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  1. I want to say that 1/60 VF-1S Roy Fokker v2 Super Strike Parts is SOLD!also, my location is now changed to Moscow, Russia
  2. thanx for all interest! I will PM everybody interested tomorrow. Please notive that Roy Fokker is version 2, not 1. Somehow i made mistake in the title
  3. it is a good topic If one starts 3d modeling of macross valkyries, he would see scaling problems immidiately. I have similat issue with SV-51, it should be bigger by 10-20% overall or the cockpit, otherwise the figure of Roy from VF-1S won't fit in it.
  4. Quite original I must say, could make a video of the animation?
  5. Hello, I wanna sell couple models. My Location: Moscow, Russia can ship internationally paypal as gift only the deadline for the sale is about 2-3 weeks from now, say, April 15th Pm or better directly email to 1. SOLD! 1/60 VF-1S Roy Fokker v2 Super Strike Parts SOLD! 2. Megahouse 1/15 Yellow dancer cyclone. Whole package with the box. Very good condition. I want 100 $ + shipping or best offer + shipping 3. Megahouse 1/15 Skote Bernar cyclone. WIHOUT the box and only 3 spare hands instead of 5. The rest is there, in very good condition, no joint problems I want 50 $ + shipping or best offer + shipping If you want to buy all, I can make a discount. Also I can make a discount for all Megahouse, items 2 and 3
  6. I am aware of it, and consider it as a poke to the people who like to trash about marcross vs. robotech stuff.
  7. Eat this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4fp8hhXaMfQ, macross freaks, and envy Robotech witnesses!
  8. could make an account on p3d.in and post here 3D models? That's the WHOLE point of this thread
  9. This is great! Just make account on the website and do not forget to sign up for beta account (it is free still) to get 2.5 Gb of space. The rest is pretty straight forward Of course, you may email the models to me if you wish:
  10. In case some of you dream to have 3d collection or embed it somewhere, your dream came true! (IT takes some to to load the textures) Macross Plus YF-19 (View in 3D) Macross Plus YF-21 (View in 3D) Macross Zero VF-0S Roy Fokker (View in 3D) Macross Zero SV-51 Nora (View in 3D)
  11. SeminNV


    Good point! This was just a test scene, I guess I will make new movie with more sunshine...when opportunity comes...it is winter time
  12. SeminNV


    I played a bit with the new rendering engine, what do you think guys? Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us
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