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  1. Thats my buddies house! Maybe if you spent the time to weather it then it would look better but honestly seeing it in person it is'nt that bad.
  2. Yeah my misses does'nt really dig my collection ,but I do!
  3. Looks like knock offs are the only option for these rare items.
  4. I will always be a big fan of the VF-5000. But I highly dooubt that this one will ever be made into a toy.
  5. Oh.. I don't think that we would miss that one.
  6. Rune

    1/48 CF

    Great picts..and Zeo, it does come with both sets of hands.
  7. I've been reading the forums for quite some time, and this time i thought i'd just chime in. It's $5. That's a burger. I read about people getting four copies of this. three orders of that.. i mean, do you really need all that many? i guess if ur super hardcore, then one in each mode but that just seems like a waste of money when you could get just one of a specific model and just cherish that one. the more you get, the less 'meaning' each additional copy will have. You'd save $300+ if you just stuck with one 1/48 scale than buying three. That's alot penny counting there. 330114[/snapback] No way...The more meaning they have. I am going with Ken becuase I have been a loyal customer of his for over 4 years and have had nothing but excellent service. Every transaction has been delt with swift and every question asked has been returned within 4 hours tops.
  8. I have been dealing with Ken @ toy-wave for at least 4 years now and told him about this site a few years ago ,and have to say that he is pretty much the only person I'll deal with. BAR NONE THE BEST! Althouggh I do assume that he may raise the prices on the GBP because he is going to have to pay more for them like everyone else.
  9. Naughty bits and all.... Does look tight though.
  10. HAHAHAHA HOHOHOHO LOL! That's good! I knew that I felt a scar on my bottom...If I had only thought to equip myself with that first before I suffered from that wierd laps in time. I wondered why my wife was twenty years older then me now.
  11. Come one phatslappy...... :)Ya know ya wanna.....everybody's doing it ,so...... you don't want to be...... the last one on your block, do you? J/K But seriously the reason it's cool is that it is something different then a transforming jet. And it looks BAD@$$ in the monster mode Oh I forgot....the picts
  12. I am petty sure they are 1/100 s well. Thanks for the idea, I had put mine away. Was'nt it finger nail polish that people were saying to use to make the joints stiff on those bandprestos?
  13. I seldomly post in this part of the forum because I am a computer graphics illiterate. But this is by far THE best SDF-1 CG that I have ever seen. Really.....Thank you for sharing the picts,now if you'll excuse me I have to pick my jaw off the floor.
  14. Rune

    Heads up!

    OH man! You do that and you wn't have any problems keeping up. You may have problems with keeping the bar girls around after they see the vast amounts of toys you have. Although it was never a problem for me......Maybe because I did'nt keep them around long enough to make a stink over it.
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