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DHE Macross zero episode 1 dvd update:

I downloaded the 1920x1080 .mkv m zero files from macross share. Then ConvertxtoDVD to get a .vob file that looks like it's 864x480 at 16:9 resolution. Next, used Autogk software to turn the dvd. vob file to an 1920x1088 avi. I might be better off to use the dvd. vob file. I have to check some screenshots to see if the background detail gets a little blurry after the .avi conversion. I'll be able to use the 5.1 ac3 sound file directly from the .mkv file in the video editor.

episdoe 1,2 are ready to be edited. I'll convert the rest to avi for the music video.

The only video editor I found that can use h.264 video files directly is sony vegas and that video editor does not like vista 64 bit lately. So, I have to do this round about video conversion to get files that will work in the video editing software that I can use.

DHE DYRL .avi update:

I was thinking about Hikuro's psx dyrl prologue and Cristina Vee's alternate dyrl song mix for a special edition dhe dyrl .avi. I have the remastered psy dyrl video and just for a change use perfect edition dyrl video. The audio needs a little balancing with the background music. Then I could touch up the ending credits, so that the japanese giri (?) would be in english. This would be .avi only, since Hikuro is working on his DVD release.

Also, Hikuro's dyrl music video is a keeper and I would like to put that on the Macross music video dvd!

COTB update:

Looks like one more day and I'll finally have the dvd seeded. I watched the movie on my big screen tv and the dvd menu and aspect ratio work the way I was hoping for. For some reason, the audio still sounds off in some scenes. I know for sure that I edited those specific spots many times over. So, I'll fix the cotb audio up again before I upload an .avi onto imacross4.

When S-47 Berkut is able to get the japanese subtitles out of DYRL, then I could redo COTB. It's a good thing I really like DYRL.


I finished subtitling most of the remastered M7 supplementary videos and I'm uploading them to iMacross4. Next, I could swap out the english for Japanese kanji (?) and keep the timing for the .srt filles for the M7 music videos and put together a M7 music dvd.

So, I'd like to fix up the COTB .avi first (1-2 weeks approx.).

Then DHE SDFM DYRL Special Edition .avi (1-2 weeks approx).

Then DHE M0 Special Edition DVD (2-3 weeks approx).

I set myself some kind of schedule, but we'll just have to see how it goes.


Jan 7/09

COTB 2.2 .avi Update:

1. 100% fixing up audio. 1st 30 minutes had 20+ realigning for audio,

2nd 30 minutes had 10 parts to fix.

Looks like I'll be finished and ready for upload by this weekend.

2. I can hear in the background a lot of soft audio "click" noises. That's from all of the previous audio edits with womble video editor. So, I'll use Soundsoap for taking out the audio edit "click" noises.

3. Silver moon, red moon subtitles retimed

4. fixed 1 frame drop in the angel's paints end credits

(There was one frame missing for no reason. I'll have to check if there is a missing frame in the angel's paints music video as well.)

COTB 2.3 fixes for future reference:

1. new audio from 2.2 .avi

2. S-47 Berkut's DYRL without the japanese subtitles

3. fix Chapter menu selection.

I just did a so-so job with the chapter menu by just using

the automatic function rather than specifically

selecting scenes and labelling them.

After the COTB 2.2 .avi, then I'll play around with the DHE DYRL special edition .avi

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Well in light of the whole thing, I'm actually retooling the audio track for a 2.0 version of Episode 1...so it's a bit more flowing with what I've been doing with the other episodes. There were things in Episode 1 that I just didn't like but they worked at the time cause I didn't have enough SFX's to get the job done like I do now for that episode.

I can assure it'll be a pretty good re-release. Course god if I could get that Blu-Ray footage to work WOO that'd be sweet.

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Super Space Fortress Macross : Clash of the Bionoids special edition

xvid .avi, 5.1 ac3

version 2.2

29 parts, HJSplit

I'll fix up a new dvd of COTB when S-47 Berkut is able to finish his dyrl project.

Now, I'll take a couple of weeks to put together DHE SDFM DYRL extended edition .avi.


One small video glitch can be seen in COTB 2.2 avi. It's not worth the bother of re-uploading a whole new .avi, but something to fix for the dvd.

The macross fan edit logo doesn't merge into the background black picture. I figured out how to do this before for COTB 2.1. I just need to try a couple of things.

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DHE DYRL extended .avi UPDATE:

Hikuro's audio is matching up to the perfect edition DYRL very well, since both audio and video are timed for 30 frames per second. The DHE psx dyrl prologue is in place and lined up with its audio. I find the audio for the two extra dhe dyrl scenes to be a little louder than the main dhe dyrl audio, so I lowered the audio a touch for the two clips.

I was thinking of overlaying the DYRL soundtrack and BGM to balance off DHE's voice acting and sound effects, but I'm not sure if doing that will make a big difference. I did do soundtrack audio overlays on the COTB fan edit, since the VHS audio was out of sync or just plain too quiet to hear in the vhs movie audio.

I redid the Macross Fan Edit logo video clip with cyberlink power director (CPD).

For some odd reason, the original snapshot of the logo was at 800x600 and the brightness and contrast did not fit in with the perfect edition dyrl black level. Also, I wasn't able to do a iris out effect on the logo in the video editor. Since, the iris out effect is a transition, I think I would have to put a snapshot at 864x480 of just plain black just before the macross fan edit video clip to get the iris transition to work.

Instead, I just put together a straight forward fade in with a nice title transition on top with CPD. Then in Womble, I checked for aspect ratio, lowered the brightness and contrast, increased the hue and saturation a touch, put in a noise reduction filter to smooth off the edges of the macross fan edit logo and then added in a sharpening filter, so it wouldn't look blurry with the noise reduction filter.

All that was done for 15 seconds of glory!

The custom english dhe dyrl movie title scene was also redone in CPD and paint.net.

The video clip is composed in three layers:

the moving star background,

the moving SDF-1 and

the moving dyrl english title.

I took a snapshot in the perfect edition dyrl of the SDF just before the main title to get the right aspect ratio and resolution. Paint.net was used to outline the sdf-1 and outlined the sdf-1 with a black background.

I had already a previous background starscape found the internet.

The DYRL english title was taken orinally as a snapshot from the HD dyrl. Paint.net was used to take out the Japanese writing while maintaining the same color consistency. English letters were then added in with paint.net. The new english dyrl title was scaled up to a higher resolution with a gaussian blur added to take off the pixel/blocky edge.

I did a lot of measurements with a tape measure to maintain the aspect ratio between different video editors. But, once I plugged in the "finished" dhe dyrl english custom title into Womble video editor, I still had to pan the video clip out to make the SDF-1 to appear approximately as big as the previous frame of the perfect edition dyrl video. Then the brightness and contrast were also reduced to better match the perfect edition DYRL video.

The end credits are half way done with all english credits just like the COTB fan edit. I also added in Hikuro as audio editor for his two years of work. The 2nd half of credits need to be typed and these will look the same as Hikuro's dyrl end credits.


I'm just re aligning the song subtitles for tonight.

Tomorrow, I'll finishing getting the audio in place and take a look at what a black bar looks like over the japanese subtitles. I might be better off just to have a separate subtitle file like what Hikuro did and then see what options are on the dvdlabpro (dvd disc making software).

I wonder if I'm getting better at this or I just know how to make things more complicated for myself?


Jan. 19/09

I'm still working on aligning the song subtitles.

Also, the black bar over the japanese subtitles looks a little odd. Every Japanese sentence is not quite center, since I'm compositing a black bar over each japanese sentence to give the largest possible video. I'll probably manually type in the english subtitles, once the black bar has been hard-encoded into the video. I'm not sure if I can type all the english translation inside of the black bar just yet.

The cinderella song and Hikuro's dyrl dvd end credits also need subtitling.

I work on this every day a little bit when I have the time; so, the dhe dyrl extended .avi could be ready in two weeks.

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  • 5 weeks later...

Real life kept me busy for the last month or so from finishing up the DHE extended DYRL that I had planned.

In the meantime, Gubaba and I picked up the discounted SDF memorial DVD set from cdjapan. And

now we're planning to put together the whole remastered SDF TV series as .mkv videos

with Gubaba updating the translations. So, I spent some time getting the translation timed to

the Macross Special and then coloring and positioning the subtitles with Aegisub. So, the Macross

Special is posted on imacross4 and will be posted as a bittorrent by Gubaba in the next week or so.

Then Chad Dunham, who has sent me a DVD copy of his DHE DYRL special edition,

pointed me out this Handbrake video encoding software.

So, it took me a week to get the hang of handbrake for video encoding the remastered SDF TV episodes

and next the BD Macross Zero episodes.

This week, I'll be finally getting back to subtitling the DHE DYRL extended edition and timing out

the remastered SDF TV episode 1. I hope so.

I updated the Macross Fan Edit project list in the first post to reflect the upcoming projects.


I have been requested a couple of times for anime sound fx. But, I don't really have any.

If you have a good selection of anime sound fx and you would like to share, then I could

keep a copy of anime sound fx in the imacross4 fan edits folder for any future fan editors.

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I really need to check the Fan Works section more often. I had no idea any of this existed. I found it through rather interesting circumstances. I was at a con last weekend, and someone let go of a ton of raw VHS from the 80s and 90s. The DYRL dub was in there, so I actually got a copy of "Super Spacefortress Macross" to go along with my old, well worn before I ever got it, copy of "Clash". I'd oft been wondering if anyone had attempted to preserve the old Hong Kong dub for the hell of it so i did a search. If not, I actually had the thought of ripping it myself now that I have a copy. I stumbled upon this on Mininova. That's how I found this.

Though I'm sort of curious. The mininova description throws me off a bit. You label it "Clash" yet it's the full movie from the looks of it. That would make it "Super Spacefortress Macross", and not the heavily edited "Clash of the Bionoids". I know some of the boxart was odd if memory served, but "Clash" is only about 80 minutes. So I'm sort of confused as to how you did this. I take it this is more a revision than a straight audio rip, going by the multiple sources. I'll have to dig through the thread more.

Also, there are many better sites for filesharing than Rapidshare (though I keep forgetting to bookmark them). Why the use of antiquated avi? All this work would better benefit from something like AVC.

Some very interesting projects you have here. Sorry for all the questions.

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Super Space Fortress Macross Answers:

I bought a SSF Macross vhs tape of the full Hong Kong english dub from Amazon.com and transferred the vhs onto dvd.

Then I had to do some audio filtering because the vhs audio had some background hiss and pops: audacity audio sofware and then in later dvd versions SoundSoap sound filter was used.

Additional audio was used from the perfect ediiton dyrl dvd and Macross soundtracks to fill out the sometimes hollow sounding vhs audio.

DAPDX said okay to me using their commentary, but it needed retiming/editing/filtering.

The video used was from the remastered DYRL DVD and the remastered FlashBack 2012.

I didn't notice that there was a name change for the edited DYRL: Clash of the Bionoids, so I just used both titles in this fan edit project. I suppose if somebody wants to edit out the violent parts and call it Clash of the Bionoids Restored, then that's up to them.

I worked on this fan edit for over a year before there were video editors that could handle .avc video files, so xvid .avi files were the standard that I used. .h264 / .avc is a video format that I'm just getting used to this month. Handbrake video encoding software is working fine for me and you'll be seeing more macross fan edit releases in the .h264, .mkv format. Xvid avi are still more compatible to most media players and computers, though.

Rapidshare has been the most dependable download site that I know of.

Demonoid is closed to most people unless you have an invitaion. asiandvdclub.org is only for full dvds.

Mediafire and MegaUpload are just not convenient or as affordable for me, especially when I have 95 GB of Macross files on iMacross4.

I have been perpetually seeding on MiniNova for over a year and most people don't bother seeding,

but they are vocal about me seeding.


Chad Dunham is working on a couple of Macross fan edits.

I will be posting his fan edits initially as .mkv/.h264/.avc videos with subitles.

DVD versions could follow after.

1. remastered SDF tv special edition

The Macross Special episode had video improvements over the rest of the grainy remastered sdf tv seris. Chad has been using an avisynth file he picked up from originaltrilogy.com forum and producing really nice results

2. perfect edition dyrl remastered

the test file on the first page of this thread speaks for itself.

3. DHE DYRL special edition

remastered DYRL Chad


Gubaba and I are putting subtitles to the remastered SDF TV series.

He fixes up the english translation and I get the rest done.

I'm waiting to see how Chad's Perfect Edition DYRL turns out

and then I'll use that video for the DHE DYRL Extended Edition.

I hope that answers a few questions.

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A lot of progress has been made in getting the .ass subtitle file muxed properly into the sdf remastered sdf tv .mkv video files.

To mux in the .ass into the remastered .mkv, I had to just add in the .mkv without demuxing the audio and video and then add in the .ass subtitle file. No more problems with video frame per second being off. Thanks OptimusX!

Then I figured out why Zoom player was not displaying the subtitles properly on subtitled .mkv.

Thanks Zoom player forums!

It's vsfilter/directvobsub!

I have to open vsfilter settings: "general", always load.

Now the subtitles in the mkv appear in Zoom player and Media player Classic!!

Gubaba is just looking over episode 1 retimed subtitles that I sent him.

I forgot to add in "super dimension fortress" in the title card for episode 1.

Macross Special can now be uploaded with the .ass subtitle file and it'll work fine.

I have a lot of uploading to do.

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I uploaded the subtitled remastered SDF TV episode 1 to the iMacross4 rapidshare folder.

I'm also re-encoding the extra remastered SDF TV videos and adding in subtitles after in .mkv format.

If it has the word "subtitles" in the .mkv file name, then it's subtitled.

Chad Dunham's completed subtitled Macross video upgrade projects will be posted in the Chad Dunham's Macross Fan Edit rapidshare folder. You can pm Chad if you would like to get just the .m2v files, but the posted .mkv files will have have Chad's m2v video muxed in already.

If you have any questions about Chad's video projects, then you can ask him in his thread here.

I'll see if I can get episode 2 and 3 subtitling done by the end of next week.

Gubaba is working on translating episode 4.

I've been doing a lot of preproduction planning, co-ordinating with other people on Macross video projects and typing, so I'll try to post when I have something available and stay focused on the actual video edting, etc. And have fun!

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  • 2 weeks later...

SDF Macross TV episode 00 Special Edition

video upgrade by Chad Dunham

subtitles by Gubaba

.mkv, 25 parts, HJSplit

This sdf episode has the video sharpened with minimal film grain.

Subtitles are basically the same with minor color change and slight song repositioning.

I just finished timing episode 2 and sent it off to Guaba for approval.

So, I'll be uploading remastered SDF episode 2 and the special edition soon.

I'll work on episode 3 in the next 2 weeks.

I tend to work 1 week+ of nights and then I have 4-7 days off.

Slow going, but we'll get there eventually.

Chad has been working on upgrading the perfect edition and remastered DYRL.

You can download test clips that are posted on the first page of this thread.

OptimusX has finalized his remastered M+ movie and OVA disc 2 subtitle patches and .ass subtitle files. I've posted them up in the iMacross4reamastered M+ folder.

I noticed that the M+ OVA .mkv videos have disappeared. I'm not sure if I deleted them because the same episodes are up on Macross Share website or what. I was thinking of using OptimusX's/Gubaba's/EricF's/? subititles and putting them together with english audio and remastered M+ video into .mkv videos.

We'll see how long that takes me to do, since practically all the posted Macross videos on iMacross4 could have better video encoding and subtitles.

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Re-remastered DYRL video

by Chad Dunham

.m2v, 52 parts, HJSplit

I updated the Macross Fan Edits project list.

You'll see that Chad's m2v will work quite nicely with the retail remastered DYRL DVD and

OptimusX's DVD subtitle patch once I get the subtitling retimed.

I'm slowly plugging along getting DYRL .ass subtitles fixed up for all the upcoming DYRL fan edits.

Then next week, I'll get SDF episode 3 subtitles retimed and ready.

If anybody else would like to make any Macross fan edits or even make custom DVD covers for the upcoming Macross fan edits, then send me a pm.

Macross Fans who have Japanese to English translation skills can contact Gubaba any time.


Also, if you know of any Macross interviews (I don't have listed) or Macross toy transfomation videos or really good Macross Music videos, then send me a pm.

14. Macross Music video DVD projects

current Macross Music video list


15. Macross Interviews DVD:

Pulling together as many video and audio interviews

together and getting them subtitled.

I have these videos on hand.

Frontier Specials Itano and Kawamori,

M+ documentary interview,

M0 cast interview,

SDF tv Ishiguro audio interview,

Ishiguro AWO audio interview

16. Macross Toy Transformation Guide DVD:

An audio-visual reference for those who need help transforming their Macross toys!

I have these videos on hand in varying quality.

a. 1/60 v1 by graham

b. 1/60 v2

c. 1/60 yf-19 by graham

d. 1/60 yf-21

e. 1/60 sv-51

f. 1/60 vf-0s

g. 1/65 vf-17

(low resolution stop motion video)

h. 1/60 vf-25

i. 1/48 VF-1X

j. Wave SDF-1 in 2 modes

I'm still looking for these other toy transformation videos:

Any assistance would be appreciated!

Otherwise, I might do these myself.

Excepting for, I don't have the 1/72 yf19 anymore.

* Yamato Monster VB6 in all 3 modes

* 1/72 yf-19, yf-21, vf-11b in all 3 modes

* 1/60 vf-1j armored battroid

* 1/5000 SDF-1 Bandai x2

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remastered PE DYRL

by Chad Dunham

.m2v, 48 parts, HJSplit

So, the perfect edition DYRL has been improved, but since the PE DYRL DVD was

only single layer, there was not as much detail in this version of the movie than

the dual layer remastered DYRL DVD.

PE DYRL DVD can be found on Macross Share and asiandvdclub.

I'll pm OptimusX about getting the PE DYRL DVD subtitled once I finish up

the DYRL .ass subtitles.

I just had to know!

Thanks Chad!


Chad's next project is remastering the Bandai Macross II DVD9 disc 1 and disc 2 OVAs.

I hope to get the Macross II subtitles and timed into 6 .ass subtitle files to hand over to OptimusX.

Both Bandai Macross II DVDs can be found on asiandvdclub.

If Bandai gets around to reselling MII DVDs, then please buy the offical DVDs.

I would if I could.

As well, I'll be uploading remastered SDF tv episode 2 and Chad's updated version soon.

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remastered SDF Macross episode 2 subtitled

.mkv, 9 parts, HJSplit

SDF Macross TV episode 02 Special Edition

video upgrade by Chad Dunham

subtitles by Gubaba

.mkv, 25 parts, HJSplit

I'm still working on the DYRL subtitles and sdf episode 3 this week.

I hit an ice patch on the way home from work this morning and slid right over a median curb at an angle which wrecked my car's front steering.

I'm putting together a bunch of my toys and comics for ebay sale this week to pay for car repairs.


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Macross II OVA disc 01

.m2v, 38 parts, HJSplit

video upgrade by Chad Dunham

Chad is working on M II disc 02 now.

If I can get MII subtitles ripped from the Manga MII movie, then I can time out the subtitles for a remastered MII dvd.

Or split the videos into 6 .mkv videos with dual audio and subtitles.

That's another big project.

I'll try to get some DYRL fan edits done first.

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Remastered Macross: Flashback 2012 project

by Chad Dunham and OptimusX

13 .m2v videos, 20 files, HJSplit

Chad and OptimusX are representing the remastered Flashback with improved video and updated

english subtitles in a do-it-yourself DVD package.

You will be able to buy the Region 2 Bandai Macross Flashback 2012 DVD in good conscience and have

the subtitle Macross DVD that you've been looking for as well!

OptimusX's DVD subtitle patch will be available withing the next couple of weeks!

So, support the Macross series by buying retail Macross DVDs, please!


I watched Xeros subtitled M7 disc 2 and Frontier disc 2 for quality checks.

DYRL is subtitled up to 1 hour 38 minutes, so I'm almost finished.

I handed over a lot of Macross scanned stuff to TwinkiePlatter for hosting.

I'll get back to subtitling remastered SDF next week.

So, every day, I'm doing something Macross related.

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  • 2 weeks later...

remastered Macross Flashback project:

Chad's Macross Flashback videos are being deleted to be replaced with just the one flashback .m2v video file by Chad.

You would need one .m2v video file for OptimusX's DVD subtitle patch to work properly.

So, I was able to make a subtitled Macross Flashback DVD just fine.

Thanks guys!

To get your copy of Macross Flashback DVD onto your hard drive to start working with OptimusX's dvd subtitle patch, you will also need a dvd ripper like HD DVDFabdecrypter .

PE DYRL video upgrade by Chad Dunham:

While browsing on asiandvdclub.org, I found a DVD9 Perfect Edition DYRL for download. Chad is going to take a look at this DYRL version for video upgrading. So, I'll be deleting Chad's current PE DYRL video upgrade, once he has gotten the new PE DYRL.

Chad has been able to eliminate most of the interlacing issues by converting the 30 frames per second (fps) PE DYRL video into 23.98 fps. So, I will post up the fixed remastered DYRL audio that matches up to the 23.98 fps video for this project.

remastered DYRL special edition by Chad, etc.:

I also updated Chad's remastered DYRL by removing the Boddole Zer fortress video glitch and I'm uploading that now as well.

I finished updating DYRL March 2009 subtitles and posted them in the DYRL iMacross4 folder.

If you see any typos or stuff that needs fixing, then send me a pm. Otherwise this is the version I was wanting to see.

OptimusX is also working on his version of DYRL subtitles 2.0 with DVD subtitle patches for both new DYRL subitle files.


I'm slowly updating all the Macross video .avi files into high quality .mkv videos and if possible with english subtitles.

I was able to get the remastered M+ OVA with dual audio and english sutitles uploaded to the remastered M+ iMacross4 folder. I just need to split up OptimusX's M+ ova subtitles with Aegisub and then I can uploade the rest of the remastered M+ OVA videos.


Also this week, I sent off SDF TV ep. 3 subtitles to Gubaba for final corrections. So, remastered SDF ep.3 subtitled and Chad's special edition .mkv will be available soon!

I'll post again when I have most of this Macross stuff uploaded onto iMacross4.

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Chad's Flashback video needs to have added 3:2 pulldown flags with DGPulldown.

That means that the .m2v video will be changed from 23.98fps to 29.97fps.

Then you would use this 29.97fps m2v with the IfoEdit software included in OptimusX's

DVD subtitle patch.

I am re uploading remastered sdf ep3 subtitled regular and special edition due to I'm

still learning how to use Aegisub Font style manager.

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DGpulldown is not working like I thought it would.

It converted Chad's Flashback .m2v from 23.98 to 29.97fps (and I tried 30 fps),

but IfoEdit keeps coming up with an

audio synch error.

I pm'd OptimusX to upload a working 29.97fps Flashback .m2v.

It's just a matter of time.


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If you were able to download the previous Chad's Flashback .m2v, then

be sure to convert 23.976 fps to 29.97 fps with DGpulldown.

Do not use IfoEdit, which was included in the OptimusX Flashback DVD subtitle patch winrar file.

Instead of IfoEdit, use MuxMan!

MuxMan fixes the problem with audio sync when muxing the audio and the 29.97 fps video files together.

Then the same steps apply from the DVD subtitle patch.

OptimusX is uploading his corrected version of Chad's Flashback, so that DGpulldown will not have to be used.


I'm also uploading a new OptimusX Flashback patch that includes Muxman, instead of IfoEdit.


I wish I knew how to convert the 30 fps audio to 23.976?

I'm not sure if that would work though.

Edited by boinger
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I finally uploaded 29.97 fps version of Chad's remastered Flashback .m2v video file.

8 parts, HJSplit

So, no work arounds are needed.

OptimusX has given me an updated Flashback DVD subtitle patch for upload.

The main difference between this patch and the older one is that this new one has a font that looks more like the Macross title card.


OptimusX is working on putting together an updated DYRL DVD subtitle patch that will work with any remastered DYRL DVDs.

He found out from watching the Live Evil subbed DYRL that one line spoken by Britai was way off.

I've corrected the line and I'm uploading the new subtitle file DYRL April 2009 as well as the corrected versions for DYRL Boinger best edition and the remastered DYRL .mkv videos.

Instead of re-downloading the video files, use MKVtoolnix sofware to mux in the new DYRL April 2009 to get the correct subtitle version for your DYRL .mkv video.

I found that the remastered DYRL subtitles don't fit the theatrical DYRL though. I haven't checked if the DYRL subtitles fit for the perfect edition DYRL just yet. So, I'll look into getting those versions timed as well.


Chad has finished updating all the MII video, so the next part would be to get the MII subtitles timed in the order the DVD gets the video demuxed. Then I can hand the timed MII subtitles over to OptimusX to make a DVD subtitle patch.


I'm 75% done timing the subtitles for SDF ep.4. Every 2 weeks for 1 SDF episode looks like my speed.

I finished uploading the 720x480 remastered Macross Plus OVA 1-4 dual audio subtitled .mkv.

I wasn't able to figure out how to fix English OVA ep.4 audio, which has 2 M+ songs that need to replaced.

(Replace Breakout for Dogfight x 2 and Myung Instrumental for Cantabile)

Supposedly, Audacity has this "inversion" function that cancels out music tracks when placed on separate audio tracks.

It didn't work for me.

In May, I get some holidays, so I hope to get some Macross Fan Edits done as well as more SDF episodes and MII subtitled.

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  • 2 weeks later...

remastered SDF TV episode 4 is now available!

remastered ep 4 subtitled

.mkv, 5 parts, HJSplit

special edition ep4 subtitled

.mkv, 7 parts, HJSplit

Bittorrent is here as well !

Thanks to Gubaba !

Updated SDF subtitles for episode 00,01,02 to match 03, 04

Use included MKVtoolnix to mux in new subtitles into .mkv.


I'll be timing SDF episode 5 next week, as well as finishing up timing DYRL theatrical subtitles

and touching up the remastered DYRL subtitles for .mkv videos and OptimusX DVD subtitle patches.

I have Macross books I'd like to scan and MII dual audio subtitled .mkv videos to put together with Chad's fixed up MII video. I'll be busy.

OptimusX has posted his final version of Flashback 2012 DVD on asiandvdclub.org.

I haven't downloaded it yet, but his two preview versions have been very good so far.

He is also putting the finishing touches on his new version on the remastered DYRL subtitled DVD.

OptimusX will be making available his finished Macross DVD subtitle patches, so you will be able to convert your R2 Macross DVD into a subtitled version.

Prepare yourself for a DYRL overload in the next month, when DYRL theatrical and perfect edition DYRL DVD will also be available subtitled.

Edited by boinger
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  • 3 weeks later...

remastered SDF TV episode 05 is now available!

remastered ep 5 subtitled

.mkv, 5 parts, HJSplit

special edition ep 5 subtitled + dual audio

.mkv, 8 parts, HJSplit

Ep5 Bittorrent is here as well !

Thanks to Gubaba !


I was able to download some SDF .mkv videos that have the ADV English audio in them.

So, I'll extract the ADV audio files, time them with the remastered SDF video and post them up.

You'll be able to mux in the new English audio files with MKVtoolnix software.

SDF ep5 has the ADV audio already inside.

Gubaba requested that the Galaxy Network SDF .mkv videos have Japanese audio only.


SDF TV special edition Version 2 updates:

I just noticed that the SDF ep4 Special Edition needed a 300 ms delay for subtitles and english audio to have everything match up. I'll start fixing up some version 2 special edition episodes.

Episode 5 Special Edition is just fine.

All of the Galaxy Network regular remastered have subs and audio that match up just fine.


Uploading SDF ep 2,3,4 v2 Special Edition .mkv videos.

Here is also the May 2009 DYRL subs that are being worked on by OptimusX for a DVD subtitle patch.

Mux in these new DYRL subs with MKVtoolnix software.

OptimusX is also working on making a 2nd version of his subtitled (Eng/Spanish) DYRL DVD.

Edited by boinger
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I've been muxing in the May 2009 DYRL subs for some new DYRL .mkv videos and I've noticed a little problem with the movie title screen.

Ali Sama and Mechamaniac came up with these nice english titles that glide into place with the movie title.

But, when I changed the resolution of DYRL .mkv closer to the original movie's resolution (853x540), then the nice english titles go up and to the left too much.

I need to play around with the DYRL subs a little more.


Fixed that. Now, I just need to upload it.

Edited by boinger
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  • 2 weeks later...

Flashback 2012 DVD project is completed.

Thanks to Chad Dunham and OptimusX!

DYRL DVD project is almost completed.

OptimusX has posted up his DYRL version 2 on asiandvdclub.org.

It has zentradi/spanish/english subtitles!

Then OptimusX was going to work on turning the May 2009 DYRL subtitles into a remastererd DYRL subtitle patch.

So, we'll have two DYRL subtitle patches to choose from and swap in Chad's fixed up DYRL video.

Fixed up versions of remastered SDF ep5 regular and special edition have finally been posted onto iMacross4.

Ep.00-03 and 05 all have updated subtitles on iMacross4.

It looks like Gubaba will be putting together a 6 episode batch of remastered SDF TV with the version 2 subtitles.

I think we have worked out all the subtitle style kinks.

I'm at 50% done subtitling for sdf ep6. So, that'll be done and ready by this weekend.

Then I'll get back to timing DYRL theatrical subtitles and those Macross Fan Edits, too.

Also, I've almost finished up another picture collection to share with Archive Scans.

Stay tuned!


Gubaba was telling me that he will be bittorrenting version 2 subtitles for remastered SDF TV episode 00-05 + episode 6 subtitled. I'll be posting those new subtitle files on iMacross4 as well. Thanks Gubaba!

Edited by boinger
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  • 2 weeks later...

Almost have SDF ep7 subtitles retimed for Gubaba's approval.

Release date for bittorrent is this weekend!


Remastered DHE DYRL DVD project:

I've been working on remastering DHE DYRL DVD with Chad Dunham's improved DYRL video and getting the aspect ratio fixed up.

In Womble video editor, I noticed that if I checked "maintain aspect ratio" for the main movie that is in 16:9 wide screen and un-check all the other video clips that have 4:3 aspect ratio then the resulting entire video will be 16:9 wide screen.

I use Tmpeg encoder with settings: 1:1 VGA, no margin - maintain aspect ratio. The brightness and contrast were lowered by -15 to slightly hide the film grain with default sharpen edge and default noise reduction. I like the results.

But, I noticed by fixing the Boddole Zer fortress video glitch in the DHE DYRL video that I have to be careful that the duration of the scene blend does not move the video out of place and make the audio after the video fix slightly off.

So, I thought I would double check on the Chad's DYRL fixed .m2v video and found that I did make that mistake.

I'm re-encoding Chad's DYRL fixed .m2v again. Then a final re-encode for the DHE DYRL .m2v video. It takes about 24 hours for each 2 hour movie.

(DYRL boinger best .mkv is also off just a bit. sigh.)

Which also means, that I'm going to update the video for the remastered DYRL dual audio special edition .mkv.

I'm still trying to figure out DVDlabpro to get some chapter menus and an info menu page onto the DHE DYRL DVD.

I'll see what I can do.

OptimusX says he'll help get the subtitles together for this DVD once I get it all together.

I guess I like to keep busy.

Edited by boinger
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Gubaba has updated SDF TV ep 01-06 subtitles!

So, if you've already downloaded SDF TV Galaxy Network episodes, then you can swap out the old subs and plug in the new subs with the included MKVtoolnix software.

Once you've swapped the SDF TV 01-06 subtitles, then we invite you to seed for

the 1st Galaxy Network SDF TV episode 01-06 batch file!



I finished re-encoding DHE DYRL video and now I'm encoding Chad's fixed DYRL video.

I didn't bother using sharpen or denoise function for these new DYRL video encodes, since the results didn't look any different to me, but the encoding time is reduced just by not using two options.

Now that I have the aspect ratio problem fixed with the main DYRL movie, then I'll see if I can get the aspect ratio on the PSX dyrl video clip and Hikuro's DYRL music video sorted out. I have been using the Tmpeg encoder to clip the videos to make them fit into a 16:9 aspect ratio, but the top and bottom borders turn out to be a lot smaller than the usual letterbox form. So, I'll see if that "maintain(ing) the aspect ratio " within Womble video editor will fix the aspect ratio in the same way.

I sent off SDF TV ep 07 subtitles back to Gubaba for approval, so pretty soon ep 07 will be available though bittorrent.

I'm uploading DYRL theatrical subtitled .mkv now. Once I'm done that, I'll seed for SDF TV batch 1.

Edited by boinger
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This week, I'm working on fixing up some Macross Fan Edits.

Chad's fixed DYRL .m2v, dyrl boinger best .mkv, DHE DYRL DVD videos and DHE M0 episode 1.

I work on one fan edit a little bit and then work on another one because the video encoding takes a day or so to complete.

I thought I had sorted out the DYRL video edits until I watched the current dyrl mkv videos (dyrl special edition and dyrl boinger best) and found that the last 5 minutes of video didn't quite match up with the audio. And so, I went back to fixing things.

Chad's fixed dyrl .m2v is turning out to be more work than I thought.

1. The dyrl video needed to be aligned properly with the dyrl audio because I had put in a video transition that shifted the video by 6 frames.

Fixed that.

2. Aspect ratio wasn't outputting to 720x480 properly from the original dyrl resolution 853x480.

Fixed that.

3. Then I had to use DGpulldown to get the encoded .m2v to be recognized properly by Muxman or IFOEdit.

Thankfully, the dyrl ac3 audio still matched up at this point.

Fixed that.

4. Muxman reported that the GOP in the m2v/mpeg video file needed fixing.

So, I ran it through the womble video editor GOP fixer.

Appears to be fixed.

5. Muxman reports a video buffer underflow problem due to the dyrl .m2v video being encoded at higher

than 5000 kb/s with Tmpeg Encoder. The buffer underflow appears to be a limitation of Muxman software because I found that specific discussion in the videohelper forum.

I saw 1 video glitch when Hikaru was ragging on Misa with Muxman.

I'll try IFOEdit to mux again and see if that video underflow error crops up.

Otherwise, I'll re-encode Chad's fixed dyrl m2v at <5000kb/s to fix this video buffer underflow problem.

Once, I can confirm that the fixed DYRL .m2v is working into a subtitled DYRL DVD, then I'll upload it.

6. IFOEdit reports a video buffer underflow error, too! So, it looks like I'll re-encode Chad's fixed dyrl at < 5000 kb/s, once the DHE M0 video has been encoded. Maybe, I'll stop the MO encode and lower the bitrate now.


The boinger best dyrl fan edit was fixed by just splitting the video to match the audio and then sliding out the video to fill the gap.

Next, it will need encoding to an .m2v, muxing into a dvd vob, then converting to .mkv with Handbrake and finally adding in June 2009 dyrl subs.

But right now, I'm encoding DHE M 0 episode 1 with 14 more hours to go.

Resolution 1920x1080 with an aspect ratio or 720x480, 16x9 widescreen.

I checked off all the extras on Tmpeg encoder just to see how the video output could be enhanced.

Then, there's also the DHE dyrl music video and psx video that I want to double check for aspect ratios.

Slow going.


I tried seeding the Galaxy Network SDF TV episode 1-6 batch 1 and it didn't quite work for me.

I used MKVtoolnix to mux in Gubaba's sdf version 2 subtitles, but the resulting video file sizes were larger than the ones Gubaba posted, which meant that I couldn't seed the version 2 SDF videos. So, if you download from Gubaba's batch 1, then please upload the same amount. Thanks!

Edited by boinger
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I'm uploading Chad's fixed dyrl .m2v video again.

I made more work out of that than was actually needed.

After encoding the movie with Tmpeg encoder, DGpulldown was needed to make the .m2v video recognizable for Muxman software. Even though Muxman told me I had an error. The error was mostly due to Muxman not liking .m2v video files larger than the standard DVD size of 4.5 gb. So, after that I followed Xeros/OptimusX guide for getting the m2v subtitled and muxed with audio to place into the original DVD menu structure.

Since this dyrl .m2v is edited, it doesn't match up with the DVD chapter menu.

OptimusX was telling me how there is a way to get the chapter menu to recognize the .m2v, but that's something to learn about later. I was just happy that I was able to get the DVD mostly working.

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remastered SDF Macross TV episode 07

by Galaxy Network

bittorrent now available

Seed when you can, thanks!

Thank you, Gubaba!


Fan Edit update:

Okay, so I updated the video, audio and subtitles to almost all the DYRL versions I have done so far, which kept me busy for two weeks.

Apparently, one small video fix turned into a big project, so that I saw all the other stuff that needed fixing, too.

Chad's DYRL .m2v will be uploaded by tomorrow.

OptimusX is off on holidays until the end of next week and then we'll have a subtitle patch for this remastered DYRL

DVD project.

DYRL Special Edition v2 .mkv is also in the upload queue for next week.

And now, I'm working on the DHE DYRL DVD project to update the aspect ratio and video quality.

Then I'm likely to re-do Clash of the Bionoids DVD to get the updated audio and use Chad's dyrl video.

That's all for this week

Edited by boinger
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  • 3 weeks later...

remastered SDF Macross TV episode 08

by Galaxy Network

bittorrent is available

Seed when you can, thanks!


remastered SDF Macross TV episode 07 is now on iMacross4

.mkv, 5 parts, HJsplit


Chad is working on the video for SDF TV episode 07-10 for the special edition episodes.

I've been working nights all week and didn't get much done for fan edits or anything else Macross related.

I have a few Macross videos and subtitles to upload in the next couple of days.

I did finish up the .mkv for the DHE DYRL english dub (.mkv, 19 parts, HJSplit) though.

The DHE DYRL DVD menu fix is on my to do list for this week before I hand the DVD over to OptimusX for subtitle patching.

We'll see what else I can get done for this week.

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  • 2 weeks later...

remastered SDF Macross TV episode 09

by Galaxy Network

bittorrent is available

Seed when you can, thanks!


remastered SDF Macross TV episode 08 is now on iMacross4

.mkv, 5 parts, HJsplit


It's summer, so I'm working more than usual and not much else.

I did some minor updates to the Fan Edit info first page.

OptimusX has done subtitle patches for

the theatrical DYRL DVD,

remastered DYRL DVD v2 and

remastered DYRL DVD with the updated DYRL June 2009 subtitles.

Bittorrents for some of OptimusX's subititled Macross DVDs have been uploaded to iMacross4. You will need to register with asiandvdclub.org and maintain a good upload ratio.

OptimusX has also completed the subtitles for the remastered SDF Macross TV DVD disc 01 and posted it up on asiandvdclub.

Flashback 2012 now has an .ac3 karaoke audio file for the DVD project.

I'll be uploading the .mkv version soon.

DHE DYRL still needs a DVD menu fix, otherwise all the rest of the video, audio and subtitles have been fixed up.

I was working on timing the M 20th anniversary subtitles. It just was so tedious that I stopped doing that for this week. I'll keep plugging along on that eventually.

I noticed that Hikuro has recovered a bit and is now working on Macross Zero version 2.0 again.

So for tonight, I've been trying to get the QTS M zero episode 1 (1920x1080) to match up with DHE audio, japanese audio, THORA english subtitles and DAPDX Macross Zero commentary.

I've been having difficulties editing 1080 h264 video.

Cyberlink powerproducer is supposed be able to edit avchd/bd 1080 interlaced video. But, avchd doesn't appear to be h264, since power producer doesn't even recognize h264. Then it would crash every time I load up the macross zero episode 1 1920x1080 xvid avi.

After I get the dhe m zero 01 special edition .mkv done, the best I can do with the m zero ep 01 1080 xvid avi is to run it through womble video editor and turn out a very nice 720x480 wide-screen video.

The end credits for this version need to be redone because when I add in the end credits from the original DHE m zero ep 01 avi., the credits jitter up and down, instead of smoothly scrolling upwards.

I'll post again when I have something uploaded.

Edited by boinger
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