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My finished 1/72 Hasegawa YF-21

wm cheng

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Detail shot of the back plate - I'm pretty happy with the subtlety and smoothness of the finish - unfortunately the photos don't really show it. :p


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Making our way around...

The rear rudder/stabilizer and vectoring fins are still fragile after construction - I think the connection points are just too small and weak.


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One parting final parting shot...

For those who don't know, I have provided a step-by-step construction of the YF-21 here:


Thanks for everyones very encouraging support. Let's all build!! I wanna see...

Please any and all criticisms welcomed - thanks for tuning in.


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Hey WM, I am a huge fan of your models and have learned much from your step by steps. This is in no way a critisism but just a suggestion. I once read an article in Fine Scale Modeler about how to ad more realism to aircraft by filing the very bottom of the tires flat and then either heating or "constructing" a slight bulge to give the apperance of weight to the aircraft. Since alot of your models are built with their gear down and since I have never seen anyone able to give their models as much realism as you do, just thought I'd suggest.


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wm cheng, you are just amazing.....

That is one beautiful job on the -21. THANK YOU for not making it PURPLE! :lol:

I love the shading you put into the wings and rear stabilizers. The striping effect really adds a wonderful detail to the finished piece.

And you are right about the front shot. VERY menacing! :D

Just amazing work. B)

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For modern jets, feel free to flatten the tires, but don't bulge them more than about the thickness of the paint. You'll see massively bulged tires on WWII planes due to their low-pressure tires for grass strips. F-15E's (and YF-21's I bet) have their tires at over 300psi, and they don't flatten too much, and they only BARELY SLIGHTLY bulge.

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Ahhh!! Master Cheng! Beautiful Work! I wish that i could do my painting and decaling as well as you!!! :( I love your photo shoots! Hopefully i can post my completed pics soon too! :p

*sigh* There's no more good sunlight by the time i reach home from work.... :(

Please show us more of your work! :D

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Please any and all criticisms welcomed - thanks for tuning in.

Hey Wm, you've built such a beautiful bird, I love it. :)

However, there are 1.5 things that kind of bother me.

0.5) The canopy decal. When direct sunlight shines

on it you really see the difference in blue on top

of the canopy compared to the fuselage blue. You

see this in your first 2 photos. However, in other

angles it blends pretty good.

1.0) For some reason, the gray color of the intakes

make them look "plastic." I noticed this in your

front birds-eye shot. Maybe a little more weathering

would make them look more real? Or are they suppose

to be that color?

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Thanks for all the kudos :D

Hmm, the canopy blue still bothers people eh? I might do something about it - the jury is still out on this one yet - but if I have time next week, I try to blend it in more. :rolleyes:

I don't think I'll be doing a Mila red version anytime soon - the blue bothers me a bit - it really screams out anime in my flight line up, and I think the red would be worst. Thanks David, for showing me the blue angels, they make me feel a bit better.

Very good tip about the tires, I remember I used to heat a screwdriver over the stove and lightly press that against the tires to melt them into a flat spot with a bulge. But David also made a good point about the high pressure modern tires. If I revisit the canopy colour, I may just file down an area of the tires to simulate this effect (Damn, it means I have to take the pictures all over again :p ). It would of been better if I filed down the tires before I glued them to the struts, this way you can ensure they rotate properly to the flat spot - but now, I'll have to be very accurate as to where the flat spot will be.

Yes by all means you can weather after the decals. I weather before and after the decals. I weather before so that if I make any mistakes or do it too heavy, I can go back and remove some. Then after the decals again, to tie it more to the paint and re-do some of the panel lines. Unfortunately there are not much panel lines that crosses over the decals on this bird, and the demonstrator scheme precludes too much weathering.

I don't know what you mean about the intakes :p - I guess they are a little flat. I airbrushed around the leading edge with a lighter grey to simulate wearing and give it a little shading - but I wouldn't know what else to do. They are darker than they are supposed to be - I painted them in neutral grey instead of sky grey. I knew they were too dark as a match for the grey of the decals, but I thought the decal grey is too light and thus too jarring for the dark blue, so I darkened them to tie in better with the blue body.

Thanks, the comments have been most helpful. :)

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MASTER WM! As always you make models that seem true to life...so realistic it's scary! Seriously Amazing Job.

I don't know if this has been gbrought up before, but have you considered writing a modeling manual? You have done enough Step-By-Steps to surely fill a book. And I am sure that alot of people would wish to purchase it. Maybe even submit it to a publisher, and to avoid HG you could submit it here in Japan and have it published. I would do my besty to help you out. :D

So what do you think?

Rob MN

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