 TV
vii. Macross 7 OVA
viii. Macross Frontier TV
ix. Macross Frontier Movies

j. remastered SDF Macross: DYRL? Special Features DVD
english subtitled

4. Restorations:

a. Macross 20th Anniversary
with English subtitles
Use remastered DVD video to update this DVD.

b. Macross: Mech Graffiti
Use BD video.

c. SDF Macross TV: Rebirth
A macross world member suggested the possibility
that all that Macross SDF tv needs is to identify
all the bad animation done by StarPro / Anime Friend
and the last minute video errors and then have
Macross fans redraw and paint good animation
to replace the bad animation.

d. SDF Macross: DYRL? Clash of the Bionoids Edition
Using the remastered DVD or BD video to match
the heavily edited VHS tape.

e. SDF Macross: DYRL? Perfect Edition
Using BD video and BD, DVD, LP audio

f. SDF Macross DYRL? Theatrical Edition
Using BD or LD video with Theatrical DVD audio

g. Macross: Flashback 2012
Using BD or LD video from DYRL? movie
and SDF TV series.

h. Macross Plus OVA 4
special Manga Entertainment English Dub edition
english subtitles by Gubaba and OptimusX
Remix the original japanese music
and sound effects back into the english audio.

i. Macross Plus Movie English Dub

j. Macross II: the OVA
DVD or LD caputres to update the video

k. Robotech: The Movie
Using A&E Robotech DVD video plus
the Megazone 23 Part 1 DVD video
to get the best version of this unreleased movie.
English and Espanol stereo audio would be good, too.

5. TV shows into movies:

a. Macross 0: All about the Shin
(without the confusing mystical ending)

b. SDF Macross: SDF the movie trilogy
1st Movie: episode 1-12
2nd Movie: episode 13-27
3rd Movie: episode 28-36
I would also like to see VF-4s in action for the last movie with
Talos' vf4 line art colouring, instead of the standard vf1x.
That would be cool!

c. Macross Plus: Project Super Nova
OVA with Movie extensions

d. Macross 7 movie series
with less Spiritia and repeated songs and re-used mecha scenes

e. DHE Macross Frontier Premiere: Debran Deculture
Hikuro made his own Frontier episode 1 english dub, so I could just add in a little bit more
once the DHE group have finished up to episode 3 or 4.

f. Macross II: Mardook Conquest
Take out Mosh, slow drama spots
and move around the mecha action.
With English subtitled "Message from Ishtar" Radio Drama

6. Video game movies:

a. Dreamcast
M3: The Dancing Skulls Trio
Intro and Episode 1-8 with good and bad ending and 2 extra game play videos

b. LaserDisc
Macross SF Challenge ReMake
The original Macross SF Challenge LD is an "Adventure/Quiz」type Laser Disc game.
Utilizing the random access function of the video disc you must pick the correct answer
or chapter with the remote controller to make the game advance. The game features
6 different scenarios and 4 Laser Disc quality videos".

A Macross Trivia game that asks arcane Macross questions from the abridged stories
of the SDF TV series, DYRL and FB 2012, and maybe from the other Macross series, too.
Can Include interviews or fan music videos or interesting Macross facts

i. Macross Scrambled Valkyrie
full game walkthrough movie

ii. The DYRL video game trilogy
* Remember me
* Love Stories
* Skull leader

d. PC Engine
i. Macross 2036: The Neld Fleet Incident
with English subtitles

ii. Macross 2037: The Eternal Love Song
with English subtitles slideshow

e. PSX
i. Macross Plus Game Edition

ii. Macross VFX

iii. Macross VF-X-2: Flight of the Ravens Movie
* Intro, Episode 1-12, mission briefings 1-2
* TV Commercials & Trailer

f. PS2
SDF Macross TV & DYRL?
* Part 1-12 TV
* Part 1-6 DYRL?
* Tv commercials and Trailers

g. PS3
Macross 30th: Voices that reach across the galaxy

h. Sega Saturn / PSX DYRL the movie
plus commercials and trailers

Edited by boinger
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Non-Macross Fan Edits:

See also

Macross Fan Edits Completed

Macross Fan Edit Ideas

1. Fan Edits:

a. Jack Kirby's 2001
use high resolution scans of the comic and edit
the 2001 in that order.

b. A Marx Brothers movie
"A Day and Two Nights or
After the opera, the Marx Brothers go to the races in Casablanca?"
Combine "at the races" with
"at the opera" and "in casablanca"
while reducing the extraneous silly songs.

c. Batman: The Dark Knight Returns
Make the two part OVA into one movie.

d. Bladerunner: The Gumshoe Narration version
There is a beta version available on torrent.

e. Bruce Lee's Game of Death

f. Charlie Brown:
i. A Boy named Charlie Brown without the LSD
I liked the movie and the music, but not that last
part of the movie.

ii. A Charlie Brown Christmas extended edition

iii. You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown animated movie
with the 1967, 1971, 1999 full musical soundtrack sync

g. Frank Miller's Robocop
Using the comic book as a guide to edit
Robocop 2 & 3 with some of the Robocop
TV series into what was originally Robocop 2.

h. GITS: Laughing Man & Individual Eleven
both received mixed reviews. I haven't watched them yet.

i. Hellraiser 1 and 2: Complete Damnation

j. Magnificent Ambersons: Book Cut

k. Naked Gun 1,2,3 turned into Police Squad TV episodes

l. Peter Pan: Ultimate
Combine Hook, Peter Pan and Neverland.

m. Star Wars:
i. The Serial Movie of The Star Wars
Use Flash Gordon music and audio fx to make into a 12
part serial like what was done with
Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark

ii. The way I remembered Star Wars
Taking Harmy's Despecialized 2.1 fan edit and
adding in Gold Leader's comment on knowing
Luke's father in the Clone Wars.

iii. David Lynch's Return of the Jedi
Using David Lynch editing techniques to alter
ROTJ into something really strange.

iv. Mission to Ord Mantell
Use the audio play with video clip and pictures
from the movies and comics.

v. Shadows of the Empire
Re-create the comic or novel story into more like a movie
using the video game footage, pictures, posters,
soundtrack and star wars audio effects.

vi. Stranded among the Ewoks
Take the two live action Ewok movies with
the OST and make a more streamlined movie.

j. Spawn: The Director's Cut Excised
Take out the narration and awkward moments.

k. Super-Slyph Yukikaze: Making Sense Movie version
I would have to read the novels to get a better
idea on how far off the OVA is.

l. Swamp Thing 1 & 2 Horror cut.
TV series could be added.

m. The Black Hole:

i. LP story matched to DVD

ii. possible fan edit with Event Horizon,
since both movies seem to make the black
hole as a portal to hell or heaven.

n. The Dark Crystal: The Reverse Workprint
Using the workprint audio and the movie bluray
video to make a new movie.

o. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Real Life version
Use the original HitchHiker's Guide radio series audio and match
to the TV, movie and comicbooks.

p. The Iron Giant
matched to the Pete Townshend musical soundtrack

q. The Lord of the Rings: The full animated movie
Using R.B.'s movie and the Return of the King
with a little of the Hobbit.

r. The Shining: The book cut
Using mostly Stanley Kubrick's movie and some
of the TV series to make a more accurate movie version.

s. Thunderbirds: Rescued
Take the old tv series models and mesh
that with the new movie

2. Extended Editions:

a. Dracula: 1930s B&W extended edition
using the Espanol version and the English version
See original trilogy forum.

b.Gunbuster: extended edition movie
in high definition

c. Dick and Jane (J. Carrey)

d. Harmageddon

e. Serenity: The Extended Cut
Using deleted scenes and the internet
video of prison scenes.

f. This is Spinal Tap: extended edition
in high definition

3. Restorations:

a. Dumb & Dumber: The restored
theatrical cut in high definition

b. Flash Gordon: The Greatest Adventure Restored
Using the new Flash Gordon TV series DVD video
and the bootleg LD opening to make the best version.

c. GITS: 1.0 high definition restoration
Take the 2.0 version and color correct it and then
use with perfect edition LD or DVDs to swap out
the CGI scenes.

d. Star Trek: The movie extended TV edition
in high definition.

4. TV shows into movies:

a. Avengers: EMH animated movie

b. Babylon 5: TV series turned into movies

c. Batman: TAS

d. Captain Harlock: the old anime series with
the Streamline English dub.

e. Captain Power and the soldiers of the future movie

f. Carl Barks' Duck Tales
Take the Duck Tales episodes that have Carl Barks
stories in them and recombine

g. Dungeons & Dragons: the animated movie

h. Cowboy Bebop: The movie of Spike Spiegel and Julia and Vicious
in high definition

i. Evangelion: The original series turned into
3-4 animated movies

j. Exo-Squad

k. FireFly movie series

l. Full Metal Panic the movie

m. Galaxy Rangers: Super Troopers movie
With add in scenes from the Saber Rider anime

n. G.I. Joe Versus Transformers: animated movie

o. Gundam 0079: The novel cut movie series

p. Gurren Lagann: The tv series turned into a movie
, using mostly the tv series because the movies
used a lot of time compression which took
away from character development.

q. K. Otomo's Freedom animated movie

r. Lain: the animated movie

s. Inhumanoids: EarthQuaked!
Use TV series footage and Quake video game OSTs
to make a complete Inhumanoids movie.

t. Lost in Space: TOS movie
The first few Black & White episodes
were really good sci-fi.

u. Orguss TV series and OVA turned into movies

v. Reboot: season 1 & 2 into cartoon movies

w. Spawn: The Animated Movie
Use the TV cartoon series and cut down to the basic horror story.

x. Starship Troopers: The animated movie
1990s CGI cartoon series

y. The Bio O

z. The Maxx: OCD
Focus only on the Maxx character and his direct
interactions with others on his journey to discover
who he is.

a.1. The real Ghostbusters movie

b.1. Thundarr the Barbarian animated movie

c.1. Twin Peaks: Agent Cooper Tapes
Use TV series footage to match the audio tape.

d.1. X-Files mythology movie series
see "Exordium" fan edit

e.1. X-Men: TAS The Dark Phoenix Saga
(idea from originaltrilogy member)

5. Video game movies:

a. Bladerunner

b. Cowboy Bebop: Serenade of Reminiscence
The song remains the same
Custom DVD of video game footage.
Sodekai group has already made this video with
English subtitles. The video is very low resolution.

b. Ghostbusters PS2

c. Grim Fandango

d. Gundam 0079: War for Earth

e. Half-life 1 & 2

f. Myst series

g. Outcast

h. Shogo: MAD

i. Silent Hill

j. Slave Zero

k. Starship Titanic

l. Tron 2.0

m. X-Files

n. Wing Commander 3 and 4


If anybody else is interested in video fan editing or would like to take a crack at a macross video project, then send me a pm or check out www.fanedit.org for more information.


Edited by boinger
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Feb. 10/2008:

Test version of DYRL extended is deleted from iMacross4

[final version is being encoded Feb.20]

See weblinks in my signature.


Some obvious fixes have been done for dyrl ext v2, so if you see or hear something other than these fixes post a reply or send me a pm. Any other helpful suggestions would be appreciated. Words like "travesty" or "Uwe Boll of anime" don't help me much; funny though they may be.

Anyways, the fixes already done for dyrl extended test version 2 are:

1. audio / video sound all synchronized. Harder than it sounds. FIXED

2. removed time cue title captions. When I was watching the movie for the fourth time, I then noticed that the movie has a timeline of 7 months from the beginning of seeing the zentraedi to then ending battle. So, the dyrl ext v1 has time captions. The captions look so-so because there is already enough to read.

I have already taken them out for dyrl ext v2. FIXED

3. there's a zentraedi fleet zoom out clip from psx dyrl that doesn't quite work, but looks good. So, I'm not sure to keep it in. Deleted. FIXED.

4. I wonder if I could put a zentraedi scout ship zooming over my zentraedi fleet in orbit picture. Any suggestions for panning and zooming? I used ProShow Gold. I think I could have the scout ship composited in with the Womble video editor software. Done and FIXED

5. For the next couple of days, I am working/playing on a prologue for the dyrl ext v2, which takes the prologue from SDFtv ep1 and opening clips from Macros0 ep1, which pretty much explains the basic premise of the whole movie. I was thinking that with this kind of prologue DRYL would make sense from the get go, instead of starting the movie in a middle of a conversation among aliens or even the psx dyrl opening scene. DONE

6. ****aspect ratio problem on dyrl ext v1*** : womble video editor shows that the dyrl looks like it's fine as widescreen when I uncheck "maintain aspect ratio" in the preview video panel. So I unchecked "maintain aspect ratio" and encode the movie into an mpeg, but then I get a dyrl movie that has a black border on both top and sides?! I'm going to try cropping or panning the gray phantom dyrl v2 video by itself to get movie into the right widescreen aspect ratio and then subtitle again. That's for tomorrow though.

(If even one video clip has "maintain aspect ratio" checked for video options, the movie's aspect ratio is off.) FIXED



I'll just finish up the dyrl ext prologue in a couple of days and test fitted with the dyrl ext movie for version 2. I would like to do a dyrl extended movie trailer and maybe a poster. By next weeked, I'll work on the "SuperSpace Fortress Macross: Clash of the Bionoids - Special Edition". So far, it's pretty easy to tell when I swap the vhs english audio with the japanese background soundtrack. Cool edit pro was suggested as a good audio editor. I think I'll take a look at some audio editing software to test out how better to upgrade the vhs english dyrl audio.

I was thinking this macrossworld thread will be for Macross Fan Video Editing projects. So, if anybody's in to that sort of thing then they could post here: comments, suggestions or their own fan editing works in progress.

I'm going to post a new thread for the Macross DYRL Extended DVD Cover Art contest.


Feb 17 Update:

I have been working on the dyrl extended dvd cover for the last two days. I hope some other people will be able to find the time to put together a nice dvd cover too for the contest.

Today, I snipped out a little bit of video from the dyrl extended and I am now realigning all the audio and video after the cut point. I still have to get the prologue subtitled. I spent 2 hours on subtitling and it was like the audio or video was different every time I went to check the timing. I'll finish it up tomorrow and then edit the prologue into the main movie and encode. The encoding will take a day or so. Then to upload the 700mb compressed movie to iMacross4 will take 2-3 days. At that point, I'll be working on finishing the dryl ext dvd and testing to see that the dvd works properly. By next weekend, I'll be plugging away at the dyrl english dub.

That was more work than I thought: a little more than 5 months. I sure learned a lot.


Feb. 19/2008

1/3 of the way subtitling dyrl extended prologue.

I found out that tmpeg can encode womble video edit files into mpeg files better than womble can, so I'm testing a video encode right now. That should be finished up tomorrow. Tmpeg video and womble audio are considered the best mix by fanedit.org members for dvd production.

According to www.fanedit.org regulations, I have to have a title specifically made up for each fanedit movie so as not to get anybody confused with an official movie release. I'm about halfway done doing an opening fanedit title sequence with proshow gold software.

So, I'm open to suggestions.

I thought the SDF Macross logo with "More Macross Loving" was good, but then I put in "an extended dyrl fanedit" and the title now sounds so wrong.

"I guess I forgot!"

"That reminds me of something?"

"I don't remember this!?"

"What the...?"

"Too much of a good thing?"

"What was I thinking?!"

"I don't remember that at all!"

"Who's responsible for this mess?"

"Where's the stop button?"

"Oh, the humanity!"


******I uploaded Macross DVD cover collection and dvd picture elements to iMacross4 rapidshare account for the DYRL Extended DVD cover art contest.

Good luck!

This post has been edited by boinger: Feb 19 2008, 01:16 AM


7. I would like to include "Super Dimension Fortress More Macross Loving" in the main movie title, if possible. I just thought of one possible way with FrameShot software taking one frame from before and after the main movie title. Frameshot is better at getting snapshots than Videolan or Womble video editor. Proshow gold slideshow software is good for getting some motion from one still frame to another and turning the animated frames into an mpeg. Then I could take the fanedit title or the dvd cover title and matte it out in white with Paint.net. I was able to composite a zentraed scout ship, so using the slideshow mpeg of the sdf-1 and the cover title composited over the mpeg, I think that could work.

I could use Nero Re encode to do a quick cut from the beginning fanedit titles, if I can get the main movie title working the way I would like. Almost there! FIXED AND DONE!

This post has been edited by boinger: Feb 22 2008, 05:15 AM


1. dryl ext now has all edits finished and audio / video synchronized

2. new fanedit title sequence, so as not to confuse this movie version with an official extended cut and an extra prologue from Sdf tv ep1 FIXED

3. I attempted to cover over the original dyrl title, but the snapshot either looked blurry or I could not get the pan to adjust right on with womble video editor. So, I didn't change the original title sequence. NEW MOVIE TITLE

4. I took out a psx dyrl zentraedi fleet zoom out shot that just didn't look right.

5. I moved the macross armd attack in a spot in the movie that fits.

6. TMPEG made a 6 GB one frame shot of dyrl, so I'm just using womble for encoding despite fanedit.org's suggestions.

7. Title is now : Super Dimension Fortress More Macross Loving: DRYL Extended FanEdit


8. Right now, the mpeg encoding takes a day and then I will re encode the mpeg into a 700 mb avi to upload to iMacross4 by Friday.

9. Then the dvd preparation will take one day, so the dyrl extended dvd will be ready by Sunday!

Uploading a dvd to iMacross4 will take about a week or more.

10. dyrl extended womble preview deleted from iMacross4

Then I can work in earnest on Super Space Fortress Macross: Clash of the Bionoids Special Edition!


Also, while looking for sdf-1 pictures, I found a cool Macross Fan Film edit. Enjoy!


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DYRL extended test avi deleted from iMacross4. Encoding final version of DYRL extended in to mpeg by Friday. Uploading a dyrl extended 700mb avi by Monday.

DYRL Extended Edtion DVD on iMacross4 in 2 weeks.


Currently, 8 minutes in to editing of Clash of the Bionoids special edition.

DYRL COTB sp. ed. Improvements:

1. Better matching of english voice audio with filtered audio mp3 from dyrl english vhs tape

2. Sound upgrade with splicing NLA's audio and dyrl bgm soundtrack into dyrl English audio into 5.1 audio

3. English subtitles for all Japanese songs

4. Upgraded english dyrl end titles

5. Cropped Zentraedi scenes that cut off the Zentraedi subtitles just like the original english dyrl

6. widescreen remastered dryl dvd video

DVD features:

1. orginal perfect edition dyrl ending credits with english subtitles

2. DRYL COTB special edition trailer

3. DYRL Extended edition trailer

4. COTB spec ed dvd cover art

5. DAPDX english commentary overlaid on Japanese audio as alternate track

I'm not sure what else. Any suggestions? Maybe that's more than enough to keep me busy.

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DRYL Extended V3 UPDATE:

I'm working on v4. I did get dyrl extended encoded into mpeg and turned into an avi and then I watched the movie and saw it could use a few more fixes. Almost there.

Fixes that I would like to do for this week.

1. Improve Macross World .gif logo and Fan Edit.org logo and re do the opening credits.


2. Change end credit to SDF More Macross Loving logo

(skipped logo, just retyped credits)

3. Replace music video like footage from Angel's paints pt. 1


That was more work than I thought. I not only had to balance sound effects and music, but the sdf tv video had jumpy frames. So, I took a snapshot of a non-jumpy frame every 20 frames and pasted it over to make a smooth transition. I was thinking of doing 3 movies with sdf tv footage.

4. Replace catwalk scenes from Angel's paints pt. 1 and overlay subtitles


5. Lengthen fade out for zentraedi earth orbit clip


6. dyrl ext. trailer that I will see if I can put on youtube. I never did that before.


7. dyrl extended Mini Poster


Then I can work on the dvd menus for dyrl extended: 90% done. I'm not sure how to do chapters with dvdlabpro just yet.


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Movie trailer VERSION 2 now on youtube!

See above post for Macross Teaser poster.

I'm going to finish working on updating the angel's paints video and final fixes for editing dyrl exended.


I'll need 2 days to encode the movie to 700 mb avi onto iMacross4.

MAR. 4/08

Then the dvd iso upload will take a week to upload to iMacross4 and I'll look at mininova.org for getting a bittorrent started.

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I updated the DYRL extended trailer to version 2.

Click on the above link again to see the slightly improved version. I will be including this trailer on the dvd.

Works better!

I also touched up dyrl extended dvd cover art.


Finished editing because I can't think of how to fix up this video any better.

Encoding to mpeg now and uploading 700 mb avi of SDF More Macross Loving to iMacross4 by Tuesday

Taking a little break.




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SDF More Macross Loving

is now available as 700 mb avi on iMacross4 in Macross Fan Edits folder.

8 parts to be reintegrated with HJSplit software.

In Macross Fan Edits folder is also,

1. SDF MML teaser poster

2. SDF MML DVD cover and disc art

3. SDF MML trailer


I have the dvd menu ready to go, so I am just waiting for Tmpeg to convert the Womble video edit list into separate video and audio files to plunk into the dvd.

SDF MML DVD bonus features:

1. PSX SDF Macross DRYL video game footage with English subtitles from Macross 20th anniversary

2. Macross Flashback 2012: angel's paints video clips with English subtitles

(full version of flashback 2012 is not included because I was thinking of submitting this DVD to fanedit.org)

3. SDF Macross DYRL DVD covers video slideshow from MacrossWorld.com picture collection

4. Original SDF Macross DRYL Trailers with English subtitles from Macross 20th anniversary DVD

5. Original SDF Macross DRYL perfect edition ending credits with English subtitles

6. SDF Macross DYRL soundtracks

7. SDF Macross DYRL: This Is Animation book c(omic)b(ook)r(eader) file

8. Macross: Flashback 2012 graffiti (incomplete) cbr file

9. SDF Macross DYRL DVD booklet cbr file

10. Macross: Flashback 2012 DVD booklet cbr file

11. PSX SDF Macross DYRL video game booklet cbr file

12. SDF More Macross Loving Teaser poster

13. SDF More Macross Loving DVD cover art

14. SDF More Macross Loving movie trailer


I will post again when I have the dvd converted to .ISO format and converted into a bittorrent for MiniNova.org.

Probably by Wednesday.

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SDF MML dvd menu complete

,but I found one audio glitch in the flashback angel's paints part 1 just after the first sdf tv clip insert. It was a small audio overlap that wasn't needed. That's fixed. Then I redid the zentraedi fleet earth orbit scene one more time for the dvd, so that the zentraedi scout zooms out and then pans left a bit rather than just hovering for a second.

Tmpeg should be finished converting the dyrl extended mpeg into an .mpv video file by the time I wake up tomorrow. Then I can post a bittorrent on mininova.org So tired.

16 minutes into Clash of the Bionoids, probably finishing the audio editing by this weekend. I would also like to fix up a DVD menu, DVD cover art and a movie trailer, so that could take me a week or so because I work nights starting Friday for a week.

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SDF MML 700 mb avi as a bittorrent is now available on MiniNova.org!

Click here!

I'm just finishing up the dual layer SDF MML dvd now, so I can post the bittorrent by tonight.

The dual layer SDF MML will take a while to download via bittorrent from me: at least 2 weeks.


Wow! 22 people downloaded my SDF MML bittorrent already.

For some reason, I'm getting a bittorrent problem.

I submitted the bittorrent to MiniNova.org through one of pirate bay's open bittorrent trackers.

I have 2 guys in swarm and MiniNova does not register me as a seeder?

I'm not sure what I did wrong. The pirate bay tracker is connected and utorrent gives me a green light for connections, but no uploading? No firewall blocking any internet connections.

I'll give it an hour and then I might have to re do the bittorrent.


It's working!!



SDF MML dual layer dvd with extras is almost ready. I ran into a dvdlabpro 2 glitch. My extended movie trailer finishes playing and then videolan media player just crashes.

I initially did the extended movie trailer with Womble video editor into an mpeg. Then I used Tmpeg software to get a nicer quality video and use womble 5.1 audio to put into the dvd menu.

combinations I have tried:

W= womble video editor

T = Tmpeg software

A = audio

V = video

C = convertXtodvd software






Then I stopped last night and took a nap before going to work.

I'll just burn the dual layer sdf mml dvd with DVD Shrink and Imageburn to test out this problem with the extended movie trailer tomorrow.

So far I have one positive review from the SDF MML 700 mb avi posted under the Macross Fan Edits folder on iMacross4.

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SDF MML DVD compiling update:

I burned and tested a dvd to play on a my dvd players and found out a couple of things.

1. extended trailer plays just fine on a dvd player. no more glitch.

2. dvd player plays the movie in wide screen, but fills up the whole screen as in no black bars, but that's okay since I have a wide screen tv

3. original dyrl trailer and original dyrl movie ending do not have english credits

dvdlabpro dvd compiler imports the dvd vob video/audio file just fine. I get dyrl trailer and movie ending english credits playing on videolan player correctly, but no english credits on my dvd players! I have a sony upconversion dvd player and a yamaha dix dvd player.

I then noticed that when I slightly changed the zentraedi earth orbit scene for the dvd, I forgot to decrease the brightness and saturation of the zentraedi scout. I'm re doing the dvd video now.

I am also working on getting the original dyrl trailer english subtitles for the dvd. The original dyrl ending subtitles are the same as angel's paints part 2.

I need at least one more day to get the subtitles for the trailer done and to mux the dvd video and re compile the dvd.

Almost there.

I was going to make a quick perfect edition dyrl with

Then I can put the sdf mml into an iso with extra dyrl files onto MiniNova.org by Friday.

It will take a couple of weeks to upload the sdf MML iso to iMacross4 because the iso dvd is 8 gb!


Minor Fixes, Major time consumer:

I am now set back to square zero for COTB special edition.

I have to re do all of my video and audio edits of SDF Clash of the Bionoids. Womble video editor crashed in the middle of saving the project file and corrupted the project file! $@$#%$! I thought Clash of the boinoids would be a much more relaxed and easier fan edit, but Womble has some sort of defect with more than 10 sound edits that break the software. So, I need to save every 5 sound edits and if it looks like Womble is slowing down, just close Womble and redo the last 5 edit points.

I was going over the dyrl english song subtitles and found "untill", which is supposed to be spelled unti(l). So, the dryl extended subtitles also include this spelling mistake.

To fix one spelling error on the sdf mml dvd:

I need to turn G_P DRYL into a dvd with dvd flick software, then use autogk to burn in the new subtitles with the correct spelling, then open up womble to copy and paste a few frames and finally get tmpeg to make the .mpv video file, which can be plugged into the dvd menu and compiled with dvdlabpro. Then I turn the sdf mml dvd into an iso with dvdshrink.

The original dyrl trailer and ending now have fixed subtitles and I know that dvdlabpro makes a fine dvd.

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I am the only guy seeding right now. MTS does not have as restrictive a policy for uploading as Shaw Cable, but I have to keep the uploading at a certain rate or MTS can and will cut off my internet connection as punishment for sharing too much. MTS doesn't mind the downloading though.

SDF: MML is also available on iMacross4 under the Macross Fan Edits folder.

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"Untill" spelling subtitle fix:

Do not use the latest version of dvd flick software to convert .mkv video files. The audio and video do not match. The audio and subtitles match, which then tells autogk to burn in the subtitles at the wrong spot, so avoid dvd flick. ConvertXtoDVD software works way better.

I'll think the dvd will be ready by Saturday, but problems of all sorts keep popping up unexpectedly.

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The video on the dvd will look sharper because Tmpeg software does a better job of rendering video for a dvd than Womble video editor does. The 700 mb avi is the womble mpeg rather than the Tmpeg video. The psx dryl video game scenes look a little fuzzy at edges straight from the Macross 20th dvd, so I'm not sure how to fix that.


Keep in mind that there's a big video quality difference between an 8 gb dvd and a 700 mb avi.


I fixed the "untill" subtitle for the main dyrl movie and Tmpeg is working at encoding the final movie. The other video files are fixed and ready for the dvd menu, so all I would need to do is plunk in the sdf mml mpeg into the dvd menu, fix up the dvd chapters, compile the dvd and turn the dvd into an iso ready for bittorrenting!

It's that "easy". :p

Edited by boinger
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Super Dimension





SDF MML DVD Extras Available on MiniNova.org!!


I posted SDF MML v2 xvid ac3 on MiniNova.org that looks just fine, but I'm having difficulty getting the movie to go into the dvd menu properly. I found that the audio was slightly off synch or the psx video scenes look pixellated, so I'm re Encoding the movie now.


It's a whopper big file, so you can expect it to take 2-3 weeks for downloading because there is just me uploading. But don't worry I'm going to be seeding this dvd for a while. I will look into uploading dvd and extras onto a collector's rapidshare account, but that will take me about 2 weeks to upload as well.

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After making and watching two dvd versions of SDF MML and listing the whole dvd and extras to bittorrent, I found a few more fixes that needed to be done. I'm going to post the final dvd with fixes to rapidshare in the next 2 weeks.

1.Audio synch was lost 3 times in the movie by a few milliseconds. It's not noticeable if you haven't watched this movie as much as I did and haven't watched lots of Japanese shows.

2.Flashback concert part one has smoother transitions.

3. The first introduction is a bit choppy for some reason. I had a previous mpeg of the whole movie that has a smooth introduction video. I encoded that old introduction scene and the edited main movie separately to plug back into the dvd menu.

4.Videolan has a problem with two of the video files, but the dvd plays just fine with any other software dvd player and standalone dvd players, so I'm just leaving these videos as is.

I think I have the movie just the way I would like it for now.

Time to start my next project.

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SDF MML version 2 xvid ac3 avi

now on MiniNova.org

SDF MML Extras bittorrent

1. SDF Macross DYRL soundtracks

2. SDF Macross DYRL: This Is Animation book c(omic)b(ook)r(eader) file

3. Macross: Flashback 2012 graffiti (incomplete) cbr file

5. SDF Macross DYRL DVD booklet cbr file

6. Macross: Flashback 2012 DVD booklet cbr file

7. PSX SDF Macross DYRL video game booklet cbr file

8. SDF More Macross Loving Teaser poster

9. SDF More Macross Loving DVD cover art

10. Macross DVD cover collection


minor note:

I think we'll be seeing a version 3 of sdf mml for the dvd sometime in the near future.

I've been having difficulty getting the sdf mml mpeg to go into dvdlabpro's dvd menu without losing audio sync when I use the demuxed Tmpeg video /audio files or the womble mpeg demuxed by dvdlabpro (24 fps). When I try a work around by converting the mpeg to dvd with ConvertXtodvd, I get a pixellated picture, but matched sound (30fps). Dgindex and cc encoder software will be finished giving me some more demuxed video and audio files to play with by tomorrow. :wacko:

After viewing multiple combinations of demuxed video/audio files, I noticed that sdf mml v2 has an error with the zentraedi scout ship fading before the end of the scene. That needs fixing for the dvd version.

(Fixed: Under womble mpeg video editor, I need to encode all of the work file into an mpeg in order to match up the womble audio to the better quality mpeg video of Tmpeg software.)

Gubaba was telling me that he's keen on updating DYRL and Flashback subtitles for his Mega Macross bittorrent for next year. So, if he can send me the .srt file, I could then reupdate the subtitles for sdf mml.

If anybody spots errors that could be fixed in the sdf mml v2 video, then send me a pm and I'll see if I can get it to work.

(For example, pixellated video in 2 second Flashback concert part 1 is fixed for version 3, by pasting in a clip from my copy of remastered flashback dvd)

Edited by boinger
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SDF MML v1 deleted from iMacross4 to make room for SDF MML version 3 xvid ac3 avi, which I'm uploading now.

SDF MML v1, v2 and Extras are still available through bittorrent.

See above posts.



I'm working on the final version of SDF MML for the dvd.

Fixes include

1. Flashback concert 2 with redone subtitles

2. M 0 clips cropped a bit, so they fit in with wide screen

3. no "untill" in subtitles

I hope I'm almost done. The last trial run of the dvd worked just fine. It's just a matter of little details then tmpeg takes a day to encode the video. I think I can post the dvd .iso by this weekend.

I think I actually learned something about video editing that will make the SDFM Clash of the Bionoids a little easier to do.

Edited by boinger
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SDF MML Special Features DVD bittorrent

1. PSX SDF Macross DRYL video game footage with English subtitles from Macross 20th anniversary

2. Macross Flashback 2012: angel's paints video clips with English subtitles

3. SDF Macross DYRL DVD covers video slideshow from MacrossWorld.com picture collection

4. Original SDF Macross DRYL Trailers with English subtitles from Macross 20th anniversary DVD

5. Original SDF Macross DRYL perfect edition ending credits with English subtitles

6. SDF More Macross Loving movie trailer

7. Original SDF Macross DYRL movie trailers

8. Macross DVD cover collection

All English subtitled.

SDF MML v3 xvid ac3 being uploaded to iMacross4 in the next week.

Tomorrow, I'm working on the dvd menu for SDF MML v3 and then I'm done.

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Clash of the Bionoids is on hold this week.

I'm re organizing and backing up iMacross4. It's a lot more work than I thought because there's a lot of files and I'm backing up to dvd s and to an extra hard drive.

I accidentally deleted the Macross Frontier files from my rapidshare folder when transferring to a rapidshare free collector's account. I was trying to make more room on my premium rapidshare account for the upcoming Frontier series. No files were lost; I just need to upload the Macross Frontier stuff onto iMacross4 again. 2-3 weeks for uploading, since I'm also using bittorrent to upload my macross fan edits.

Macross Share website still has Macross Frontier stuff on his first webpage for downloading.

So, my macross project for this week, other than backing macross stuff up, is

re doing the remastered dyrl with english subtitles.

G_P dyrl v2 is really good, except for using Hurin's old version of his subtitles and the karoke subtitles. Some people on Macross World would have liked the original grainy version of the dyrl movie rather than the filtered G_P dyrl version. Then there's also the audio pops on the remastered dyrl dvd, which don't sound to be on G_P's dyrl and the 6 frame bodolza video glitch.


1. original remastered dyrl video

2. perfect edition dyrl audio

(had to adjust the audio synch a bit to match the remastered video)

3. 6 frame bodolza video glitch

(easy fix with womble mpeg video editor software)

4. I have my updated version of Hurin's dyrl english subtitles ready to go.

I'm just running the remastered dyrl dvd though autogk to get the .avi video encoding fixed up for the womble mpeg editor. In womble I'll do my video and audio fixes. Then I can add the subtitles with autogk and get this uploaded in the next 2 weeks along with the Frontier files.

Then I'll get back to Clash of the Bionoids by next week.


After the Clash of the Bionoids, I was going to do a mini dvd of Hikuro's Dark Heroes Entertainment : Macross Zero episode one english dub. Maybe, M0 episode one needs an english title?

1. upgrade the wmv video

2. dvd menu

3. cover art

4. any macross zero extra features?

trailer or Macross 0 zero

After the M0 upgrade project, Macross Plus remastered dvd s will reach me by the end of next month for my next project. Macross Plus - The Alpha and The Omega Extended Edtion, which will include mecha footage from the ova s back into the movie.

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I just thought I would post some reviews on SDF MML.

Here's a quote:

"I like the entire idea behind this ... This is not going to be approved on fanedit.org, the reason being is technical. The film as a whole suffers from a lot of artifact noise, macro blocks during most scene changes and movement, slight film stutter when one framerate is not converted properly to another, but the biggest issue, an odd kind of noise that appears every other frame for the entire film. This odd artifact literally looks like venetian blinds you may have in your house if they were vertical. When I first saw them I figured it might have been from the video game footage but as I watched/skimmed through, it is there for the length of the film. The fact that you made this a DL disc and it looks the way it does will have many people complaining. The making lacks quality so much that there is a good chance, people will not be happy at all, which could result in really bad reviews and a bad reputation."

knight26 also posted a review.

"The new prologue parts and PSX footage really doesn't mesh well, there is just too great a difference in animation, and story wise they don't work becuase you have no idea of the conflict going on there. The zentraedi fleet scene, that was completely unneccessay and looked very bad. Integration of the 2012 footage to the concert, sorry that really hits me the wrong way, none of it meshes correctly, justy put it at the end where it belongs."


So, I won't be able to post this movie on FanEdit.org beacause of numerous technical flaws. The fan editor reviewer has not seen if my inserted extra scenes actually fit in with the movie's main story line. I'm not sure how to fix the mistakes I made.

I was hoping that knight26 would point out specifically what my mistakes were and how to possibly address the mistakes I made. He was saying that he much preferred the perfect edition DYRL just the way it is.

I'm guessing the video problems stem from using G_P's DYRL v2 video, which was filtered and using it in the fan edit. Then there's the differences in frame rate (16-30 fps) between the SDF, DYRL and Flashback video footage that caused audio / video synch problems. I solved the audio sych problem by running the movie through ConvertXtoDVD as 30 fps, so I could have some video files that could be used by dvdlabpro. I just felt happy that I was able to get some result from all the effort I put in. I was a little bit deluded. Oh, man. :(

I'll see if anybody can make some suggestions on how to fix my mistakes. I'm stumped.

I'm not sure if I should just pull the plug on the MiniNova.org bittorents right now or wait a bit to see how disappointed people can get.


I"m just waiting for Gubaba to look over the DYRL subtitles and then I'll upload the remastered DYRL avi to iMacross4.

The Clash of the Bionoids fan edit is not as complicated as SDF MML, so I can't make as many mistakes.

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1. Macross Frontier

2. Macross: Do you remember love?

3. Macross Miscellaneous Video

4. Macross Fan Edits

5. Macross Games

6. Macross Music

7. Macross Miscellaneous

8. Macross 7 new version


Use hjsplit, winrar, C(omic)B(ook)R(eader)and nero software.

Macross Share:

highly recommended non-iMacross rapidshare website that has the most complete selection of

videos, games, music and much more!

Hi! Nice archive! Do you have tabs/cords/guitar pro files for Macross/Robotech songs?

I have searched for them, but I found only 2 tabs.

I have found some lyrics here 6. Macross Music/Macross_lyrics.zip, but it seems that there is no Macross SDF openning, right?


Edited by SeminNV
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The fan editor from FanEdit.org saw SDF MMLv4


knight26 probably saw SDF MML v1 or 2

Raul2106 also posted a review on SDF MML v1 or 2:

"Your DYRL edit is truly unique and should be appreciated and cherished for all the hard work and dedication you have given it. I personally love it and believe your edit to be a new favorite. I don't know what kind of equipment knight whatever used to watch your film but I watched it with my HD-DVD A-30 and connected my Sony wireless DTS headphones into the optical audio jack and had a beautiful experience. Not to mention the fact that my first viewing of it was with my wife and she enjoyed it. My wife doesn't really even like anime much. So all that being said if fanedited rejects your work I say it is their loss. Thanks again for a truly beautiful viewing experience. Looking forward to CLASH OF THE BIONOIDS!"

So, that cheers me up a bit.


I'm just getting the remastered dyrl into shape for uploading to iMacross4 and then I can work the remastered dyrl avi into shape for the Clash of the bionoids. Converting the mpeg into an avi with autogk now. Gubaba is still working on updating the dyrl subtitles.

I'm doing a lot of backing up for iMacross4 and one of my computer's hard drives died. So, that kept me busy last week. I found a whole bunch of stuff to upload to iMacross4. Stay tuned for next week to the iMacross4 FAQ for updates.

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It took me 3 weeks to figure out why the remastered dyrl kept getting this venetian blind video effect when turned into an mpeg. Also, that the resulting mpeg audio and video file were not matched for dvdlabpro to turn into a dvd.

Womble mpeg video editor is good for editing, but not at all good for encoding video files into mpeg files. I used Tmpeg software to get an mpv video file at 23.98 FPS from Womble and out came a video even better looking than the original dyrl. Less grain with same level of detail!

So, from now on, I'll use Tmpeg for mpeg encoding and check at what frame rate is the original video files. When mixing video/audio files of different frame rates, I think I'll have to use ConvertXtoDVD to get the video frame rates of all the different videos to be all at 30 FPS.


Basically, I have a very good avi of the fixed remastered DYRL. It'll be a couple of weeks before I can upload to iMacross4 because I would like to get the english song subtitles on the tope margin.

Better picture, perfect edition audio (no pops), 12 frame Bodolza fortress video glitch corrected and separate english subtitles.

Gubaba and I have been updating Hurin's transliterated DYRL subtitles.

I received his updated DYRL subtitles this evening, so I'm going to spend a little time tomorrow and Monday to double check the differences between his DYRL subtitles and my copy. Gubaba has attempted to make DYRL as accurate as possible, so I'm going to post on iMacross4 both versions of subtitles as soon as I check through both.

I'm thinking that I'll hard encode the song subtitles into the dyrl video, so that they are placed on the top margin of the video and then leave both Gubaba's and the older version as separate subtitles. That will take me 3-4 days to title the songs with Womble video editor and then encode the Womble edit into an mpeg with Tmpeg and then use AutoGK to turn the mpeg into an Xvid avi.

Gubaba has also updated the Macross Plus subtitles and he is also planning to do a lot more Macross translations this year for his Mega Macross Torrent Upload project. Thanks Gubaba!


Currently, I'm going to work on getting most of the Clash of the Bionoids done this week. Tomorrow, my younger brother needs me to get some stuff onto ebay. So, I can start on COTB Monday morning. Busy, busy.


Since, I have figured out how to use Tmpeg, then for May, I'll redo SDF MML one more time. I would have to do a lot of retiming of subtitles and video editing because I now have the remastered Flashback and Macross 0 ep 1 is in the mail from cdjapan. There's a lot of video quality fixes needed. The Flashback concert scene needs the audio balanced better. The ending credits neeed realiging. oops. I would also like to figure out how to do photoshop better. Otherwise, I like where all the scenes are transitioned into place.

I'm on holidays for May, so I can get SDF MML V5 done as a bittorrent dvd and an Xvid avi on iMacross4.

Also, when M zero ep1 gets to me in the mail, I can get Hikuro's english dub M0 ep1 upgraded to dvd with some cover art.

Then I hope I'll learn enough to do a good job with the Macross Plus Movie Extended edition "The Alpha and The Omega"

I still have to watch M Frontier ep 2 :p

bye for now

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