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Macross Fan Editing


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I sent the audio and video over to OptimusX for him to put together the 1080p AVCHD.

He was trying to make a dual audio with english subtitles, but the software that puts the

1080p video into AVCHD format makes the english subtitles flicker a lot. Then he got busy just

putting together english subtitles patches for the remastered SDF DVDs on asiandvdclub.

The 1080p DHE Macross Zero episode 1 mkv video needs to be re-uploaded, since Rapidshare

did a major overhaul of its servers last year and deleted the majority of Macross files on iMacross4.

I'll have to check to hear if the audio is the version 2.0.

I think I can put together an AVCHD with MultiAVCHD and just use all english audio to avoid the

subtitle flicker problem. I'm downloading the new version MultiAVCHD now.

I also have PowerDirector 8.0 that can edit 1080p video.

Let me get back to you.

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DHE Macross Zero Episode 1 AVCHD project update:

Nero Vision 10 HD is being used for this macross fan edit.

So far, I did a 90% edit of the 1080p Macross Zero video and the dhe dub v2 ac3 audio.

The end credits were re-used from the v2 dhe m0 ep1 avi and scaled up.

Video quality for the end credits appeared alright in the preview display.

I might have to manually re-create the end credits if the encoded video looks


The DHE logo jpeg was Chroma-keyed in to the short title sequence.

The titling function and most other effects now have key-frames. I can manually adjust certain effects to take place from frame to frame. Nero vision does not have the option to type in the timing of video or audio fades for each clip; I had to manually adjust multiple key frames for that. Womble video editor beats Nero Vision for ease of use.

For example, the newspaper headline title in the beginning intro (July 1999 Huge Spaceship falls to Earth) was made into two separate titles with opacity and position key-framed. I think I got that working okay.

The timing for effects is problematic in Nero Vision because Nero keeps shifting the display preview

video out of sync with the audio when I check for the titles to end at the right frame. Annoying.

The AVCHD will need to be encoded to see if I need to fix up the editing.

Also, I'm working on updating a few of the DHE Macross youtube videos to be included in the AVCHD disc.

1. Macross Zero episode 1 teaser

(turn that into a trailer)

2. Macross Zero episode 2 teaser

3. Macross Frontier cast list and previews

(turn that into a trailer)

4. Macross SDF TV preview

(updating the video and credits; 4:3 aspect ratio)

5. Bonus:

"All that VF" Zero + Frontier Fan Edit that was on youtube

I do not know how the Nero Vision AVCHD Menu works just yet.

We'll see how that goes.

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seems pretty promising. I've sadly lost my only copy of the 2.0 version of Episode 1, it's sad when you spend so much time on something and end up losing it do to an accidental rename when rendering another type of movie : / sigh.

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DHE Macross Zero episode 1 AVCHD update:

I did a test AVCHD with Nero 10 on a DVD-RW disc.

4gb in size

1. I was able to play the AVCHD disc with Nero Media Player like a DVD disc with basic menu.

VLC player can play the m2ts BD video files separately, but is not able to play the AVCHD

disc with menu.

I haven't figured out all the NeroVision AVCHD menu customization functions work yet.

2. The test AVCHD did not encode the MZero HD AVI video end credits into episode 1, but all the rest of the HD mpeg videos encoded nicely.

I'll try one more time to get the avi file to work, otherwise I'll have to make new end

credits for episode 1.

3. Swapped out low res FLV video with HD mpeg for M0 1 & 2 previews.

4. All that VF fan edit by howi looks a little pixelated, but that cannot be helped due to the original

video resolution being so low in the first place. Maybe there is a video sharpening function in Nero 10?

I found one 2 frame video glitch where howi applied an ending transition to his custom title card at the beginning.

I don't know how to fix that without figuring out how to make a custom All that VF title card, too.

5. Currently, I'm working on the DHE SDF TV preview video clip.

Beginning credits are redone, video has been upgraded to Bandai remastered and scaled up to 1080 wide screen.

I am looking over this video to pan certain scenes up or down, so that it looks a little better as wide screen video.

6. It's too bad that Macross Frontier never had an intro without credits.

I still need to put together all the DHE Frontier audio clips and re-do the DHE beginning credits.

Currently, NeroVision 10.5 is unable to have more than 1 audio track for the AVCHD/BD movie, so no DAPDX Macross Zero commentary track unless I encode a whole separate video with the commentary track included. That extra video with the commentary track would make the AVCHD dual layerd (8 GB) for just a 1/2 hour show.

I'll see how much I can get done on this AVCHD for this weekend before I get back to work.

I will send download links to Hikuro and OptimusX for suggestions for improvement before I make a final release available.

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Remaster SDF Macross Episode 33

Remaster SDF Macross Episode 34

subtitled by Galaxy Network

bittorrent is also now available!

Seed when you can, thanks!


Also, I am currently seeding SDF DYRL MML 4.0 ISO bittorrent per request.

Add in bittorrent tracker: http://imacross4.ath.cx:14157

I would like to update SDF DYRL MML and COTB because these fan edits do need to be

fixed up to look and sound better.

Macross Zero AVCHD and timing SDF episode 35 Ishiguro interview take priority though.

Edited by boinger
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Remastered SDF Macross episode 01-06 Batch 1 version 2

subtitles updated by Galaxy Network Subs

Thanks, Gubaba !

Please seed to 100% after you have finished downloading, thanks!


Most recent rare Macross releases on Macrosshare:

1. Macross Ultimate Frontier UMD to mkv movies

2. Shounen Ace Macross 7 Premium 10 minute VHS Rip

3. Macross 7 : The Longest Noise Day part 1 of 2 Audio Cassette Rip

I haven't posted here since February.

Where does the time go?

The Ishigoru interview audio and sub files have been timed and

passed along to Galaxy Network Subs.

The DHE Macross Zero AVCHD got hung up by the glitchy

Nero video editing software and that multiAVCHD did

not at that time work well with subs or multiple audio tracks.

I will have to download and test out multiAVCHD again.

There was a good quality LD audio rip of english DYRL soundtrack

available for download on youtube.

I would need to check timing for the remastered DYRL and add in

some Macross sountracks to balance out the english audio.

Womble mpeg video editor has not been able to edit ac3 audio since the

last month software update.

I can convert ac3 to wav with format factory and then

back into ac3.

This week, I have a few Macross books to scan and some Macross

audio soundtracks to prepare for Macrosshare.

I am likely to post on Macrosshare website for any future releases, rather than post in the iMacross FAQ.

More Macross audio and classic book releases on the way!

Edited by boinger
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Remastered SDF Macross episode 07-12 Batch 2 version 2

subtitles updated by Galaxy Network Subs

Thanks, Gubaba !

Please seed to 100% after you have finished downloading, thanks!



1. Macross 7: Galaxy Network EX Audio Drama

2. Macross : The Beginning ( A Children's Book )

3. Macross Magazine for Anime and Hobby Fan

4. Macross: Do You Remember Love? OST Drama Edition LP Rip


Been busy working my regular night shifts and taking a 2 day course for this week end.

For next week, I will look at doing some audio editing for Macross Ultimate Frontier UMD

videos, get some more Macross book scanning done and do some video tests with mulitavchd.

Edited by boinger
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  • 4 weeks later...

[Galaxy Network] SDF Macross Special TV Premiere V2

Galaxy Network bittorrent Episode 19-24 Batch V2

Galaxy Network bittorrent Episode 25-30 Batch V2

Galaxy Network bittorrent Episode 31-36 Batch

[Galaxy Network] unRemastered SDF TV Episode 11

I updated the download weblinks on the first post in this thread.

Gubaba took a little break from translating the Misa book, "White Reminisces", and

zoomed right through on updating all the sdf tv subtitles!

Hooray! :D

Thanks, Gubaba !

Please seed to 100% after you have finished downloading, thanks!

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Sorry to resurrect this from the dead just wondering if any of the macross plus were done by any chance :) had an urge to watch macross plus but when I loaded up my old manga DVD's the quality was just unbearable to watch and couldn't find any to purchase with the original manga dub for episode 4

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