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  1. My wife and I saw the IMAX 3D version at the SF Sony Metreon lastnight. She was very impressed with the 3D visuals (her favorite were the flying "jellyfish") and since I only have one good eye, I can't see in 3D (looks like a regular 2D screen to me), however, we both thoroughly enjoyed the cinematic experience. As it has already been mentioned in this thread, the CG may not have been "groundbreaking", just more of it. But what really impressed me was the attention to the little details, i.e. blood, sweat, tears, paint textures on the Navi skin. That, I believe I have not seen (or at least noticed) before in prior CG movies. BTW, we probably enjoyed Avatar a little more than usual because we spent Christmas in Yosemite's winter wonderland. Hiking around Mariposa Grove, Vernal Falls, Nevada Falls, etc.
  2. I did that too. But the plastic was starting to look ragged a few years ago, so I ripped it off. I remember everyone complaining about the boxset art (or rather lack of), but I personally like the discreet design. Still have mine proudly displayed in the living room bookshelf.
  3. Cool meeting everyone. Here's some pics from my crappy cell phone camera....
  4. Tomi Sushi looks good. It's near by Kinokuniya Book Store. http://www.yelp.com/biz/tomi-sushi-san-jose
  5. Bummed that I missed the last meet in SF. (was in the middle of a move.) Should make this one.
  6. Thanks UN Spacy for starting this. Yeah, it's been way too long. I'm up for it when ever. Venue proposal: what do you guys think about meeting up in SF Japantown for food, drinks, (window) shopping, etc.?
  7. Best animated production: DYRL...still my favorite and production still holds its own. Best tv series: Macross Frontier...if I ignore my nostalgia for SDF.
  8. That's not the impression that I got... Episode 24: Bilrer, "Soon...soon...I'll be able to meet you". Episode 25: Bilrer closes photo of Minmay with sadness. Bilrer is a Macross fanboy AND has his own "toy" (SMS) collection. Shoji Kawamori's in-joke at us.
  9. Amazing! What kind of material would you make something like that?
  10. Most people I know from out-of-state (including Europeans) only like LA to visit, never to live there. Although, that could be said for any major city/metropolitan area. I tell you, the day I hate California is the day it's overworked me to death...could be possible. Other than that, I love it!
  11. Don't have to. Lick her off first , then you can eat her. If your wife started making 1/1 scale Sheryl plushdolls, I'm sure they'd sell like hotcakes!
  12. I think Shoji Kawamori has watched one too many Korean dramas.
  13. From my observations as a neutral (not biased towards either Ranka or Sheryl) seeing how the story is progressing, Ranka will win Alto's heart...but...they will not end up together.
  14. So, is this an admission that you do like the character designs? IMO, the following woud look better if the cosplayer is male: Captain Wilder- he looks like a dirty old man, a la Global. President Howard Glass - see above...but a notch less dirty looking Canaria - she just seems a bit masculine to me Bobby - well, his whole persona is a drag queen, right? Definitely would work better if cosplayer is male. The irony.
  15. J A Dare

    VF Girls

    No, armor is great, I see the effect you're trying to do. However, IMHO the body suits cover their bodies a little too much, especially around the hips and butt. They look like "grandma" swim suits, not very sexy. Know what I mean?
  16. "I don't think aliens or ghosts like black people. We never get abducted; our houses never get haunted. It always happens in rural areas, where no ethnic people live. The day I see somebody from South Central Los Angeles say, 'Man, I got abducted yesterday,' then I'll believe it." – Rapper Xzibit
  17. Well, I won't mind...as long as Ranka or Sheryl (or both) dream...say...of a unicorn. There's still alot of questions out there, but one thing I'm absolutely sure of: From the intro, there is a reason why Ranka and Sheryl are flying together through space butt naked!
  18. J A Dare

    VF Girls

    Polidread, nice work! My only critique is that the suits don't fit your girls, i.e. too much coverage on their super petite frames.
  19. She would be a good Ranka too.
  20. I thought Alto has the "interceptor" pack? With a special outfit like SMS, why would they have a "basic" super pack?
  21. Well, I think if she padded a bit and made the blouse tighter, the cosplay would be spot on. Anywhooo, she's certainly cute like Nanase! That Ozma is just amazing!
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